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New beginnings

After being in the city for a long time, you would think a man like Kush would be satisfied with what he has accomplished in the city. However, that wasn't the case, knowing what was missing he just couldn't figure out what it was exactly. 


That's when Taylor reached out to Kush and setup a meet where they would discuss their plans in the city, after all, they had been friends well-before their last gangs were even created.


It was easy to see from the start as both of their visions aligned, discussing colours, names and liking the possibility of bringing 6ix 7even Spartans back to the city. They are hopeful Kane will be able to come back and join them where he belongs once he's back in the city, but for now, they will be holding it down in his absence.


Whilst they had originally expected people to be invested in their gang, no one would have been able to anticipate the response 6ix 7even have received, with many notifying the High Command of their interest in joining us on our journey.

It had been a long week for the gang, but after their past endeavours, they would be meeting with familiar faces, this time with a revitalised approach, filling in their friends and allies of their plans moving forward.


They still had links to the biggest gangs in the city, past and present, so doing their own thing would prove to be even less of a problem, setting up their meetings just days after the gang's creation.


6ix 7even have been hard at work, making a name for themselves once again, showcasing exactly why it'd be a poor idea to stand in our way once we have our hearts set on something.


Any disrespect moving forward will not be tolerated, and whether you catch us chilling at Dutch London or vibing at any events, if you come to us with respect we will show it back.


6ix 7even have seen an incredible amount of support this week and although it may seem like we've accomplished alot since coming back to the city, we're still only just getting started.


(These events occurred weeks ago and does not represent any current events)

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Hello, I am interested in joining. I started playing about three years ago and I've been apart of a gang before, we cooked meth, fought gangs, killed cops and overall had a great time and I learned how to make all the drugs in the process. Let me know how I can contact ya people, I think I could be a useful asset.

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Fresh Home

The Spartans were out chilling on the block when Kush came out of the house with a bag. People suddenly stopped all the chatter and focused their eyes on him. He pulled up on to the roof, signalling for his people to join him up there.


He dropped the bag on the table, unzipping it and presenting the contents of it.



All the Spartans peeked inside and saw multiple different attires. Kush then proceeded to tell them that it was time for them to get off their lazy assess and make some money. He ran through the plan with them. Telling them that they were going to hit multiple stores in a rotation. Kush told the Spartans to get ready and meet him back at Dutch in 10 minutes, dressed in blue, where he went over the plan again.


They then proceeded to another location where they all changed into the different clothes that Kush had procured for them. Kush cocked his gun back and ordered his men to roll to the various stores, hitting them in a certain order. Just before grabbing the last bit of cash, from the 6th store, Fedz were soon on the scene. Kush did not want any of his people to be imprisoned for this, so he gave himself up giving his people enough time to flee.


Kush kept to himself while spending a few months in jail for the store robberies. Chilling in his cell, meditating, and working out, he didn't know what to do with himself.  No one confronted him because they didn't want to be on his wrong side, but [Redacted] did. Despite the fact that their respective gangs have a long history of animosity, he was cool towards Kush and talked with respect, which Kush returned. They went on to talk about the current gang affairs, both old and new.



A couple months pass….


He was eventually free, and he was welcomed by his sister Hayden. She was quick to notice the rugged beard that had started to form from being in prison for so long. She hugged him and proceeded to take his bag whilst he got in the car.  He remained totally quiet the entire car ride back to the hood, not even a single expression on his face. That changed when he saw the welcome back block party that the Spartans threw for him.


He was met with more affection and appreciation than he had ever received, with all of them thanking him for what he had done. He went on to remind everyone that the only ones who mattered to him were the people who were present at the time, forever 67 Spartans. 

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Hood Economics Pt.1


Cavelli has been trapping since he was a younger, alongside other criminal activities to make money. Cavelli was posted on the block just  chilling when one day a friend came through and asked him if he has any packs for sale. James was unsure if his friend was setting him up or not but he still decided to go ahead with the deal, James walked into the alley and motioned for Jonas to follow. Once out of sight of the main roads, he reached into his pocket and offered the gram to Jonas, exchanging it for cash.


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Day in a life of a Spartan Pt.1

Chill afternoon


The Spartans began their day as usual, chilling around the 67 house. Kush stepped outside and saw his people chilling with James Cavelli, who was working early on selling all the weed Nathaniel had given him. Kush went up on the roof of the house to relax a little while watching his people fuck around in the ghetto. That is when he saw the homie GW coming over to Dutch. They chit-chatted and explored a potential arrangement for their respective sets. Not long after, someone approached him and asked if Kush sold straps. Kush led him to the alleyway, where he pushed the guy against the wall and patted him down to see if he had a wire on him. The guy was clean, and they spoke about prices before closing the sale.


Since the day was slow and there was not much going on, Kush urged people to bring their London-imported Ped bikes and BMXs. They were just driving around the block when Kush and Hayden had the brilliant idea of throwing a block party. Kush rode his BMX to the other hoods to inform both the Ballas and the Jackboyz of the block party. On his way back, he saw smoke emerging above a building near his hood. He rode his BMX past the scene, sticking his middle finger out at the fed who screw faced him.


He later told the Spartans of the event, and some of them went out to get drinks and snacks, while Sully and Hayden went to get a beer pong table. Valentina went to get her Primo custom, which was outfitted with speakers and subwoofers all over. All was lined up for tonight's gathering.


Later that day...

The block party was already in full swing, with people getting high and wasted. Kush was inside when he heard a knock on the door. One of the Spartans yelled through the door. “Yo Kush, both Ballas and Jackboyz are here”. That's when Kush put on his chain and stepped out the house.


(Part 2 will be posted later on in the week)




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Bando Lab Pt.1

Emma confronted Hayden, who was chilling on the roof of the Onizuka House. Emma inquired if Hayden has ever had her own drug lab in the past. Hayden nodded, indicating she has one and knows what it takes to run it. “Perfect, I could use your assistance,” Emma replied.


“What have you been up to, Ems?” Emma smiles at Hayden and tells her about her plans to open her own lab. Emma, on the other hand, had never built one before and was asking if Hayden could assist her. Hayden agreed to assist her in setting things up, seeing what it would do with the relationships between 67 and the other hood sets. They drove to the location, walking into the apartment, looking around.


Hayden smiles at Emma and says, "We can work with this place." The girls begin to prepare. Emma had already purchased her equipment, so it is a simple set-up... they begin shifting furniture around to make room for all the tables. Hayden glances over at Emma with her dry lips after about an hour and wonders if she has something to drink. Emma nods and heads over to the fridge, where she grabs two sodas and gives one to Hayden. Both girls sip their sodas as they reflect on their progress so far. They returned to work setting up the tables after a brief smoke break outside. "Hayden?" Hayden glances over her shoulder at Emma, who is staring down at some screws. “How come I have spare parts?” “Girl...” Hayden begins to chuckle as she stands up and walks over to Emma. “They still send you extra, so if you want me to double-check, let me know.” Hayden examines the tables Emma has set up to see if she has done so right. “They seem to be in good condition to me, Ems; I told you they still send you some extra”.


They finally finish after a long day at work. Emma thanks Hayden for the help as they head back to the elevator. “No worries girl, just get this thing going,” Hayden says as they walk to the garage, where Hayden takes her car out and drives back to Dutch. As soon as Hayden gets home, she changes into some comfortable clothing, switching on the television, and places her feet on the coffee table, wondering where her brother is at.

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