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  1. 1 year old thread and I'm still giving it a +1. Nuking half my building to remove one small spotlight or something is not how it should work. ctrl+x menu would be ideal for someone who likes building. Might make peoples buildings nicer too as they wouldn't have to live with small mistakes due to being too scared to /removefurniture
  2. Looking for a reputable DJ for a small private event Friday evening at roughly 9:30pm for a few hours work. Will be a safe, public venue, pay negotiable. Contact me on #3352510 with details, prices and reputable references if available.
  3. This doesn't require a rule change in my opinion. Sure, having more people roleplay out collisions would be great, and should be promoted. But the problem with having this as a rule is that what about the rest of it? Should you also be required to act like your car is totaled even though it's scriptly a lot more durable than what would happen for say 2x 240kmph cars crashing into each other would end up? The person a few posts above this had a point too about the extra strain it would put on an already thin MD. I absolutely agree reckless driving is an issue but I'd say IC suggestions to PD/SD/Government are probably a better course of action than a rule change like this.
  4. @Jleoni Yeah I should have been more specific, I think a hybrid of increased time/cost would be better. So if the time was increased or decreased the cost would be more proportional too.
  5. Any suggestion that improves civilian roleplay gets a +1 from me. I'm in the process of setting up a business and some support scriptly like this would be awesome .
  6. As someone that loves civilian RP this would be a great addition for people to have more casual jobs and force some more RP between people and less just using the script.
  7. -1 For less time +1 for more variations in time based on the type of vehicle. It absolutely is an IC issue you have to wait to get a vehicle from Mors, such as not allowing opportunities for it to be taken or having other vehicles. But based off the price of the vehicle I could definitely support the idea that expensive or larger vehicles would take longer whereas smaller or cheaper types of vehicles would take less time.
  8. Looking for a reputable DJ for a small private event Friday evening at roughly 9:30pm for a few hours work. Will be a safe, public venue. Contact me on #3352510 with details, prices and reputable references if available.
  9. Same, right now we're tolerating each others presence ICly, expect more interaction between 2 groups in the future for sure though.
  10. @Henry Whittaker "they cannot promise that the will of Kutzlak will not force their hand otherwise." Super fun interaction I can't wait to see where it goes in the future between the 2 culty bois
  11. @Henry WhittakerThanks buddy! I interacted with your cult on my DOC character at the prison and whilst there wasn't much RP opportunities between us there I definitely think there'll be some crossover between your cult and our religion in the future...be it positive or negative haha!
  12. Prophet Mason Morrison Episode 4 The Prophet woke today to the sounds on KifflomFM radio frequency of another prophet appearing at The Epsilon Program building. Initially, this confused and angered Prophet Mason Morrison, however after a brief discussion between the prophet of the Cult of Kutzlak and the prophet of the Epsilon Program, they came to a mutual agreement to not tread on each others shoes when it comes to preaching. The two maintained a level of understanding and respect for each other and their beliefs as they both know how badly religion is viewed in the city and persecuted against, regardless of how it's labelled. Prophet Mason was...nervous...when Prophet Whittaker of the Cult of Kutzlak mentioned that they conduct sacrifices of people as the Epsilonists do no such thing and try to remain as crime-free as possible. Prophet Mason did not back down and show weakness though and maintained civil discussion to find out how in the future the two religions could work side-by-side to enlighten people of the city. (Prophet Whittaker said the cult does not believe in materialistic things so Prophet Mason sees this as a great opportunity for profit also to bleed them out of it). Time will tell to see if the two religions can co-exist, or if they will become rivals...
  13. Prophet Mason Morrison Episode 3 Prophet Mason Morrison took a ride up the elevator of tinsel towers to admire the view of the glorious, majestic, and giant Epsilon Program building. Wondering what happened to the deed of the property once the previous Prophet vanished from Los Santos. "Maybe one day I will be able to purchase it from the government so my followers have a home" he thinks to himself. __________________________ The Prophet awoke to the sounds of screaming from one of his followers, it had turned out some low-life criminal had threatened and stabbed one of the members of The Epsilon Program. However this criminal did not get very far as after he had robbed Sister Maddison, he made it away. The brothers and sisters called the LSPD and gave a description of the man, who, for some bizarre reason, chose to return to the Epsilon building. LSPD were still on scene talking to us when he arrived and was detained. It appeared he had cleaned his knife to hide any evidence, but being the basic criminal he is, the man kept the stolen items on him. One of these items was a radio that was on our Kifflom FM™ frequency. This was enough evidence for LSPD to send the criminal on his way to the Department Of Corrections . __________________________ As a bunch of The Epsilon Program decided to get jobs at Downtown Cab Co (as everybody knows, knowledge is not free), they began to face persecution from the other employees there and as they had already been harassed and persecuted by LSC and other government agencies, they decided to take this up to the Human Resources department as some employees had been making false accusations such as "I saw them sacrifice people, and they do prostitution" which are both completely baseless accusations as the religious group do nothing of the sort! This resulted in a staff meeting where the Human Resources department, to the surprise of Prophet Mason, backed them up and said as long as the religion does not spread their knowledge on duty then other employees should not act so hostile. Overall this made the religion feel more welcomed into the job and gave them more people they can feel closer to.
  14. Prophet Mason Morrison Episode 2 Prophet Mason Morrison finished his nightly commune with Kraff to be told he should head over to the Pier as there's someone wanting a baptism. Prophet Mason rushed down there and apparently the man had been paid for by his friend in the devil mask, 10x our usual charge for a baptism! This was wondrous news to the Prophet as this can be funneled back down to him. After the baptism the man in green and white took us to "Azteca" HQ, The Epsilon Program has no affiliation with any group in the city so we did not know what to expect and we were met with severe hostility and heavy weapons pointed at us for wearing denim trousers and our sky blue polo shirts. Luckily the (other) boys in blue showed up (LSPD) and scared them away. From this we moved on to recruiting across the city and amassed more followers, when taking them to the clothing store to get their sky blue polo shirts. We met even more new people there who were interested in hearing our 'truth'. Mr Oboobwe Kwananza approached us and was interested in finding more about what the religion and/or science is about. He took Prophet Mason's business card and should be interviewing the religion at a later date. Leaked photo of Prophet Mason's business card:
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