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  1. +1 This is great I think one through Grapeseed would also be good to branch off the 2 blue ones a little. Bolingbroke bus stop would be hell and I love it, useful service and could create some fun RP. Overall this adds more order where there's currently chaos and I think it'd be great to implement.
  2. I think a "empty" feature would be good for bags/briefcases, maybe with a pretty long action timer so it's not just instantly dropping everything
  3. +1 Would still like an option to show all if required.
  4. This is expected, when you list a vehicle for sale it is only for 3 days. Once the 3 days are over it sends it to the closest parking garage.
  5. I don't think this is useful information at all to bother implementing. For question reports, these very rarely stack up so it's not useful as there's usually a lot of support available. For bugs and rule breaks, knowing how many people are before you or knowing the average completion time doesn't really change the fact you need help with a bug or a rule break. It's always announced that if your rule break report doesn't get taken in time then take it to the forum. Adding an estimated wait time just would add pressure to the staff with people complaining "my report took 15 minutes bu
  6. *HONK* "Your bus is here" Seems better to me
  7. +1 These are nice changes I'd also like to see multiple routes, maybe one through grapeseed and sandy and one going the other way to the west highway just to break up the bus convoys that happen as well as breathe a little life into sandy and grapeseed. Also I wonder if the instant-stopping can be replaced with something similar to the driving test where you press "e" when in the marker when you've fully stopped.
  8. ID 16 Solomon_Cobb here referenced to in this reply. I was clocking off duty and heard a code 1 radio call from 2 officers I knew were in the cell block, I clocked back on and got my shotgun and went to the gate and saw 3 inmates around the downed officer, 1 of the inmates down. I entered the cell block shooting one inmate (128) that was trying to finish off the officer and then realized there was more inmates attacking on the other side of the room. My priority after incapacitating 128 was the only other inmate near me, 413, who pulled out a bottle and proceeded to attack me with it when I
  9. It was a casual Wednesday afternoon in Los Santos for Mason Bathsheba, going around the city doing his duties to Flarg. Spreading the word to non-believers, when he had the bright idea use some of his new found cash to get hold of some Enchantment Powder (literally crack) for the other Bathshebas, he believed this would get him some favor with the leaders of the group in the next church session so he got info on where some drug labs were from Samoa Laei Bathsheba and went cruising around to see if he could find a supplier. A few close calls later with some shifty individuals he came acros
  10. I personally did 3 visitations today myself so they're definitely getting done At the end of the day they're an IC luxury that we allow people to have when we can spare the personnel and deny for various other reasons. If you believe the system is broke then you're welcome to try join DOC to get any changes implemented or talk to someone in-character about it.
  11. We have a proper system. We allow inmates visitors if: a) There's enough other online guards to do the other stuff that's higher priority b) The inmate hasn't been a pain in the ass The code red thing is an IC status implemented from too much inmate violence, inmates fighting = not allowed visitations. IC actions having IC consequences. But overall, we do offer them and have several visitations each day, you must have just been unlucky with the timing or the specific people on duty.
  12. This is already a thing. Just go to prison and ask for a visitation and see where it goes from there. Obviously subject to online guards but we've always offered this option.
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