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  1. Big Up table 4 banter was epic, Rp was very epic too. Keep it Up bro!
  2. +1 i need some new drip
  3. -1 if you dont have money for one that doesn't mean they have to return to dealerships to get one just go work
  4. I would also like to add this picture of him pming the medic and being ooc toxic.
  5. alexsor


    Sorry but i sold it 5 minutes ago.
  6. alexsor


    I sell my Paragon R maxed for 710k hit me up if you are interested #4521358
  7. Alex Odinson here: We pointed a gun at your head for at least 5 minutes and you didn't respond at all, the fact that you use non rp stuff to get away everytime you are in trouble is really annoying , you were waiting for the chance to get away and didn't let us continue with the roleplay plus we were watching you bobby pin the car for 3 minutes and you didn't use your radio once.This is getting annoying with all this rule breaches, you are really start to get on our nerves moreover you are ruining the experience for everyone.
  8. Alex Odinson We are literally 4 people telling the opposite and you cant blame it on desync when you hit 5 mechanics multiple times intentionally and then circling around our area just to get on our nerves, you got warned many times to leave our lot and you ignored it plus you abused "cough drop" so you can escape the situation while having multiple guns aimed at your head.
  9. Bro you run me over 3 times and hit 5 other mechanics with your bike plus we told you to leave the lot like 6 times and you came back so we had a pretty good reason to pull our gun.
  10. As i said all i wanted to do was to stall them enough so the police would come on time. I didn't want to knock them off their bike at first i was just trying to block their way with my car but as soon as they started shooting at me i needed to defend myself, i did a couple of tries not to ram them but just to scare them but i ended up ramming them for my protection and i successfully did it with one try and i did that cause they started shooting out of nowhere.
  11. i just want to say that my initial attempt was to not let them leave by getting in their way and not try to knock them off the bike i know in the video that's what it seems.I do manage to drop one of them but i had no motives on killing them or hurt them in any way possible i was just trying to stall them enough for the police to arrive and arrest them and i also would like to point out that he started shooting me and i had to defend myself. I know the rules of the server because i have a lot of time in it and i respect the rules. I've never broken any rule and i would like to apologize if i b
  12. are the mansions available for rent?
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