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  1. Maybe don't go AFK while farming, it wasn't random. We were looking for farms to take over and we crashed through the building and yelled at you.
  2. DasCorncakes

    eclipse rp quiz

    The quiz is simple, just go to the rules and for each question search for the relevant question in the rules via CTRL-F and search words that would pertain to the rule/question. set your game to borderless window and tab in/out cross-referencing until you're satisfied.
  3. I finished my application over 24 hours ago and I've been left in the dark, I'm starting to think it might not actually send. Which is confusing because the thing say's to create your character while you wait, as if it would only take five minutes. I've seen a thread earlier where a guy got understandably fed up after waiting an entire week with no feedback as if he never even registered. If you're going to have a very long and strenuous system to filter out people who don't roleplay in a mod from a game that's nearly five years old, at least make it quick. if someone's willing to spend an hour doing the test and you make them wait days if not weeks to join any reasonable person would lose interest. is everyone just really lazy and doesn't want to read over them what?
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