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  1. Problem about PD with chases

    I can understand your concern about this but on their screen, yes they drive in front, but on your screen and to your client they are next to you, this is a Dsync version of a PIT (Also called Lag Pitting) maneuver, something police do all too often in real life and often one of the only ways we are able to disable suspects vehicles. It is also unrealistic for the suspect just drive all throughout the city posing danger to every civilian. I can understand your argument, but in this situation especially with Dsync they are trained to do PIT maneuvers, Dsync is what causes the wrecks to look as they do and the Sync got worse since the update in August MUCH worse. Doing a Lag PIT Maneuver is our way in-game of making up for the Latency and Dsync issues with the client. If you would like, I could get a video and show you what it looks like on both sides, Client vs Client what they see, because, for them, they're in front of you, but for you, they're right next to you or by your back quarter panel as best as they can get. So in no way are they trying to compromise the RP Realism. -1

    From the Evidence provided I have found that @Triple Seven's Judgement was justified as he didn't tell you that you couldn't stay in the house, merely that you couldn't go to sleep as that would indeed be combat logging, you were engaged in a roleplay that was at a disadvantage, this would indeed be a situation where you would indeed be able to call the police, but in none of this information wasn't voiced that you couldn't do so. Merely just that you couldn't go to sleep and do what you were planning to do originally without the use of the Out-of-Character information you discovered from having to ReRP a situation as THAT would be Metagaming. In the rules under 6.3 Section 1 it states "Players are not allowed to disconnect from a roleplay or combat situation that could have negative in-character consequences. If your game crashes, you must reconnect to the server and inform the parties involved with you before the crash and ask them if they want to continue roleplaying the scenario." If you would've disconnected it would disengage roleplay where you were at a negative advantage and would've indeed been Combat Logging. And I believe that's what Triple Seven was trying to say and what he meant when he said he could've worded it better and in this situation it would've been better for @SteScotland to say,"I'm sorry I don't understand, what can I do?" then to disengage the roleplay and end it abruptly after 45 minutes of engagement and compromise. At the same time on your end, one of the main reasons why you are receiving a punishment for Combat Logging is that there was a Moderator present, in which if you did not understand what he meant or needed clarification you could've asked him. Instead, you took the actions you did which lead to negative consequences and then took it upon yourself to disconnect from the server, ending the roleplay and ending any chance of correcting the situation. @SteScotland We as Staff, Admins, Moderators, and Support take our own free time and are here to help resolve situations or any questions you may have. Instead of stating your concern or trying to get a better understanding of this situation and your abilities, you left, leaving it unresolved and resulting in punishment. Combat Logging is still Combat Logging and being as though you didn't attempt to resolve the situation with the admin the effect of the rule broken of Fear RP still remains active as none of that Roleplay was voided. As for the Metagaming, I don't see any metagaming as nobody admits to knowing what your name is, only that they check the doors in those apartments all the time as that is what they were doing, and that is why they were there. As far as the bathroom situation, that RP was voided making that situation already resolved by Moderator Triple Seven as the RP was voided. No punishments will be given or lifted, @Triple Seven made a justified punishment, although I'm sure in this situation he's learned to use a better choice of words when handling reports. @SteScotland I would hope that this will help you understand that in the future Logging out is not the correct way to attempt to resolve a situation, especially when there is a Moderator/Administrator present that could've resolved it as it was ongoing, and to ask more questions if you don't have a clear understanding. Appeal Rejected/Archived.
  3. Tavi (Powergaming, Forcing Money, FailRP)

    Alright, Conclusion time. At this time I have determined no rule has been broken. Powergaming: The situation was handled on the scene with administrators and therefore Resolved. FailRP: There is no rule that states that if an individual forgets that they removed your battery from your phone or destroyed your phone that they must be punished for attempting to use it later, instead it should be up to the party whose phone is broken/disabled to inform them of what they had forgotten especially since it didn't lead to a death. Forcing money: In this situation no rule was broken as money wasn't forced, they never took you to an ATM they never forced you to withdraw money, they can tell you "Hey you're going to give me 40k, 50k" whatever the amount, they can say that you're their dog, and you can agree to do it as it would be compliance, but do you have to do it? No. They are allowed to tell you to get them 20k and they didn't force you to take it from an ATM and they have a perfectly reasonable amount of reason to request that much money, as you stole a crate of equal value. Your failure to comply was the resulted in your death in this situation. Metagaming: As for Tabatha in the video, there's not enough evidence to show her side of the situation, what she was doing and whether or not the information was actually used ICly, so therefore I will only be advising Tabitha to be more careful in the future if it did happen to be minor or accidental metagaming. Report Rejected/Archived.

    Hello and Thank you for Reporting. At this time I'm going to ask @Triple Seven for his side of the story.
  5. Tavi (Powergaming, Forcing Money, FailRP)

    @Hellequin Do you have a video of the event of his death, showing if he was compliant or not? @JackD248 Had you already sold the contents of the crate to other parties?
  6. Tavi (Powergaming, Forcing Money, FailRP)

    @JackD248 I'm seeing nothing here about taking a phone battery out and forgetting later on that you have done so. This shows a very short situation in which both Powergaming and FailRP happened, both rules that you should be aware of. However the situation that you were in above appears as though they forgot, and how you make it sound you didn't let them know by simply saying "You took my phone battery." and there are no rules against forgetting that you have removed someone's phone battery and asking them to use it as just in a real life conversation you'd just tell them "You took the battery out earlier, I don't have a phone", from your statement it doesn't appear that you were killed for the issue with the phone but merely because you didn't give him 20k as you stated earlier.
  7. Tavi (Powergaming, Forcing Money, FailRP)

    @Hellequin Was the phone actually used and did the offended party notify you of their concern once the incident occurred? Also, what is your side of the story on the death of @JackD248? Also, how recent was the Crate stolen before the Original incident at Bayview? @JackD248 Please provide evidence of the punishment via the Player Report that was filed, also, I would like to request that you post more video of the incident reguarding your death.
  8. Tavi (Powergaming, Forcing Money, FailRP)

    Hello and Thank you for Reporting. In your first claim of Powergaming, it appears with how you spoke about it that it was already handled and that RP was voided as he didn't use the shot, showing it was already resolved in the situation. FailRP, I would like to ask you how you were punished for something that sounds like Forgetfulness, it sounds like this was a long drawn out RP and if I'm not mistaken this was the kidnapping which took a long time, they might have forgotten they took your phone which you could've informed them OOC that they took your battery, what actions were taken after that? Forcing Money: Was there any money actually taken? and what happened after that instance? @JackD248 Please provide more video and further information as this report is very vague in it's stance.
  9. @Lime (Discord Report) OOC Insults

    Hello and Thank you for Reporting. Based on the Information provided the player Mike_White also known as (Lime) will be Punished for Offensive Language #2. Report Resolved/Archived.
  10. @Lime (Discord Report) OOC Insults

    Hello and thank you for reporting. Please provide full unedited screenshots of the conversation, just of the discord itself.
  11. Fail-RP

    To clarify yes, there was an issue with it in the past but it's been discussed and it is permitted to use all types of vehicles for offroading and no one will be punished for it. Report is hereby Rejected/Archived.
  12. Fail-RP

    Hello and Thank you for Reporting, However there isn't any cause for punishment as no rules were broken here, all vehicles involved were used to their intention and after speaking to an Administrator who was involved in that situation. The only vehicle that was seen flipped, I confirmed with Chief Katherine Taylor that she had picked those two Officers up, so no rules were broken in this instance. I can understand your concern about cars/non-offroad vehicles driving up hills but it is allowed for all vehicles to travel offroad. @Phil McGee Do you have any further evidence to provide before this case is concluded?
  13. Ban Appeal IG

    Mr.Navaja has completed the task mentioned, We have thoroughly gone over all of the rules, and I believe he has a full understanding of them now as he had no remaining questions once we had completed the session and I have also provided him with additional resources to help him better his overall roleplay experience. Player has been Unbanned. Appeal Accepted.
  14. Ban Appeal IG

    Alright, So, Carter Navaja, I've been speaking with Ballin and we have decided that we will be Accepting your Appeal under ONE CONDITION. Your Appeal will be accepted as soon as you complete sitting down and talk with me about past RP Scenarios, and about the rules, I will explain them thoroughly and so long as we do that, we will go over the Rule Book together, reading them one by one through this you must understand the rules thoroughly, if you have questions feel free to ask, that's what I'm there for and once this is completed you will be allowed to return to EclipseRP. Understand that this does not exempt you from your past mistakes, in fact, you will be expected to uphold a high level of Roleplay and you will be expected to uphold the rules, if you fall short you may land right back where you are now without any chance of redemption. Is this understood? If so this will be Pending your completion of this task, In the next few days I will be attempting to contact you to complete this task and I will make a note of it here and process your Appeal
  15. Ban Appeal IG

    Mr. Navaja, You have missed the key component in this which is reading the rules through this entire statement here that you have made you have shown that you didn't read the rules I can understand the mistake make in the Combat Logging but with your extensive record things just keep piling on, this doesn't negate the fact that we have issues with your roleplay, constantly to the point yes you are well known and that needs to come to a stop. I can see your point in NLR but even still with the other rules broken and the ones you have continuously broken it doesn't indemnify your actions. What are you going to do to attempt to rectify your actions and better you roleplay if we were to even accept your appeal? These situations just can't keep happening Mr.Navaja.