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  1. Your player name: Felix Hernanz Player you are reporting: Mask 5599_4946 Rule broken: Using a server timeout to avoid arrest. Explanation of events/why you are reporting: We pursued the individuals for Armed Robbery and Felony Evasion (This individual was looking at Assault with a Deadly Weapon against an LEO), when we managed to get him and his partner off the bike as seen per video one, I arrived on scene, one of them started to go into /b immediately, but the other when I got to him, timed out immediately, unknown whether it was forced or not. We stayed on the scene for round about 22 minutes, the individual didn't come back and his buddy even stated in video 2, "u can just get started on that forum post" and "he was pretty mad", His partner never made clear as to why he was mad but the individual did not return. Thank you for your time. -F. Hernanz. Time and date: 19:29 (CST) 9/28/17 Evidence: Video 1 - Time of timeout. Video 2 - Admission.
  2. Jeff Zed - Multiple Rules.

    I'll try the full link and see if it works. (Edited) Found out it was somehow saved under private, it's available now.
  3. Jeff Zed - Multiple Rules.

    @BigJeff I'm notifying you now of this report.
  4. Jeff Zed - Multiple Rules.

    Your player name: Felix Hernanz Player you are reporting: Jeff Zed (9547_7253) Rule broken: FailRP, Refusing to RP, logging to avoid arrest, mixing IC and OOC Explanation of events/why you are reporting: Alright I responded to a call regarding "a man on a black and purple motorcycle is disturbing the peace at LSC", I show up on scene, they tell me that's he's down, According to the Character IC stated that the individual had ramped off of two roofs to get into the top parking area, found his bike next to the corner of a wall with him next to it, so I started RPing with him. I started recording at this point. When I found that he was refusing to rp, or not responding to /do's or /me's I contacted PapaStouch VIA TS, which you can hear in the video later on he came in and I explained the situation to him, he showed up a few times and tried to resolve the situation, but still the man continued to be unruly towards me and roleplaying, once he was pushed enough it seemed convenient for him to just say that he had to leave because it's late at night and he has a life, that he has to go, told the admin Oh well you can just Ojail me or whatever I gotta go to bed, I ended up timing out (Which I'm cutting the video for my login for security reasons), Came back, he argued a bit more and then logged off, All of the evidence is there in the video that I have to provide. Thank you for your time. Time and date:15:45 9/25/17 (CST) Evidence: @Papastouch Witness to some of the events. Video 1: Video 2:
  5. Your player name: Felix Hernanz Player you are reporting:Stranger 2706_2185 Rule broken:Use of /carjack without RP. Explanation of events/why you are reporting: Alright this was about 20 minutes into a pursuit, and about 10 minutes in this guy started following us through the pursuit, Basically just trying to agitate the situation, I came around this bend in the video as you can see, I got into a wreck, he walks up to me and straight up /carjacks me out of the vehicle and attempts to steal it with no RP. Time and date: 04-09-2017 Around 19:12 (-06:00) CST Evidence:
  6. 3 People, FailRP, FearRP etc.

    @aon There you are sir. My apologies I attached it on the forum and thought that it stored the file. Thank you. -Felix
  7. 3 People, FailRP, FearRP etc.

    Your player name: Felix Hernanz Player you are reporting:Stranger 8479_5993, Stranger 5510_6239, Stranger 5890_6680 Rule broken: FailRP, FearRP, Breaking OOC and IC chat, Possibly communicating in means other then in game radio. Explanation of events/why you are reporting: They were running from the police after robbing a convenience store, with a bus, the bike was previously involved on another scene I started recording because we had issues with them before on other scenes, they kept trying to get on the bus after being dragged out and tazed multiple times, one of them repeatedly tried to get on a motorcycle, each time after being tazed with two officers holding a tazer on them, they wanted to argue it was all fail RP, we actually heard one, the man on the motorcycle yell out "See you on youtube".. unfortunately you can't hear that because Overwolf didn't capture audio for some reason.. but at the end you can clearly see one of the individuals leave the server just before he said "Fuck this fuck the police, fuck this server I'm out, and disconnected. Time and date:14:45CST Evidence: Video Grand_Theft_Auto_V_08-24-2017_14-56-28-046.mp4
  8. Sexual RP in a bus in front of PD

    Fixed it, sorry about that, my keyboard went haywire. Lol. Thank you -Felix.
  9. Sexual RP in a bus in front of PD

    Your player name: Felix Hernanz Player you are reporting: 589_7380 Rule broken: Sexual Roleplay without consent. Explanation of events/why you are reporting: I'm on foot patrol as a cadet, the gentlemen was already being a nuisance as he was standing on top of a moving bus, a few minutes later while I was getting a vehicle towed he drove by and I saw the /me's coming up and took a screenshot. Time and date: 8/20/2017 1:10 (EST) Evidence: