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The Goblins

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                                   The terrain in Portugal, a similar terrain as seen in the Paleto Bay area. 


It all began with four cousins traveling to a new city to change their lives, to make the best out of it.

Abilio Fresh, Ricky Soares, Jonh Sierra and Marco Sierra arrive in Los Santos together, a vast different place from the Portugal they left behind.

The cousins came from a place where the land was surrounded by hills, mountains and a rural population. Enjoying the quiet life, working on the fields and not afraid to get their hands dirty.


Their intentions are good ones. They want to live a peaceful legal life in this new city, Los Santos. They worked very hard as legal citizens, holding down several jobs each, grinding day in and day out to save all the money they could.

After a couple months more families arrived in Los Santos, and these four cousins would lead the way to teach these others the way of the things.

Through chance, the cousins ended up meeting two of the most important people in the city, Jay Gamble and Kelly Gamble.

Months would pass and the cousins decided to involve themselves in the darker life within Los Santos...

A lot of things would happen in the weeks and months to come. Some members of the family would get injured, others would get arrested and some would disappear…

Some members of the growing family would work in the shadows of the city towards their goals, without anyone knowing, were the big eyes of the city could not steal their ideas from them. During this time they would catch the attention of the most powerful groups in town. It would be during this time that they would be discovered by Jay Gamble who was head of the Los Zetas. But..

They would not take that change yet.

A couple of weeks passed, and Los Zetas were in a conflict with The Wanted. The cousins couldn't let this slide, and decided to help out Jay Gamble.

After the war finished the cousins were given the chance to join The Los Zetas, something they had been wanting for a long time! 

Los Zetas taught the boys everything, the morals of Los Zetas, the loyalty and behavior.


Within Los Zetas, The Goblins were a close knit group that executed their tasks very smoothly. They picked the goblin mask to show that the goblins aren't scared to be monsters. Able to loot and raid villages and the people living in them. Looking for anything valuable. Ruthless. They create chaotic scene's, were most people would stay away from... The Goblins don't. We like it.


They gained respect on the street and grew. Los Zetas disbanded, as one of the most prestigious gangs that ever existed.

The Goblins continued alone, but remembering their past and staying loyal to the beliefs that the Zetas had.



Benjamin Specht & the Goblin cousins, back in the day where they were part of Los Zetas.




                                   Paleto Bay, the main location where the Goblins meet and organize from.

Paleto Bay

The area reminds the cousins of home. The place where the land was surrounded by hills, mountains and a rural population.

When the cousins saw the place before they flew in, they jumped in the plane right away because they fell in love, and got reminded of home.

After the disbanding of Los Zetas, the goblins moved towards the Paleto Bay area, where they enjoyed the rural area and the low densely populated city of Paleto.

As described, the goblins are a bunch of people that are ruthless, and are respected by the local population. The Goblins themselves live close with the civilians, owning houses and warehouses in the area. Creating businesses where local workers get employed, creating job opportunities.

Some civilians might know something is up.. with these weird people, most people don't though. We keep our operations quiet. Our presence can be known, not our actions.




Hosting our fight club in Paleto, where the locals and the "city people" can fight for the belt. A grand prize will be given out to the winner, and of course the championship belt! Many people come and enjoy the whole night, with food and drinks. Everything is included.

We try and make the best night of it every single time. With our announcers, security, bartenders and all the people involved to make it run smoothly. Its a whole operation that takes a lot of preparation.






Drug Manufacturing

As Paleto is a transportation hub for truck drivers, with many factories set up in the area that are shipping items around. Due to this, the Goblins smuggle their drugs from the north to the city, and abroad with the help of these truckers.

They mainly work with the massive and successful factory in Paleto, the Cluckin' Bell factory. They distribute their products throughout the city, together with the quality drugs that the Goblins produce. The truck drivers gains a huge boost to their salaries as the goblins give a cut of the sold product to the drivers. 

Almost all of the time this goes unseen, when problems arise we make sure no one knows about it...


akgoblin.pngrichgoblin.png akgoblin.png

The Family

We keep ourselves busy with our own personal lives, but we mostly work together as a family. We are a close knit group that rely on each other and are a helping hand to the rest of the family's members that are in need. We working together to achieve a goal.

We have the same mindset, we are a united force.





We reach out to other organizations to set up talks and discuss matters, we do this in a respectful and understanding manner. We are open to negotiate or make compromises, but we are steadfast regarding our standards & ethics.


- Be one of the most respected Gangs on the Island.

- Bring a community to the Paleto Bay area

- Creating more RP opportunities in Paleto

- Getting connections with the Cartel

- Buy new properties and businesses to increase the financial status of the gang

- Maintain good relations with allied gangs.

- Maintaining the gang with OG's

- Maintaining our turfs in Paleto, manufacturing drugs and robbing banks

- Build up our treasury



- Maintain our relations with the allies and the neutral business partners

- Have respect for the hierarchy and chain of command

- Must be a loyal and honorable member of the family.

- No Snitching. Don't cooperate with the law enforcement or enemies under any circumstances.

- Respect your brothers. We will not tolerate you down-rating anyone putting forth effort in this organization.

- Obey our ethics

- Respect the Goblin Mask.



- Global knowledge about the crime life in Los Santos

- Gain trust and respect from the Goblins

- Must be experienced in the city

- Must be knowledgeable of server rules. (Admin logs must be reasonable)

- Must be a reliable and honorable member of the family

- Needs to receive approves from the recruiters during the difficult recruitment process

- Minimum experience 50.000 to be accepted in the goblin family, prospects can have less




Is responsible for the maintenance and stability of the Family. Also has the most important word in the family, deciding military alliances and operations. Reaches out to other gangs to discuss diplomacy.


Who suggest and help the Lord on the decisions to maintenance and stability of the Family. Is one of the most important persons on the family! Is normally with the Lord goblin, they work together very closely.


Responsible for securing information, resolving disputes, creating doubt amongst enemies, and helping the Lord Goblin take some decisions about all the situations that are being planned, and ongoing.


Commander Goblin is the underboss, who takes the control of the gang when the Lord Goblin is not in town. That means quick and thoughtful action, proven leadership and heading meetings in the name of Lord Goblin. A commander organizes activities too, making sure everything runs smoothly.


Members of the organization that have proven themselves to be competent leaders and are deeply invested in the organization. When other high command members aren't around they take control of ongoing situations.


A proven enforcer that shows that he can lead and organize tasks. This rank is the stage where members can prove themselves to become a member of high command.


Someone needs to help the soldiers and manage them doing their job. It's someone who has respect enough on the street and has the criminal knowledge to give orders. They are considered OG's, but with more responsibilities to take care of.


Old Goblin (OG) have respect on the Island and are respected on street.
Members have proven themselves through blood and dedication to the high command, and have been recognized for everything they have done.


Soldier Goblin, all the organizations need soldiers to survive. They have proven their loyalty and have been honored with recognition as a true Goblin. They are the real soldiers and our core of hardened criminals.


Young Goblin, one step away from being a hardened criminal. These Goblins still need to get more experienced. Putting in the effort of a real soldier before ranking up.


The first rank that shows that you are a proven goblin. You have shown your work as a prospect and are ready to climb the ranks.


Prospects are the potential Goblins, these members have a lot to show and improve to be recognized. After weeks of proving themselves to the members and the recruiters they have the approval of becoming a mini Goblin.


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The Distribution


 The Cluckin' Bell Factory


                     The Cluckin' Bell factory located on the main highway of Paleto


Just like any other criminal organization we keep ourselves busy with our criminal work. One of them is drug manufacturing, and the distribution of it. After manufacturing it in our labs, we transport it up in Paleto where we centralize our drug gains. Drugs are either manufactured or delivered by friendly gangs. After receiving them, we start the process of making cash



               Eric, one of the workers that collaborates with us. He is a bit bloody. Enjoying a cigarette


There are plenty of workers that work at the local factory, not all of them know what's happening behind the scene. Some select workers that seem fit for the extra responsibilities are working together with The Goblins. They do this because of the extra pay, and the lack of a good salary helps them cross over to a more illegal's path.

Their job is not even that risky, they just have to turn a blind eye. 



               Two workers, just after they "checked" the truck

While they turn a blind eye, the truck reverses to do a "double check" on the payload. Everything is "made sure its secure".

Of course, while this is happening an extra payload is mixed in-between the products. 



                     Truck filled up with the goods, just before taking off to the different locations.


The products are loaded in and its ready to be shipped in to the local dealers in the city. When they arrive at their location, the workers at the food chain make sure the goods are unloaded.

The "special" payload is marked, it has an extra sticker on the bottom of the payload. Because of this, the workers drop off the special load and is picked up by the turf network. Clean and easy.



Cluckin' Bell management know nothing about this.... yet.

Once they see the profits... We might persuade them to scale up the network...

We'll have to see...



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Sally’s Fighting Club Night


What is good business? Good business is used to describe something excellent and/or desirable, and what are Goblins than excellent and desirable???


As Goblins grew, so did their plans. One of the investments was in a property at Paleto, called Sally’s. Apart from being a place where Goblins will hangout, it would also be a place for their legal businesses, which would be a fighting club.


Sally’s Property In Paleto

Months have passed since Goblins have filled in documents for their license, and finally, it came and it was approved! So High Command immediately decided that it’s time to build up the property and open up on a first fight.
Goblins at the new property


Joaguin, as all of his family were excited for the stuff to come, but the work is just beginning. 

- Tyler Peterson was assigned to be the club’s manager, and the one that will help in the logistics of setting everything up.

 Joaguin, Alistar, Jordan and Teun were the ones in charge for the security.

- Bo and Abilio where the fight speakers.

- And the rest were either helping behind the bar or working security inside the property.


Meeting where everything was discussed


Now that everything was discussed and Goblinos got their bath, it was time to go to work and organise it all.


Waiting for a shipment of construction materials


They started buying up supplies (food, drinks, fences, gates, ….) and everyone was in it. One thing that Joaguin found strange, was going into the store and not robbing it, which he found very hard not to do, but he sucked it up for his family.


After one week of building, the time was finally here. Everything was built and ready for the fight. All we now needed was a blessing from the Shadow Gods themselves (aka. Harold).




Fight Night

Everything was prepared, people were on their positions, all that was left was to greet the customers and enjoy the fights!


Security team


Fights inside


After more than 8 fights, the night was starting to end. Security team outside was told to deny any entrance, let people leave and after everything was secured, to send guys upstairs so they could guard the cash (which someone took way too seriously, “batguy”) while the prize winners were collecting it.


As everything finished, the family was gathered to distribute paychecks, talk about the event and prepare for the next ones.

Once the 6 guy family continues to grow and place it’s permanent mark on the area of Los Santos, showing growth and prosperity in so many different areas of business.


Joaguin Nava, Sergeant Goblin.


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Billy has had a lot of experience with cooking in the past as being a criminal there were not many sources of income. A lot of his time he has spent cooking cocaine and has later learned how to cook a lot of LSD. Billy has decided upon himself to search for more advanced drugs to cook to benefit himself financially

Billy Sand and Kevin Pitts had spent some time talking after Billy's release from prison getting a long sentence and getting a large income of fines. Kevin had recently found another drug that could benefit them both as there are not many among everyone that are aware of it. 

Meth. Billy was unsure of how to make such a drug as he had never attempted to cook any meth before but Kevin had contacted individuals and got hold of a recipe which that both Billy and Kevin could use to get some extra money to further invest towards the illegal activities that would be portrayed by the goblins at the time. All of the ingredients that Kevin had told Billy, Billy had already known of how to get hold of but there was one of them, Billy knew that there would be a struggle to work towards.


The place that Billy was dreading the most was the hunt to find lithium. Billy used to cook lots of crack in the days and knew that the mines was one of the places where you could find lithium. It is a dark, wet and cold place to be but with the right motivation Billy knew that he could get through it. Just the small thought of the money that he would make kept Billy motivated through the time. 


Billy had quickly got his pickaxe and an extra helmet to make sure he was safe in the cave and got straight to work in mining lithium. It was a tough job but Billy kept working through it and getting as much lithium that he could. 


There were points in time where Billy wanted to give up because of how difficult the mining was but he kept pushing through the slight motivation that he had left. He had taken a break outside of the mines dropping the pickaxe in rage and looking inside his bag to see how much he had mined to the point of his frustration.


Looking inside the bag he had seen that there was not much space left for him to continue mining. He did not want to squeeze any lithium inside and have the chance of spoiling the ingredient. He had kept on mining and placing all the ingredients into small white bags placing them all on the ground around him in the cave. 


Billy had finally gathered all of the ingredients and got them all together ready for the cook, transporting them to his lab and beginning to create the meth and preparing himself for the long and stressful cook ahead of him but had kept in mind that the cook would do nothing but further benefit himself and Kevin Pitts and the rest of the gang, as both Billy and Kevin try to do what can help the family


The cook had begun...

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Tyrone had been at the parking lot dressed as one of Goblins strong rivals, The Russians. He had been speaking to one of the other Russians and had noticed an individual behind him who had just left Goblins on the same day and was speaking with an Irish about joining them. Tyrone had also found out that he had been giving information about Goblins to Irish which is not something that anyone took lightly. Tyrone took this seriously as it was his intention all along for him to become part of Irish and is not something that is acceptable. Tyrone had expressed the information on to Kevin and they both had come up with a plan to put the rat where he belongs. 


The first stage of the plan was Kevin calling the rat with an untraceable number contacting him as a member of Irish. It was not going to be an easy and short job but in fact something that would take patience and effort, the reward would be worth it. 

After gaining the trust of the individual and proving that he was “a member of Irish” he had then proceeded to ask about the possibility of them meeting. It was when the person had agreed to meet at a spot and a specific time that they knew that they were well on their way through the process of the operation.


The two Goblins that had been disguised as Irish at the time and the person had all met at Steamboat and asked the person to follow them to the beach next to a lifeguard tower where they had met in person for the first time and discussed what the person’s intentions were. 

Tyrone and Kevin were able to embrace the true acting of an Irish at the time as the person was falling for the trap by the second. After a long conversation that seemed there was no end to it, they had finally left the location with the person in their vehicle.


 The person had fallen for the trap that both of the Goblins had created and had invited them both willingly to his apartment “to take a look around at his setup”. The Goblins both knew that the job was going in the right direction and had immediately turned the vehicle to his apartment. 


The person had given a nice tour around the apartment to “The Two Irish” and after showing all of his illegal drug tables and other setups around the apartment both Kevin and Tyrone had held the person at gunpoint exposing who they really are. With the person’s surprise he knew at that moment that he had fallen straight into the trap that had been set up to him, giving him the instant feeling of regret. oLXfhRADKeA-cazmFfV2IPQSCG4cH97-IfpBMLWi9EY313W_OLufI2uEJ81M7-reZ3TEPw2NXHUqmQMV2WqDXBn_eF2Dk4_mvMxz91nH-5pzoimeRSYZYpql-dw1Tg1a_z91ItP-

All of the possessions that the person had to himself in his apartment had been taken by Tyrone and Kevin to leave a message to him, and to teach him a valuable lesson on not to make a similar mistake anywhere else again. All of the illegal drug tables had been taken and could later be used to people’s advantage and further benefit the gang and all of the people within it. 


After packing up all of the drug tables they had taken the person to look through all of the storage locations downstairs where they had stumbled across a second lab. There had been a lab with tables consisting of marijuana upstairs and cocaine ones downstairs which was impressive even for a person at such low standards, Both of the Goblins raiding the apartment had taken the tables downstairs as well although they did not need it but same as before, to leave a message to the person. 


It was time for Tyrone and Kevin to leave from the apartment, before doing so they had got Stefano inside of the apartment as well as them and all gave the person some words. They had also all given the person a haircut leaving him without a single piece of hair on his head. Without any further discussion they had left after a successful trap.

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