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  1. 20/06/2019 Name: Matthew Burns Patrol Hours: 2h 43m Total Hours: 23h 23m What did you do? Covered 8 Tows and 3 MRs to train Jake Lawly as he was recently added to Roadside
  2. +1 if feasible Potential solution to the above is whichever person buys/owns the table would have to put money into it to be used as a float?
  3. Name: Matthew Burns Patrol Hours: 1h 10m Total Hours: 20h 39m What did you do? 4 MRs to cover training with Julia in prep for her roadside application
  4. Name: Matthew Burns Patrol Hours: 2h 40m Total Hours: 19h 29m What did you do? Gen Patrol around both the Bank again, lots of clearing out with other Roadside operators. Got 2 MRs from PD for impounds as well
  5. Name: Matthew Burns Patrol Hours: 1h 19m Total Hours: 16h 49m What did you do? Gen Patrol around both the Bank, couple of MRs for flipped cars and a PD tow. Cleared out LSC customer parking due to overnighters
  6. Name: Matthew Burns Patrol Hours: 46m Total Hours: 13h 10m What did you do? Gen Patrol around the bank area - Name: Matthew Burns Patrol Hours: 2h 19m Total Hours: 15h 30m What did you do? Gen Patrol around both the Bank and TQ, mainly dealing with MRs including a flipped truck, a flipped LSPD cruiser, car in a ditch and then the same vehicle out of fuel up north, and finally an urgent tow of a PD cruiser back to PD
  7. Name: Matthew Burns Patrol Hours: 2h 11m Total Hours: 12h 23m What did you do? General patrolling around LSB, MR from DOC clearing out 3 cars for them. C1 was called during this patrol, details have been filed internally.
  8. Name: Matthew Burns Patrol Hours: 2h 55m Total Hours: 10h 12m What did you do? General patrolling around both TQ and LSB, 11 tows in total. Responded to 4 Mech requests including a truck in the ocean and an LSPD impound
  9. Thanks for your response and my apologies for the delay in replying back. The video should be working again (was the same one I sent you at the time). My main confusion was I've previously been told that it doesn't matter what gun is being used, but then to be told (which makes more sense) that the type of weapon used does actually matter kinda threw me off.
  10. Name: Matthew Burns Patrol Hours: 7h 16m Total Hours: 7h 16m What did you do? General patrolling, answered 5 mech requests within the timeframe for flipped vehicles and a couple of LSPD impounds. The main patrol was around the bank area totalling 17 impounds
  11. Account name: Mattch Character name(s): Matthew Burns Admin who issued punishment: TobyVantage Date of punishment: 29/May/2019 01:59 Punishment received: Warning Given Reason given for punishment: Spoken to about FearRP Your explanation of what happened: I was moving a car from the garage to the employee parking area after the owner had fled due to someone calling the police on him as he had a shotgun. When opening the gate the owner and his friend arrive and demanded that I stopped the vehicle and pulled out an AK. As he was behind the vehicle and in fear for my life I decided to reverse trying to knock him over to neutralise the threat and leave the area as I knew the vehicle I was in was quick. As I went to reverse he had stated moving around the side of the vehicle. When I was going around the block a call was made on the radio station they had left the area so I decided to come back and park in the employee parking zone. Toby informed me that this was a breach of fearRP as they had an AK out, but mentioned that if it was just a pistol in the same situation then I would’ve been fine with my actions. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I feel that under the definition of FearRP I haven’t breached it as it states that I’m my life is not under direct threat if the vehicle I’m in is running and not stalled, I’ve also been told by several people I’ve spoken to that there isn’t any split between an AK and a pistol, a gun is a gun and they’re all equal. This situation has raised more questions than answers from myself and many people who witnessed it are also confused as to how FearRP was broken. I’m hoping this appeal will be able to confirm one way or another if I did indeed breach fearRP and would put my mind at rest. As I said to Toby, if I’m wrong I’m wrong and I’ll hold my hands up to it but I want to be certain that this is the case Post any evidence or further details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ZW6nd5coQs&feature=youtu.be Note that I’m away from work for the next few days so my replies may be delayed. I apologies in advance for any issues caused.
  12. You need to connect to the server itself and do it in-game
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