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More chop shop locations (randomize it), and remove icons.

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Yuge problem with the chop shop being a war zone camped by all parties. The risk is not worth the reward as it is because of how vulnerable you are by sitting in a location marked on the map, for 8 minutes.

More Chop Shop Locations.

  • Add chop shop locations in multiple locations throughout the map, whether that's in the city, in Paleto Bay, Grapeseed, at some random location in the middle of nowhere. 

After someone steals a car

  • When someone steals a car, give them the option to use their phone and dial a number like /call 555-CHOPACAR to dial an NPC which will tell them to bring the car to X location.
  • Allow the player to type a command to get the location on their map. LIke /text 555-CHOPACAR Location - This would mark the map with a yellow marker on the map, but not set their GPS. So if another player enters the car, they wouldn't get the location unless they re-do the process.
  • Once the player is at the location, just leave it as it is. They type the command to initiate the chop shop, which takes 8 minutes.
  • Maybe add some more automated RP lines once a player initiates a chop shop. Make it seem like NPCs come and disassemble the car so others players can tell if someone is actually chopping a car.

Remove the icons

  • Remove the chop shop icons and don't add any icons. Let players find all the locations In Character.


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2 minutes ago, F@therOsborn said:

Hey. Can we get more chop shop locations added and make it random to which one you have to take the car too? Perhaps add some RP lines of someone (NPC) sending you a text telling you to take the car to x location. The current chop shop is a war zone, it's camped by everyone. 

Also, remove the icons from the map, let people find these locations out through IC means. Should do the same for the weed fields tbh. The player that has the stolen car could have their GPS automatically set to the chop shop.

+1 and it would move every 4/5 cars that have been chopped?

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16 minutes ago, F@therOsborn said:

The player that has the stolen car could have their GPS automatically set to the chop shop.

Except for this, unless it was only after you contacted the chop shop NPC on your phone as it would be a bit annoying if you for example just stole the car to use in a drive by or some other one off crime and the GPS was constantly set.

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21 minutes ago, Triple Seven said:

Very good suggestion, I suggest the GPS being thought out further, automated isn't good, police would just go sit in a car that doesn't belong to them to get the GPS

Agreed. I think maybe find the NPC, see that he will be there for the next 1-2 hours, go look for cars, boom!

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+++ Rly need more chop locations , because cops started to abuse this location and coming to check every 3mins, no chance to chopp. Also 8minutes is too much irl time. 

Chopping prices is too low, if car cost ~260k im getting only ~2,5k /8minutes. Also its very hard and dangerous. For "illegal" job income way too low for good cars or bikes.

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