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  1. Unfortunately you can't prove that it was a desync by someone crashes into you, the amount of desync due to different coding in ragemp is giving me a headache, i can't imagine looking at a car being bombed like 5 times in a row then all of a sudden it carrys on driving due to desync (in my eyes) but still if it happens in my eyes and he is next to me driving i would've been blown up too ! it still damaged my car, Desync can be anything due to (crashing into peoples car) or looking at a parked car "even cops" doing burnouts in your screen but on their side they're not doing it which i believe it, so Desync is the most thing have killed my interest to RP anymore around eclipse, ragemp should've already worked on sync.
  2. Of course desert eagle is a good looking weapon and could damage the body hard even irl.
  3. @Payam You know that i'm a male ?
  4. You literally can if you have second screen, a year ago i used to plug AUX into my iPad to my PC and actually tick on the listen back audio and it works perfectly. At the same time i still don't know if ECRP counts that thing as farming cheat.
  5. Oh i'm sorry if you can't read english, the toxicity is real with you lul, yup calling me a "kid" is really going to trigger me xD If you didn't understand what i said, here is the real 100% speech, fuck off to another server if you don't like it here ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. What do you mean breaks realistic? Not everything can be realistic on this game, your idea is just to break out peoples fun and just move to another game instead of forever grinding to get the things they need, and lets get the fact that it isn't realistic that the world are 1000 human population as "server slots" if you really want to play the dumb of "we need to make it realism!" There is alot of other rp servers down there with a shitty salaries and the server is very low populated which maybe admins or their friends are playing in the server so go ahead move on if you don't like how the civs getting good salaries
  7. Lol how about we have some MK2 weapons ? money is power !
  8. @MrSilky Wait how do you have a crosshair on the video ? or is that another server?
  9. -1 Why do you sound like you came from fivem ? you realize if everything goes realistic what's going to happen ? in this latest update people were suffering about the gps and map and the 5 hours jail time (real time), take that suggestion somewhere else because that just ends up the server killing players off. "really limits RP opportunities for a lot of people. Can't do this or that, I need to make money to pay back a loan, buy this car, or that property, etc" This isn't the place to be forced to play as criminal or forced to do something which i can count that as power gaming, whoever wants to do the things on his own let him be doing why do you want the whole server doing the thing you want to see ?
  10. @GOAT sometimes i really think i'm just going to use a gps for my job, i've faced criminal kids today robbing me over being a neighbour to them which is a shitty RP and other gangs just pulls out a gun on you for entering nearby appartments, i bet even if i told them i'm a neighbour they wouldn't care and still rob, what an shitty RP they got,anyway the kid i offered him to help out with business stuff rp but he turned into a shitlord decided to knock me out just "not to remember him" Because the truth is if we fight back, all we civs get reported for rdm just because they didn't win the fight. Or call it fearRP, i'm nearly done having a shitlord robbing me over a small shit of item he can afford.
  11. Nearby strawberry avenue 10 door 1
  12. Good because that forces civilians to fight back.
  13. It's up again for sale by me, go the location and buy it if anyone need it
  14. @Itztyhall I'm interested, contact me in character #3326031 or discord MildsHawk#1337
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