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    Archived. As requested
  2. Hi Gary Taylor! Hope to see you in game soon to RP with you!
  3. Looking forward to RPing with you in the future! Welcome to ECRP!
  4. +1 From me, however I'd say 3 Max instead of 5. Too many would then break the need for multiple characters. 3 is a perfect balance to allow 2 Jobs then a group such as a business company or a club
  5. Dyer - A Step into Media Relations Jose Dyer... a man who was introduced into the company almost two months ago but has stayed more under the radar helping Xoza out with the company. Formerly introduced to the company by a now old employee who is no longer with the company. Jose still has plenty to thank for to be able to get this meeting with the company. Starting off with the meeting, Jose briefly talked with Xoza about his intentions with the company, as well as figuring out why he wanted to join the company. During his time in the shadows he's had time
  6. Hi, I was Ricardo Hernandez (ID 53) I was at the parking lot talking with George Hill over the phone as we both hear that there's shots being fired at Mission Row over the radio. He was already near Mission Row and I drove as quick as I could. When I arrived I noticed a man who was hiding still shooting who eventually surrendered. As the cops were arresting him he then logged and never returned. I have evidence uploaded of arriving to Mission Row which would be linked here I do believe the footage goes further back as well so I might have footage from hearing the first radi
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