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  1. Yes, the specific Russian was stood around the Goblin on his knees with his weapon pulled, its only when we pulled up in the Issi when he got onto his bike and came over to us once we circled around and got an idea of the situation. At this point he came to the window of my vehicle where i decided to shoot him, i only said "off the bike" to clear my intentions on what is about to happen, i could of shot at the group around the Goblin on his knees however it would be more beneficial in an attempt to injure just the 1 and pick them off slowly as well as it pending danger to the Goblin. The "dema
  2. I do not have POV of this situation. Both parties included in this report are banned as of this date therefore I reached out to Samuel via Discord talking about this situation. They had a Goblin at gunpoint whilst talking on our frequency and as we pulled up, we saw the Russians holding a gun to the head of a Goblin on his knees... Giving DM rights. The biker came over to us and stopped, so I decided to shoot him in an attempt to injure him and lower their numbers whilst waiting upon back up. The driver drove off as the others looked up and began aiming guns, we slowed down after the brid
  3. Fortunately i found the extra part of POV . The Contender can clearly be seen containing both players with the passenger stepping out in an attempt to pull a weapon after blocking me from passing through. If the weapon had synced correctly, he would of pointed a gun at me, hereby giving me DM rights. for some reason my POV wont go into the first reply. Full POV: https://youtu.be/xz1BxXEU9-0 Once again, I thank the staff handling this report. I will no longer be replying to this thread unless asked to reduce back and forth talk.
  4. I feel Kevin summed this up pretty well, There was a shootout prior between the 2 factions. They were following us with one intention, to finish what had started already. Within moments of us realising they were following us we decided to step out to prevent even more Irish from coming and simply causing us to be outnumbered. This can all be proven with the drivers POV ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0uZmCOhILQc ) Thank you the the staff handling this report.
  5. Firstly, i thank the admins handling this report. I believe the situation has poorly been explained It started off with a drop being up in Paleto Forest which we were unaware of. We were heading up to Chiliad in order to chop a Jester however multiple Irish were at lumber, waiting on a drop which we became suspicious about. Whilst in the area, i was given demands both by a Retinue MK2 (multiple bullet holes on my car which can be seen in the evidence provided by the reporting party - 0:03 just as i step out, a bullet hole on the door and on the rear bumper) which shot directly at me
  6. Firstly, I thank the admins handling this report. Both Factions, Goblins and Irish, had been in a shootout, just below lumber moments before. We decided to leave as we were heavily outnumbered, seconds later we saw a Rapid GT which had been at the shootout. We hesitated at first as we believed it wasn't worth it which can be heard in the POV provided said by myself. "is it worth it, probably not". However, the Rapid GT decided to follow us down the highway, I pulled over to see if they really were following us instead of exiting the scene and they decided to pull over too. I jumped out an
  7. Firstly, i thank the admins handling this report. Unfortunately my POV is a bit short for why the entire situation started however it can be explained. It began with an Irish car following Goblins... we decided to target a single vehicle which was the Bifta and it can be seen in the clip provided. With this being said, multiple other Irish were around and saw their allies getting killed, hereby giving them DM rights later ending in a shootout. We finished and left the scene. Many Goblins split up with some of us still being followed by Irish as they were singled out... We decid
  8. -1 to the idea you may not have a full understanding for the use of a chopshop which can be vital to gangs. Most chop shops are turfs which provide official gangs with power... Limiting the hours in which they can be actively chopping will drain power and make them essentially useless. Being able to chop multiple vehicles at once maybe 2/3 would be perfect as after large fights, there can be up to 10-15 cars to chop with each taking 5 minutes, it adds up and you can be waiting at chop shops just for PD and SD to randomly check.
  9. Glad to be apart of something so great
  10. Firstly i would like to thank the Admins handling this report as well as apologising for the late reply. The crash in which the Rapid GT was involved with wasn't half as bad as what happened to the cruiser, like Danilo stated, a bump to the drivers side fender, causing us to spin out and slightly hit the poll, if anything a small injury to the head would of occurred however Adrenaline during this activity would be flowing tremendously. A police chase would give the adrenaline a strong rush making pain much more durable. The cruiser can be seen hitting the pole directly causing it to do a
  11. Looks good bro, looking forwards to RPing with you again
  12. Here we are, an RP scenario that almost goes in the favour of criminals for once however heavily degraded by PD with such a strong win mentality. The bank was planned out as per with every other bank in which we carry out, it just so happened that a new player came running into the bank, the only option was to take him as hostage otherwise PD will be called and the bank simply ruined before it had started. This has happened countless times before. In the situation, the hostages' life is what matters, PD's objective is to protect the life of the hostage, not arresting every goblin to prove powe
  13. Ryan_Petford [ID 79] @Ryan12193 - Please provide your side of the story and post video evidence that includes your voice. My mic isn't detected when recording. The entire reason to why the chase in which YOU pursued and started was missed. An accidental crash occurred at an inter-section leaving both parties stalled. Listening to the passenger of the Issi Carlos_David [ID 306] we had no intent to engage with the vehicle in which we had an incident with but instead go around checking chops. As soon as YOU got your engine on, you came over to US, still stalled at this point, the p
  14. Extra evidence of the micro actually being there. https://streamable.com/tu8wno
  15. Date and time (provide timezone): 20/3/21 (00:53 UTC) Character name: Ryan Petford Issue/bug you are reporting: items not being able to fit into inventory once being killed Expected behavior: if a player is injured with an inventory full of items with weapons/armor/gloves/radios and every other accessory that is equipped and is finished, the items will disappear. this is extremely annoying when its items such as Heavy Weapons or armor. Multiple occurrences of this bug has been seen and a fair bit of money has been lost. Evidence is cut into 2 clips but you can see the injured p
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