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Moments to Remember

Here is the truth: The journey to achievement is not a destination, it is only a stop over to the next goal.

Enjoy the ride and embrace its changes.

We'll always be family.

We'll always be one.


To those we have met along the way, those we have lost, those that are still with us. We have risen to what the founding members had always hoped for. We will grow, we will prosper. Family above all else. Our Salvation.



The above link is a glimpse of the immense passion and love salvation members have put in to get where we are today.

This video could never do its past and present members justice but we will remember each one, forever.

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Harry Forde finds Salvation

Harry Forde was lost in the city when he first flew in, he didn't know his purpose yet, but that all changed when he met a group of people that would change his life forever...

to him it isn't a group of people but his family

and he would do anything for them.


(The video above is a few moments of the last couple months being in the city)

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