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  1. InfamousFelix

    Stranger 2732__2057 (FearRP, Metagaming)

    Due to invalid evidence being provided after ample time I have no choice but to Reject this report. @iskaarji please be sure to be more careful in the future when withdrawing a weapon as it can be considered breach of FearRP. For your own sake it's best to communicate with people and let them know what's going on. :) Report Rejected/Archived.
  2. InfamousFelix

    Stranger 2732__2057 (FearRP, Metagaming)

    @samo you have 24 hours to provide valid evidence or the report will be rejected.
  3. InfamousFelix

    Tavi Patronus: Meta-Gaming , Utilizing Water(Fail-Rp?)

    I just needed to confirm your statement, the only evidence I have at this point is Tavi's video alone regarding your statement
  4. InfamousFelix

    Tavi Patronus: Meta-Gaming , Utilizing Water(Fail-Rp?)

    @Phil McGee Could you please post a video of your side of events from the land, up until just after the point where the vehicle went into the water, please.
  5. InfamousFelix

    Tavi Patronus: Meta-Gaming , Utilizing Water(Fail-Rp?)

    @Phil McGee I also at 1:31 in the video see that you are ramming Tavi's vehicle at this point, can you explain this part of the situation, please?
  6. InfamousFelix

    Tavi Patronus: Meta-Gaming , Utilizing Water(Fail-Rp?)

    @GaiusTavi Why is it if this was accidental that you used your radio to transmit your from the ladder close to the bottom of the water and appearing to stall before returning to land and attempting to return to the Role Play? Also why did you transmit through 3rd party software "He's probably stolen my car , how do I get out of here" and the second transmission of "At the Docks" at 2:03 in the first video?
  7. InfamousFelix

    Stranger 2732__2057 (FearRP, Metagaming)

    @Captain Tofu Sounds good. Thank you. :)
  8. InfamousFelix

    Stranger 2732__2057 (FearRP, Metagaming)

    @samo I still have not received a Valid Video, Please submit a video to InfamousFelix#3089 on Discord or upload a video with audio, please. @iskaarji If this is indeed Marco Pelletier, If you could please provide your side of the story, you have 24 hours. If this is not Marco @Captain Tofu Could you please notify him of this report so that he may place his side of the story, please.
  9. InfamousFelix

    InfamousFelix (Administration Report)

    Hello, Thank you for reporting. Allow me to Clarify this situation as yet again Jack appears to have a misconception of the statements provided. Especially when taken out of context. @InfamousFelix is telling me basically if im playing and someone is afk using the restroom or that than i should use that OOC knowledge and either wait ICly or move on ICly however IRL you cant get OOC info and you cant go "afk" meaning if your AFK IG it is to be dealth with in an ICly manner however infamous says it shouldnt. If i did get OOC knowledege and act upon it IG it would be metagaming. I may be wrong here but as far as im aware @InfamousFelix someone being AFK is there ICly problem and how are people suppose to know there AFK? Now you seem to be in some ways asking me to break rules because doing your recommendations would mean i would be 1) Powergaming 2) Metagaming 3) Mixing OOC/IC Not going to lie @InfamousFelix however as far as im aware what i see on my screen is what i see and them been AFK ultimately is ICly for the players in roleplay and to not act upon this would be minor metagaming/mixing OOC and IC. Yes, I stated that either you can wait or continue to act in character as it is their sole responsibility to be present for Roleplay if they're not there, they face consequences. From my understanding someone who's been doing this longer then I have NoeWuh, stated that it has been treated as Fair Game if someone is AFK. Merely what I was trying to convey here is this. When a Player is AFK, Using the restroom or whatever the case may be It is Polite and Courteous to wait for a player, out of respect and treating others as you would be treated, to say that you wish to just rob somebody because they're afk, you're not worse then being a Thief IRL in my opinion. Because by my own Morals you're robbing someone of an opportunity and using that advantage of their absence to your own gain, nothing more. To me that's wrong and I myself a Medium to Heavy Roleplayer, wouldn't use this advantage, because to me I feel it is entirely unfair and robs the moment of any Roleplay Opportunity. When confronted with a situation as thus far, I either wait to see if the player returns, Depending on how long they've been AFK they have 5-10 minutes to move. If they move in this situation and don't respond, I used to call admins, but now that I am one, I take action for being AFK as being AFK is against the server rules because players Must be present for Roleplay. People who Rob or Kill someone who is AFK do it to No benefit of Roleplay but only to themselves. Again as I stated from what I was told it has been treated as fair game, it may not be something I agree with but if it's allowed, I'll allow it, doesn't mean I myself am personally going to do it. The issue with your actions in that situation, as shown in the video, is that the player was not Non-Compliant, as verified by the review from BallinByNature. You stated they were AFK, but in both instances that you approached them, one issue was Entirely OOC as it was a RageMP bug and you treated it as In-Character. Using this bug ICly to an advantage would be Bug Exploitation. The other instance was Delayed for OOC reason, As stated in the Rules under 6.1 Deathmatch, Vehicle Deathmatch, Revenge Killing, Kill On Sight. Examples, when you cannot attack another player: 2.1. Because they are severely injured and have extremely low health; 2.2. Without giving them enough time to respond to your demands; 2.3. For minor reasons, such as an accidental traffic incident; 2.4. Because you are roleplaying a murderer or terrorist; 2.5. You cannot kill players who have complied with your demands; In this situation the individual you were robbing replied in a reasonable amount of time to your demands, it took them a moment to stop and think as anyone would in a situation like that, as well as them having to type a response. Now you say you should RP it as an illness rather than failing to comply however im pretty sure there are no rules on how to RP afk people if they wanna go afk IG they take the consequence ICly now im afraid i am not doctor nor do i hold a medical degree so i am really sorry about that as i cant roleplay "Narcolepsy" Also you said and notfy an admin and take there cash however im pretty sure thats powergaming as he may not have "Narcolepsy" This statement was that you COULD roleplay them as having Narcolepsy not should, you're putting words in my mouth at this point. "Also, have you ever heard of Narcolepsy? It's a IRL Disorder where people RANDOMLY fall asleep, Yes, even standing up. You could use that in the future for Roleplay as well if you wanted to and rob them sneakily and take off with their money. Then notify an Admin." Once again as I had stated earlier, from what I had been told players are fair game if they're AFK because they are solely responsible for their IC presence and actions and can face consequences, this is one of them. This statement was to show you could do something to try and Roleplay with an AFK Character, Shoot NoeWuh even Roleplays trying to talk with a Cashier after a store has been robbed for about 5 minutes, I've seen him do it countless times It's hilarious and he does it Just for Roleplay. There are players who time and time again I have seen further roleplay by just Roleplaying. Even if it's by themselves. If this is powergaming, isn't the same as robbing/killing someone for Non-Compliance because they're AFK the same thing? Because essentially from what I'm gathering that you're saying that Roleplaying with them at all is forcing roleplay on them, so even by your own standards of robbing/killing someone for Non-Compliance Via AFK is Powergaming. Because my statements are leaned towards attempting to roleplay with people who are AFK. Powergaming would be that you're forcing their character to do something or Roleplaying something unrealistic. Narcolepsy is in no way unrealistic, it's something that does happen, and if someone is standing up, not saying anything, not doing anything, couldn't that be possible? Can you mug somebody while they're asleep? Yeah sure, would you kill somebody after that? No, they're asleep, they don't even know what you did. The main point I was trying to convey in the statements made, was that using someone being AFK as an excuse for Non-Compliance is unacceptable, Realistically if that happened in real life, as I had stated before, why would anyone kill the individual? they're not mentally there, and don't even acknowledge that they exist. If anything they might be concerned and get someone to call 911 for them. Using this as an excuse to kill somebody is indeed, Deathmatching. Deathmatch is the act of killing or hurting another player or damaging their property intentionally without having a valid in-character reason to do that. Breaking this rule repeatedly will end in a permanent ban. This is both a Poor and very Insufficient reason to kill somebody as there has been no escalation, no refusal, not even acknowledgment of your existence. Players who are AFK may be robbed, but not killed as they are not even able to be Non-Compliant. From my understanding, they're fair game as I was told, and it may be that they're allowed to be killed, but personally, I don't feel that's sufficient enough reason to kill somebody. "Eh.. they're not talking to me or acknowledging that I exist... I better kill them.", That'll be for Ballin to Review the matter. Again, It's not unrealistic to roleplay that someone is Narcoleptic it's something that is real, happens in real life, and you could simply wave your hand around them or talk to them to see if they respond, It has been discussed that players when AFK are free game, as stated previously. The point I was trying to make there is that you should try and allow every opportunity to Roleplay, but you should be Courteous and Polite to other players, as you would hope they do the same to you, even if they don't. Face it, Roleplaying alone is taxing and frankly, it's better to Roleplay WITH someone. But, if they're not there, you can still Roleplay, and you can still Report a player for being AFK as it is something we do not condone here at EclipseRP. Thank you for your time. -Felix.
  10. InfamousFelix

    Tavi Patronus: Meta-Gaming , Utilizing Water(Fail-Rp?)

    Hello and Thank you for Reporting, This report is currently Pending Further Review.
  11. InfamousFelix

    Stranger 2732__2057 (FearRP, Metagaming)

    Please forward the video to me Via Discord with audio InfamousFelix#3089
  12. InfamousFelix

    Stranger 627_324 (6.1.1 Deathmatch)

    @JackD248 Regardless of that statement in this situation looking at it he was fully aware and it took him all in about 8-10 seconds, the first situation doesn't count as Obviously, that was purely an OOC Bug. Jack from the start of this Report the only thing I have seen is you try to pin every excuse you can to execute a player, I'm not sure why you wanted to kill him so desperately, but even with a short amount of time in you already had a plan to kill him as you can see in the video that the Reporting party provided. You said something along the lines of "You're going to get gut pushed" and said that at the end of the video as well before you killed him, showing your intention the whole time. Now, you said in the video, and in the pictures that you killed him because your faction is at war with the Exiled, which is not a valid reason to kill someone in a robbery. Being at war doesn't give you the right to Deathmatch, Please read the rules regarding that. Later you are claiming that he was Non-Compliant, using an OOC bug and then a 10-second delay once you're at close range as Non-Compliance, which neither qualify, he was typing and thinking for a moment. Not once did he say "No", He even when he heard someone the first time looked around and asked if anyone was there, to which you didn't respond, Although you may have been out of range. You also stated that he had an attitude, there may be a little bit of an attitude but none that falls under FearRP nor Non-Compliance, In the video you asked him for information, even acted friendly towards him in a slight instance. At the end you asked him for information to which he obliged to give all of the information, you thanked him and then killed him. You didn't ask him for any further information, nor did he refuse any information. You have consistently changed your defense as to try and validate Deathmatching in this instance and it has come to no avail. "Yes it's fair, what I see on my screen is the IC ROLEPLAY. Now him doing something if going to restroom OOC isn't my issue i take everything I see ICly and deal with it ICly for me ICly he wasn't responding and or compiling." This is unfair to both players. It robs both Players purely of a Roleplay Opportunity. "Correct me If I'm wrong but if I was to have taken the fact e was doing something OOC and used it UC as u said @InfamousFelix I'm pretty sure it would be classed as minor metagaming." Precisely, if you use that knowledge of an OOC situation IC to rob someone and kill them because they're Non-Compliant. You're using OOC knowledge IC. Who's going to kill someone who's just standing there? Rob them, yeah, sure. But kill them for no reason? They don't even know you exist! "Now can someone correct me if I'm wrong however what I see on my screen irl is what I deal with ICly if I someone stood still and been afk that is there issue OOC they still have an IC responsibility as they are in the server. If what I see ICly is caused by something OOC I cannot have that affect/hinder the rp and need to resume as I see it ICly as irl you can't just go "afk" Could a head admin such as @BallinByNature review this please."" Players have an Obligation to be present for Roleplay, Yes. But, Using the fact that they're AFK to Kill them, stating it's "Non-Compliance" Is taking advantage of a situation. And also You are able to do /report and report players for AFK, That's what Admins/Moderators are for, People aren't allowed to AFK, That's why they get kicked for it and if they are found to be afking by an admin they will be kicked. It hinders the Roleplay yes, but they learn not to go AFK. Also, have you ever heard of Narcolepsy? It's a IRL Disorder where people RANDOMLY fall asleep, Yes, even standing up. You could use that in the future for Roleplay as well if you wanted to and rob them sneakily and take off with their money. Then notify an Admin. Upon review of this information by NoeWuh and Myself. Lewis_Smith (627_324) will hereby be Punished for Deathmatching | 2nd Offense | 72 Hour Ban. @KalleKid In this situation, upon review of your video I have a very high concern for how you had handled the situation with the Bug where Lewis couldn't take your items, however, I feel that in this situation I would like to ask for @BallinByNature, Head Administrator to Review the footage of the situation and allow him to speak with you about it and decide on what to do with that as well as with the Insults on Twitch. Report Locked/Pending Final Review.
  13. InfamousFelix

    Stranger 2732__2057 (FearRP, Metagaming)

    As stated per Player Report Forum Rules: Videos must be viewable with readable resolution, screenshots must be at a reasonable sized. Again no editing or tampering with video or photo evidence. Audio should not be removed from the footage. If video or audio contains sensitive information, you may request to send to the administrator directly as to not make the information public.
  14. Thank you for Replying Rajj. I can completely understand where this confusion has come into play, this was a while back and you may not have seen it, I will not punish you in this instance because it is also only in the #Announcement board in the Discord, but rather just make you aware of this rule for the future. This is indeed a rule still as there are still bugs with the water, I confirmed this with Ballin earlier. "shows people dead /drowned when they're not etc" That rule is still in effect. I will not be punishing for FailRP in this instance but will instead be issuing a Warning for Water Evasion to show that you have been spoken to about this rule being created and still being in effect. Warnings are not always a bad thing, it just shows that you have knowledge of the rule and that you've been warned for future instances. Thank you for your time. Report Resolved/Archived.
  15. InfamousFelix

    Stranger 627_324 (6.1.1 Deathmatch)

    "@InfamousFelix them clips show the key points basically all the rest is just sat there waiting for an admin due to a bug moving stuff." @JackD248 Must I repeat myself again? The evidence is insufficient and if you don't provide proper unedited evidence, it will be classified as INVALID. "All video and screenshot evidence may not be edited or tampered with in any way. Posting tampered or manufactured evidence may result in a ban from the game." As stated in the Forum Report Rules, So far your evidence seems to be taken out of context and inconclusive. "Now ICly I had very strong suspicion he was lying as he kept on contradicting himself" Based upon your videos, I don't see any contradiction, I only see him complying, giving you the information he has, and when he doesn't have the information he tells you when he doesn't, please show where you are taking it as he is contradicting himself. So far, in one video that you claim he's lying. He tells you he doesn't know the warehouse locations, then explains why he doesn't know. Then begins to talk about Ed. Later on he says that all he can say is that The Exiled are having internal Beef, that's all he knows because he's just a recruit. In both videos, he doesn't show any contradiction. "he also had an attitude." I'm barely seeing any attitude from the videos you posted, they cut off and they're not showing his responses. "As to been AFK if he was AFK that’s his fault I take it as I see it on my screen ICly and he was not responding and failing to comply so I classnit as failure to comply." You're reaching for straws here, we both know what happens if someone is afk it's an OOC issue as someone could simply be using the restroom and is not considered as Non-Compliant, Non-Compliant would qualify if he actually acknowledged you and THEN ignored you. If you wanted to take it ICly. You could've at least roleplayed that maybe he was high or disoriented, You could've even asked him why he didn't answer you. But saying that you roleplayed that as Non-Compliance ICly is something that only benefits you by using it as an excuse to kill a player and not something that benefits the roleplay and can grossly be considered Mixing IC/OOC as it was an OOC Issue that you used ICly. Let me ask you this, how would you feel if you were in that position? You're minding your own business, someone comes up to rob you, and you're AFK for a moment, come back, you're being robbed, you're compliant and you get killed with the reasoning that you were AFK. Does that seem fair to you? @KalleKid Can you please provide video of both of those incidents with no lapse as I must ensure there's nothing missed in-between and how the chain of events occurred.