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  1. Report - 341_7180

    Hello, @Dornias22 Has failed to Reply within 24 hours and with the evidence given he will be Punished for Roleplay Logging (2nd Offence). Report resolved/archived.
  2. Report - 341_7180

    Thank you for reporting. @Dornias22 has 24 hours to respond with their side.
  3. Stefanie Huth - FearRP

    @3Bot The current evidence of only this report will be used in this report, and I'm going to advise you to not be posting in reports that you are not involved in. If you have a complaint about this person or wish it to be noted that this has previously happened, post a Player Report, so that when we do process Player Reports, we have the A-Logs to go with it. All other information is Irrelevant unless it pertains to the current matter. @Jack_Rhino I see that you are new so I'm going to advise you as well, don't post in a Player Report if you are not involved. Thank you. -Felix
  4. Stefanie Huth - FearRP

    Hello and thank you for Reporting, @Com783 You have 24 hours to respond with your side.
  5. Report - Mask 9751_3437

    Thank you for Responding, @kevinpake99 To avoid any Punishment I will recommend that you attempt to rectify the situation and turn yourself in, to the individual at the LSPD and follow through with the roleplay. This report will be extended for 48 hours until the RP has been completed @Marco Davis please notify me when the RP has been completed. Thank you.
  6. Report - Mask 9751_3437

    Thank you for Reporting, @kevinpake99 Has 24 hours to respond with their side of the story.
  7. @inFamousMax +1 Definitely to the ideas I have seen in this post, in fact some of them I was thinking along the same lines, I was originally thinking of laser tag with the paintball but you put it into more words and effort then I did, I love the concept of all of this there's incredible ideas in all of this and I can see how it will tie together. One thing I was thinking about is maybe there could be multiple chop shops, have one up in Paleto, would increase player count up there plus Patrol of the LSPD, as well as what if we were to make them a bit competitive? two people going after the same chop sometimes? that would prove an interesting role play between both chop shops as they would be competing against each other. That also leaves room for, if one gets shut down because of the business license being revoked, players can still divert to the other chop shop (or shops) and keep the role play going, personally, if it was feasible I'd like to see the chop shops move around every so often to try and elude the police, but that's could be quite taxing on the Developers. Drug Trafficking and Gunrunners, this is a BEAUTIFUL idea, I love it, it adds a lot for the police, detectives, and for the criminal aspect of things. The only thing I feel that we're lacking so far, is as far as the end game.. something people had issues with before.. "I've got all the guns, money, drugs and cars I could ever want.. what else is new?" I've heard of people leaving because of this issue, and they leave and come back just so they can lose some money and start over because once you reach the top there's nothing to do which really leads to the main concern of mine is we can start all new events, make it so people can make more money, but then, they have plenty of money, now what do they do? they have all of what they want, now it's down to just features, scripts, something fun to do. I'm trying to think of ideas of how to keep people interacting with each other. maybe the Hitman system would return around this point so people can place hits on each other, so they can lose some of their fortune and have the drive to regain it?.. just some Ideas/Opinions. At the same time I feel it's up to the criminal factions that once they reach this plane, where they have everything they want, they're basically the "Don" of the organization and need to focus on lifting up their lower members, but once they all reach the point of having pretty much endless funds and they're all making money.. they need something to spend money on so that there's something to achieve from having a lot of money.. that's a big limitation there, is once we get the criminal's to have an influx of money, what can we do to make it so that they have an out flow (Optional of course, but VERY enticing.) so that they can continue to gain something after reaching the top? There should be things that they can do to achieve more, or maybe when done right there could be instances where one faction can overthrow another, they rob the Dons house, take all his money and distribute it among their faction?.. but then they have all of the money, and the cycle will attempt to repeat over and over.. I don't know, maybe this babbling might shoot some ideas around, but that's just something I'm struggling to see a resolve in, the end-game. Once you reach the end that's it, there's nothing more to do once you've done it all.
  8. Eyes of a Newcomer

    @Com783 I understand how you feel about LSC, but LSC has become the main Hub, as in the place where most users tend to go, and a lot of crime happens in LSC, but even there there's a lot more that's going on most of the time, as in furthered role play that can lead to situations like this, a lot of times, people commit crimes in other places and the LSPD find them at LSC, because as I said it's the main Hub and a lot happens there. I'm not sure what the backstory to this situation is but maybe @NoewUH can provide some insight for you? @th3gr3gI respect your honest opinion, but if you have quit after 3 days as stated, please don't use the forums as a means of disrespecting the server and the community it servers, I will advise it takes more then 3 days to get involved with the RP going on in the server. @sykotiktvEven with that being said, It needs to be made clear that we in this community do not tolerate disrespectful/offensive behavior towards one another as you being one of the players you represent this community, please in the future think of how to handle things in a more respectful manner, You have been issued a Warning for said behavior.
  9. Reporting Mask 1150_3606 ID 8.

    Thank you for your responses, Upon review of all of the evidence I have deemed, there is no warrant for Punishment in this case. There is no evidence to support whether or not OOC information was used, and the instance where he collided with you appears unintentional and does not qualify as VDM. Report Reject/Archived.
  10. Reporting Mask 1150_3606 ID 8.

    Hello, Thank you for Reporting. Upon Review of the evidence, I have concluded that no rule has been broken here as far as VDM. He had valid reason for being there with involvement in the incident, He also was driving straight when he happened to hit you, did not swerve to attempt to hit you so it does not appear to be intentional and falls within the parameters of a Dsync hit, So the only questions I have so far for @Tobias van Dam Is how did you come to the conclusion that these two were the men you were looking for? Now for @Dizzie ,I Have to ask, what program you were using to talk? Because that clearly does not appear to be GTMP, and what were you talking about? Also, please be sure to look both ways before crossing the street.
  11. Massive rule break.

    Conclusion: Neither (A) Jan_Albert/Stranger 9812_332 nor (B) Piet_Hangbal/Stranger 891_254 has responded within the 24 hours I have given them to respond. With the evidence, I have been presented Video VDM-2 shows (A) clearly committing VDM, but I have no evidence supporting that he broke NLR. As for (B) The video of him being killed and the video of him returning to the scene is enough evidence to support that he broke NLR as well as him issuing an OOC Insult. With that being said, (A) Jan_Albert/Stranger 9812_332 will receive punishment for Vehicle Deathmatch and (B) Piet_Hangbal/Stranger 891_254 will be warned for both the New Life Rule and Out Of Character Insults. I will advise that both parties go over the server rules and understand that we will enforce them. If they continue this behavior in the future the punishments will be harsher. As for the refund, Place your refund request in the Refund section of the forums to request a refund. Report resolved/archived.
  12. Massive rule break.

    Hello, and thank you for reporting. @Dizzie If you have evidence of (A)'s Death I need that provided as well as it's not currently available. Pending @SelfishPanda (ID 891_254) Jan_Albert's (9812_332) response. Both Players have 24 hours to respond with their side of the story.
  13. Phil_McGee (Mask 5747_9862)

    As have I, I haven't found any evidence supporting that a Semi is capable of doing what you stated, that is my argument, as well as not having an intake snorkel on the Semi, nor is there a capability for it. Yes, It is unrealistic for PD to be able to carry the weapons which is why I roleplay getting it out of my vehicle because we do not scripted capability to get it out of the vehicle and not carry it, I could argue the same that it's unrealistic for criminals to carry around assault rifles and shotguns without it being on their back and whatnot. We don't have kevlar helmets, yes that's understood but that is not something we are able to fix. To answer your question, no I wouldn't report them because their vehicle is faster, that makes no sense, I don't understand your point there. And so your argument to this is that there are unrealistic events happening that we are unable, or incapable of preventing or don't have a solution to justifies something that is completely preventable and ruins the immersion of roleplay? If this was honestly okay, then we would have the entire server, driving around in Phantoms, committing crimes and then to escape everyone's just going to drive in a single file line over the damn and into the water to escape, meanwhile as the police are chasing them, they're just going to ram all the police cruisers to pieces because that is definitely something that would happen.. realistically? I'm okay with losing, I really am, provided it's something that isn't excessive/unrealistic. As for being Support Staff, I'm doing this through the proper channels, reporting it, and allowing both sides to provide their side of the argument as to whether something is right or wrong, it's something that needs to be addressed, and decided upon as I feel it ruins the immersion of roleplay. (Additional) Also as far as that leaving the active shooter situation, you showed up at the same time as the others started to, so one, you were possibly involved or could get involved, two you had a high amount of warrants, and considered a high threat that could've been more readily disarmed at that current situation, was it my call no? do I know their thoughts? no, but these are facts that are at hand. If we let that Semi get to the active shooter situation it could disarm the Riot Van and cause even more havoc, even death and it would've completely made us incapable of resolving any part of the situation, so in order to resolve this, to pursue and disable the high threat, high warrant suspect would be the right choice and then followed after would be the other suspects with firearms.
  14. Phil_McGee (Mask 5747_9862)

    Alright so, Yes Diesel engines can run underwater BUT they must go through extensive waterproofing in order to achieve such a goal, doing this to the Cab of a Semi would be extremely difficult and as far as all of the electronics that are on in a Semi. Electronics have to be sealed thoroughly as well as everything else stated in that link, now you can look online, there's no videos of a Semi Cab being COMPLETELY submerged, because realistically, nobody would ramp off into a river, which before you would even land with the weight of the truck being at the front you would go nose first INTO the water, you would either land on the front end or roll onto its side. causing the vehicle to stall as the exhaust pipe would be flooded. The mechanics of GTA do not allow the realism of this aspect to be put into place. Not to mention, realistically, nobody drives a Semi around using it to commit crimes and as a vehicle to escape, realistically you would be caught for the crime. You can look around everywhere, I've not found one instruction on how to waterproof a Semi, or a video of one being completely submerged with just the pipes showing. Halfway up the truck not surpassing the cab? yes, I've seen that but it doesn't surpass the floor of the cab of the Semi. Small cab vehicles such as Army Diesels, Hummers, Yes these are possible, but I've yet to see one extreme trucker submerge their Semi in a river, Nor do you ever see a Fire Department or any type of department using anything more than a Duce and a Half to rescue people out of flooded areas. Not a Semi (That, With a trailer, could EASILY carry way more people and supplies than a duce and a half.), Not a Fire truck, a duce and a half. There also Is not an Intake Snorkel, just an extended exhaust that does come standard with Semis. If this is going to be something that is permitted it really needs to be discussed.