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  1. Yea not a bad idea. +1 if it were changed to something like IRL where it says "Message not delivered" or something along those lines. Maybe have a mechanic in the phone to check if the message has been delivered? Edit: All together though if not it should just be removed.
  2. First Day As A Shelby _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ After speaking to a Shelby commander named Christmas the previous day, it was Jackson's first day as a Shelby. Jackson eagerly sent a text to the phone number which was given to him the day before. After waiting for around five minutes, he received a message back asking him to come down to the pier. Upon arrival, he was met by Emily Shelby, the co-founder and commander of The Shelby's. Emily escorted Jackson to the unopened club owned by the Family. He was led inside and given a form to fill out. Jackson sat down and eagerly filled in the necessary information. Once finished, he stood up and gave the form back to Emily. Emily then led Jackson into a office in the club to discuss his interest. After reviewing Jackson's form and information, Emily officially made Jackson a member of The Shelby's. Jackson went and purchased the necessary attire. Then, a meeting was placed for him to meet the rest of members in town. He was able to meet many members and have great conversations with them. After this, they all went down and took a group photo. This would he Jackson's first picture as a member of the Shelby's. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ After everyone went for a drive together. They went across town and back for fun. Once the drive was over, everyone went to do different things. Jackson went back to the pier and decided to fish with some of the other members. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Later at the pier, Jackson and some other members orchestrated a gun purchase for $100k. Once this was over, it essentially concluded Jackson's first day as a Shelby. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. -1 All this would do is introduce more of a reason to rob or shoot cops. Realistically, do you see cops getting robbed everyday or really much at all? Criminals need to go through the means realistically of getting illegal firearms. Not just surrounding a cop with 10 people for no reason other then to get his shotgun, smg, etc. Let alone the fact that we get shot for little to no reason anyway, this would just create more of a reason to kill us and would promote a very low standard of role play.
  4. +1. If it is something possible then this would be sick.
  5. Hello, Conner Douglas here. Regarding this report, I was only involved in the very end when the shootout occurred but if needed please tag me! Thanks!
  6. I personally think that this should be across the board and not just for VIPs but I do think that this is a good suggestion. +1
  7. I personally really believe that the thirst and hunger bar is way too quick. I understand that it is semi realistic what we have now when it comes to IC hours but remember that income and such happen in OOC not IC hours. I think that we need to greatly increase the amount of time it takes for the bars to deplete. +1
  8. I respectfully disagree with this suggestion. We already have somewhat of the option for officers to request OOCly to do corrupt cop RP. I I just think that this would be unnecessary and cause more OOC tension. Also, we already have detectives that go undercover as such and do a lot of these things. Sure they could be a stronger presence but the entire purpose of the detectives is only a small part going undercover. All in all, I do see where you are coming from but I don't think this would be necessary. -1
  9. +1. Sounds cool! Would definitely help the entire quick water issue.
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