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  1. Today I received a $1,000 fine for speeding in an NCZ. It happened even tho I set my cruise control literally 1 second before. I feel like for anyone who does driving related work, this is a very very bad thing. I am in the minority I believe in people who actually like the speed cameras as an option. The problem now though with the limiter not working 100% efficient and you going 0-71 kph in like 1.4 seconds. I purpose a change to the current speeding cameras until the cruise control is worked on and refined to actually work a little better. I'm not going to suggest a method for fixing it, but just that the problem gets fixed somehow. Maybe someone who +1s this can suggest a method. Here is an example of the problem.
  2. It would be nice to be able to listen to a song while not inside of a car, via GTA radio. On an old rp server there was a "boombox radio" item that you could put on the ground and play music. There was also an "mp3 player" item that would allow you to listen to music to just yourself. Good uses for boombox radio it was nice for house parties, parties in general, and background noise for your fishing session. Having a way to change the poor music in some places to something a bit better. Having your employees have some tunes for working hours (mechanics, and other jobs that require just chilling for a long period of time.) Good uses for mp3 player are, whenever you want to listen to music without having to leave the game. There are tons of areas this could be cool in.
  3. +1 more jobs are always better than less jobs
  4. -1 criminals are ruining the server for people who want to just be normal people. The good criminals suffer here because of the crappy criminals. If the good criminals want more ammo they should have stopped all the petty crappy criminals from robbing every single normal person they possibly can for weeks(or months.) I support the change, and hope we see less petty crime because of it.
  5. I believe if there were marked areas of the map showing what areas are NCZ, It could help solve a lot of inherent problems people won't stop complaining about. It could help a lot of the newer players learn where they can safely go without being robbed, along with where they can park their vehicle safely. It would also help a lot of the people who can't seem to stop getting speeding tickets. I got a speeding ticket once coming off of the highway, simply because I did not know the highway was ending and I had to slow down. The lower part of the HUD that says NCZ is good, but I believe having a marked gps indicator would be better.
  6. ok here is the checkmate. Let's say twitch did do what he said and gave him 24 hours. Why did he delete my clips from his twitch channel less than 2 minutes after I made them then? He kept his own clip, but deleted mine. so anyways, I don't want a back and forth as it's obvious he is lying. You can check my other reports on the forum. One was called desync and let go, and the other the guy was banned.
  7. I can go into detail on each thing I posted that he deleted. On the first video he ran up to my car, and called his friend on discord to come watch me ready to shoot me if i do anything to stop him from stealing my truck. Was done completely on discord not in game at all. He said something along the lines of, "he is going to be so mad, hahaha. Hey come over here and watch my back. If he tries to stop me kill him." This was all over discord with no in game radio use or even N key talking use. at 4:38:30 on my video, you can see his friend random pull up and obey fatboy. I think his friend should also get at least warned for breaking rules too. id 127, unix 1554433090 On the second video it showed my truck parked next to his truck inside of a NCZ. You could see NCZ on his screen. Him and 2 of his friends were going into my truck, taking out bags, and putting them into their trucks. Fatboy took 7 of my bags, and his friend took 1. In the clip the dialogue was this. "Hey, is it cool if i take one of these bags?" random friend who you can see in my video said. "Yeah man, take as many as you want, I already got 7, haha" Fatboy said. You could visibly see NCZ on his screen as they were pulling the bags from my truck. Also all of this communication was done over discord and not in game.
  8. I lost an all-in with QQ vs QQ. pot was $23500. So I lost $11750,
  9. +1 more animations is always better.
  10. +1, this shouldn't even need to be a suggestion. It's obvious something has to change because there isn't a lot of police on eclipse. It's supposed to be California.
  11. I only have a few things that would be very nice to update. if you are big blind and everyone calls, you don't get a chance to bet. In real poker there is an option for a big blind. The crazy amount of twitching around is really annoying. If there was a way to remove the forced moving around that would be very good. another thing to add, is make some way to change the music. The music is God awful
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