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  1. His Offer of Faith Christoph now had a plan for his purpose but he still wasn't fully a part of the family quite yet. One of his biggest issues was his ability to “hang out.” He was always a very introverted person who loved to cook alone in a lab, mining oil while daydreaming, or mining for his ingredients solemnly. If he wasn’t doing something that he deemed as productive to make money then he felt that he was doing something wrong. He knew he had to change that mindset as being a part of a family means that money isn’t everything but being present and taking part in banter and socializing was also a big thing for all the family members. He knew he had to make an effort and that it would take time to accomplish this change of mindset, in the meantime he could make headway in other aspects. Christoph was always ready at a moment's notice when he was awake in the city. If anyone in the family needed a ride, he was there. If anyone needed help with a job, he was ready for anything. If there were meetings set up during the time that he was awake, he was present and attentive. He wanted to show Salvation that he was something that they could rely on and a person they can place their trust in. No matter how long it took, he was dedicated to prove this to the family. One day Jackie gave him a call and had him meet her at Eden. When he arrived he noticed that there were Salvation cars already present in the parking area, when he got to the meeting spot he was met with a line of high command and members of Salvation. Christoph was always a very pessimistic person, he always assumed the worst and with that he figured that this meeting was where he was given the boot. Being told to stand in front of them all, he stood there with his head held up high and he thought back to everything he had gone through to get to that point, he thought back at his plan to make himself a valuable asset to Salvation and to put himself on the right path once again. He thought back to the dark tunnel and the light that he was getting closer and closer too. He didn’t know what Salvation was going to do but he knew that whatever it was that was decided, he knew that he was actually happy. Spending time with the members of Salvation gave him purpose and meaning back into his life; he hadn't remembered the last time he had some much fun with a group of like minded people that all wanted the best for the people around him. He saw how much support and love they put into one another and could only hope that if he was given the boot maybe they would still allow him to be an acquaintance. They each told him something that they noticed about him while trialing for becoming a part of the family. They told him that they were impressed with the effort he was putting in and how much participation and attention he was putting forward. Christoph couldn’t believe he was hearing but he stayed silent and nodded at their comments. Jackie spoke up after a long time of silence and told him that they would like to offer him a promotion into the “Grunt” position; an offer into the family. Christoph accepted it with so much excitement and joy. He reached the end of his dark tunnel, he finally made it into the light at the end, and his family was there to meet him. All dressed in white, all ready to take the city by storm.
  2. The Jesse Pinkman to his Walter White Christoph always heard rumors in the Goblins that Donnie Drakk was the man to go to when it came to drugs and its manufacturing. Now that he was given the chance to join the Salvation family, he knew he had to prove his worth. Drugs were something that he always took a liking to, not for the using but for the creating. Before he was kicked out of USLA Christoph was in the progress of getting his BA in Chemistry though he spent most of his time at the university lab making Adderall that he would sell to his peers to pay off his tuition. Adderall didn’t have as high of a demand in the city as it did at the university so he knew he had to learn how to make some of the more serious and addictive drugs found in the city. This was a tedious and dangerous road but Christoph was soon able to get a variety of individuals to teach him the art of drug production in the city and soon learned how to make all of the drugs you can find on the streets. He knew that his knowledge was powerful and could prove to be a valuable part of his contribution to Salvation. Setting up a meeting with Donnie, he was able to express his interest in the drug and chemical world and how he wanted to be a part of that area in Salvation. Offering all of his knowledge and processes in production to Donnie displayed to him Christoph’s commitment to the craft and to the cause, he was given the opportunity to help in that area of the family and further prove his worth. It was time for him to put together some lesson plans...
  3. Salvation: A Place for Reformation Christoph wasn’t proud of the person he was becoming. Becoming a murder and a thief was something he never wanted to do but that's what the gang life forced him to do. He knew that the path he was going down was not the path for him and would change him for the worse; he was going down a long and dark tunnel with no light on either side and he knew that at this point in his life he was lost. He ultimately decided he had to leave the Goblins and search for a group of individuals who shared his morals and his mindset. Though he learned a lot from them and made many close friends and acquaintances, he knew he had to part ways and surround himself with people that he wanted to mirror and grow with. Jacqueline and Donnie Drakk were the first two people that popped into his mind. He had met both of them before he joined the Goblins but he knew that as he was evolving into a cold hearted killer, they both were growing into their best possible selves with Salvation. While being a Goblin there were instances where he came across individuals from Salvation in labs and at chops; for the most they were always neutral in gang terms but Christoph always had a special place for them as he knew that two of his close friends were in charge. He always felt that there were two types of criminals in the city: the murders and the vigilantes; he always loved the idea of becoming a vigilante. Giving Jackie a ring and setting up a meeting he asked if there was any way he could join their family as he knew that the people who were a part of Salvation want to rid the city of truly heartless individuals and transform the city into something that all walks of life could enjoy, though he knew because of his past that it probably wasn't going to happen. Christoph was not sure if they would accept him because of all the mistakes he made along the way which had led to this point but he was ultimately shocked when he was given the opportunity to become a “Recruit” and prove that he could join the family. Christoph knew that his new goal in the city was to prove to the family of Salvation that he would be a valuable asset to them as well as someone he’d hoped they would soon call family. Christoph saw some shine of light at the end of the tunnel.
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