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  1. Fixed thanks for the clarification!
  2. Currently if you send a /mechanic request it displays a combined total of how many mechanics are on duty at either LSC or Bayview displays how many mechanics are online regardless of if they are on duty (i.e. 10 online but all playing as PD? it still says 10). I'd suggest modifying /mechanic to just not give a number at all as not every mechanic will have the ability to respond to a MR due to not being trained or unable to respond for various other IC reasons. It effectively gives people false hope and causes issues when they see X are online yet noone bothers to respond as they don't understand the reason *Why* noone is responding. Would also be good if we could get phone number like DCC have while we're at it, same for Weazle
  3. Sounds good, would be interesting to see if its possible to implement. +1 from me! ~Matthew Burns
  4. Still available to offers, had some interest but all lowballers wanting to pay sub 300k so far
  5. Mattch


    Only problem is there's 3 other apartments above this one so, as a shared property, you wouldn't get the permit to build anything on the 3 car ports
  6. Selling 2g Top Floor Apartment - 1 Block from the Bank - 500vol Lockbox - Roof Access - Custom Interior Open to Offers! Exterior: Interoir: GPS Location compared to the Bank: Any offers post below this advert or text me on #3419438 Buyout at Door currently set to $750,000
  7. Another one that jumps to mind for the mechanic side is that when you /checkparkingpay the automatic /ame only shows up if the vehicle has a ticket of any form. If there's no parking pay at all then no /ame is shown
  8. Character to be refunded: Matthew Burns Date and time of incident: 05/12/2019 Requested refund (what and how much): Vespucci Blvd 27 - 500k Vespucci Blvd 29 - 60k Vespucci Blvd 30 - 60k Spanish Ave. 4 - 600k Total: $1,220,000 Description of incident resulting in loss: Houses listed above were removed due to inactivty reasons. Main reason I was inactive was due to some IRL circumstances limting the amount of time I could play. Unfortunately for me, this clearup happened a couple of days before I was actually able to login and put some time in which is a shame. As it stands, I'm hoping to make a return to ECRP properly and get back involved, however, wtih the removal of houses for the minimal amount given, I've taken a massive step backwards and near enough wiped the time and effort away. If there's any chance of either the property being returned (preference) or the amount that I paid being refunded so I can re-purchase elsewhere it would be super appreciated! Evidence of loss: N/A - Houses were recliamed by the server due to the inactive clearup Comments: See above <3
  9. To The Owner of Eastbourne Way. 9, If you own this please contact me via my Email NotMattch#[email protected] as I'd like to discuss an offer with you! Many Thanks -Matthew Burns
  10. That's why we have dev patch notes...
  11. Date and time (provide timezone): 05/07/2019 - 18:27 UTC Character name: Matthew Burns Issue/bug you are reporting: Using the tow truck keeps spawning a broken "Retire from Trucking" UI box. Seems to occur when unhooking regardless of location (Holding H) but has occured randomly as well. You can't close it without relogging. Expected behavior: No broken UI box opens. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate:
  12. +1 if feasible Potential solution to the above is whichever person buys/owns the table would have to put money into it to be used as a float?
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