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  1. Hi! Kimeybear101 here. At the time this report was made there was unfortunately no mods or admins around to help. The issue was unable to be resolved. I told the individual who was reporting the rule break to save all footage and report on the forums. I did apologise for not being able to help any further. But as I am only support and there not being any mod+ I only did what I could.
  2. Elder Amelia Holt has dedicated 2 years of her life to the Epsilon Program, even moving from England to join her fellow American brothers and sisters spread the good news of Kraff! Only being twenty-three years old, Amelia is one of the youngest members of the program. But, from this small being, comes large positivity that she uses to serve her lord Kraff! Sister Amelia started her day by praying to her one and only, Kraff. She walked the streets of Los Santos greeting everyone with the phrase "Kifflom! Brothers and Sisters". She then sat and spoke with her fellow members about the importance of their 12 tenants! And how they must follow them all. She has to admit, Brother Mason and Brother Spencer are very interested in number 7. After their morning pray, Sister Amelia and Sister Maddison headed to work at DCC. Here they did their duty for Kraff, spreading love and happiness in the world; as well as delivering customers to their destination with a smile! Ameila understands that she must invest all she has into the epsilon program and to do that she must collect more money for the religion/science to grow. However, Amelia faced a difficult time with some negative people. She understands some people will be dirty non-believers, but she was threatened to be shot along with her brothers and sisters. Sister Amelia could not allow this, she wants love and peace, not violence and anger. To help solve this, DCC had a meeting with a few of Amelia's Brothers and Sisters. Here they discussed that everyone's opinions matter, but Amelia knows nothing is better than Kraff. Kifflom all! After her long served shift a the DCC, Amelia headed back to her Sanctuary to praise with her brothers and sisters. Once she arrived, she was informed her Sister Maddison was attacked with a knife! She was very upset from the negative vibe, she only wants the best for her fellow believes of Kraff. But no need to worry the criminal with the knife was soon arrested all thanks to Kraff. Praise Kifflom! To help keep the positive vibes going, Sister Amelia and Sister Isabel prayed at a crash scene. Praising Kraff that the injured man is restored to full health. And they were happy to find out he was! All thanks to Kraff that man can live a full life! (But only for one more year! As we only have 1 year till the end!!!)
  3. Hello! I am interested in this property and would love to speak about price and possibly selling the property!
  4. Whether is day or night. Server is still fully of people. Day or night in game doesn't matter. You still robbed us in a public place. My character wouldn't be bothered if you robbed the shop. It's not hers. High risk for low pay out. The fact a random person called the police, shows you how public it is. Last comment on this matter
  5. The second clip you were not clear on demands. All you said was get out of here. Who were you saying this to? You never made it clear. If you made it specifically to me. I would have. I would have walked away. But you just said "get out of here" could have been speaking in a radio for all I know? I am not saying for the first video I am right. Like i said i should put my hands up. If the admins do punish me I will take it as a learning curve. I'm just stating it from my point of view so you had an understanding of why I didn't do anything.
  6. You clearly were not talking on the radio. At any point does your friend say something for you to say "doesn't matter". And further on in the situation as I continued in /b you guys said "like i said, it doesn't matter." But let's get to the point in hand. We showed up to Herbert's shop just to grab something. You guys were there. Why would we taunt people at his shop? If anything we would ask you to leave. Show the footage because in that footage you will see when herbert ran into the shop your guys ran off. And at this point I was still outside. There were soo many people around when you pulled the gun out. You were not clear on who you wanted to move. All you said was "leave" and "get out of here". You could have been saying this to your friends. As you were all clearly together. You all then left and one of your guys was still there just continuing to take money even tho the gun was taking off the cashier and left. Which means this man either didn't care about getting caught by the police or he was stuck. Which at this point was asked to leave. Which eventually he did. At the end of the day. You robbed us in a public place. And I was having issues with my computer during the second time you came back. Not only.my computer was having issues, but the server had been reset that day so many people would be experiencing lag. This report would be link to this one, as we made a report first about the situation. So reference this if needed: I'm not gonna comment further now, until admin asks for it.
  7. Alex explosion here. Weather you reference to this report or not. This doesn't give you a reason to conduct a robbery in a public place?
  8. Hi, 168 here. I was not stalling. As I wanted to record this situation dude to the fact you were robbing us in a public place. Even though it might not be day. People are on the server throughout the day and night. This means that no matter what time of day it might be in the game. The place is still public. Plus, you had no reason to come back and do this? How would you know if we called the police? Which we didn't. Herbert explosion (the other guy involved with the robbery) owns that shop, so he would have a reason to be there. When you stop robbing, the police are automatically informed. So what was your reason to hold us at gun point anyway? Okay yes. Maybe I should have put my hands up and then pressed record. But you are breaking a rule by just robbing us there in the first place. At that point too, I was calling an admin. As this situation is already currently being reported for break the rules of robbing people in public. I was continuously having issues with my computer when trying to press record, as it was lagging and you could see I posted the same /b message twice cause I was lagging. Plus, I didn't run or anything, I was stood still. This would hopefully show that I started having issues and I was having problems with the game. Also, in this video you can see that your are mixing. Which is another rule breaking. I mentioned that it was in public in /b. And you responded in VOIP saying "it doesn't matter". So this means you would be mixing OOcly and ICly. Also, you ran off the minute I said I'm calling an admin. Which to me would show your not in for the server to abiding the rules. You should show respect when admin is called and remain, not against the rules; but it does help to stay. When admin arrive they will mostly likely pause (like they did for the people who remained) and stop police from doing anything. So you would have gotten away from the police anyway and my 'stalling' would not have an affect. Lastly, I have no idea who that guy was who called the police. Why would we know you were gonna come back? If i was 'stalling' we would have planned it? We would have known he was there. But we had no idea you were coming back? I had just come back from a Code 0! So why would we have a guy hide and then stall?? Nothing was planned. That player must have been in the shop or going past, as he saw people getting robbed. So was being a good citizen and calling the police. As a side note, I feel that this report is not meant to teach me a lesson or help me understand the rules better. But just a way to try get revenge for being report for a rule break in the first place.
  9. Player(s) being reported: ID 176 Date of interaction reported: 23-05-2020 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1590170228 Your characters name: Alex Explosion Other player(s) involved: Specific rule(s) broken: OOC Insults or OOC Toxic Behaviour? (Unsure, no specific rule in the handbook) How did the player break the rule(s)? This character continued to go around punching multiple players around the prison. A little short while after this, the player came into a cell with myself and another character, which he then hit both of us again. This time we hit him back and injured him. He then started shouting things in the VOIP chat about him doing nothing wrong. He then continued being upset by voicing toxic behaviour in the /b chat. He then continued to say stuff about female gamers. He continue to use toxic behaviour until we were going to get an admin, which he then log off to stop himself from getting in trouble. I understand if this isn't considered a rule breaking, but I thought it would be important to bring up since he was being very rude and letting is IC situation affect him OOCly. Again, I don't know if this is a rule breaking, or if this report would be valid. But i felt it was important to bring up, as he tried to avoid getting in trouble by logging off. Evidence of rule breach: https://imgur.com/gallery/DgmCAxO
  10. Hi, I have been having this issue for a couple of days now. I have followed everyone's advice and I am lost on what to do at this point. I would click on Ragemp and this would popped up: It continued to do this every time i open it. When I open as admin, when I open from within the file. I even ran the updater. Nothing worked. I followed the advice of maybe it being my firewall or anitvirus. So I uninstalled both. And disabled my firewall on my windows. Still nothing. I followed another advice of 'verify integrity of game files', hoping this would work. It did ever. I have uninstalled and reinstalled this launcher soo many times now and nothing is working. I really need some help now!
  11. Changing Times A lot has happened to Alex since she moved to Los Santos. She has had many changes to her hair and her family. It's been on emotional roller-coaster for this explosion. In a couple of weeks of becoming apart of Explosion Enterprise, she had become a higher up. This was something she wasn't expecting, but took on the role hoping she could make Lucy and Herbert proud. She felt a lot of pressure at the start, as she didn't know if she could do as good as the schnoz. (The schnoz will be sadly missed). However, she began to feel confident and worked as hard as she could for her growing family. And she has to admit, the explosion family grew! Every single member were hard working criminals who were down for anything or everything. Alex has to say that was proud of them all...... even Zach sometimes. They robbed, made drugs and even gave Harry Payne's shop. If you know what she means *wink wink*. The donuts had even made plans and future business ideas with the fantastic Shelby's. A gang/organisation that shared the same family values as their own. Alex has to admit she has never met a nicer gang in the city. They greet you with hospitality, not rude or disrespectful manors, which Alex doesn't like. However, things took a change that Alex never thought would happen. Her donut King and Queen had been deported! She felt her whole world has fallen apart. When she finally felt her life was back to normal and on track, her family was taken away from her for reasons she can't understand! Alex along with Zach, tried their best to keep the donuts going. But, they knew for now they would have to hang up the donut hoodies and join their other family. But they know one day that the donut hoodies will rise again and they will become a explosion family once more. Till then Alex is gonna cause hell and kill as much as she can, just as Lucy would want her too. - Alex Explosion
  12. So your a gang the operates at the bank? Hhmmmm is this allowed? Sounds like a narcos to me
  13. All I can do is apologise and give my side of the story. I will await the admins review now. Unless they need me to provide any other information. Sorry for any inconvenience that was made to you
  14. I understand you are upset and I am sorry. I own up to the fact that I did shot you. Also, apologise that you had important items. But, as I said I was informed on the radio that my allies were being shot by a black Shafter, at the moment in time I didn't know it wasn't you. Fact of the matter is, you entered an active shoot out and began to shout things. Even if you knew who the people were, you were still knowingly entering the scene. Performing a u-turn is itself an act of circling around a scene. Or, more specifically, a semi-circle around the scene. As you can see from a report similar to this one, a person who does the same actions as you, entering an active shoot out to shout something; gets shot, received a non-rp punishments for this. https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/33811-id-131-171-multiple-officers-swat-death-matching/?tab=comments#comment-184126 Still, again I apologise. And if the admins feel I am in the wrong, I will take the punishment. But, I am just trying to show you my side of the story. And that the gunshot was just an accident.
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