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  1. Hey Hey Hey ID 242 Here, Unfortunately I don't have any POV saved since I wasn't asked to save any, But I can break down what happened from my perspective. Myself and ID 29 were driving around when we heard people talk on radio about a new group around Mirror Park we decided to have a look since some of the guys were already on their way. When we get there some of the 67 members and BSB members were already in a heated argument which both me and ID 29 try to de-escalate since harassing a new gang starting up is not really something I want to ad to the rp we already have going on. His POV starts with myself asking the question "So he is not with you guys?" they answer: "No" and I do the same because up until that point I had no idea ID 187 was actually Kush. As soon as I say no as we back up the car and they start the countdown he shows me and ID 253 his license as seen in the 1st POV. at that point I'm aware both me and Jules Blackwood know who he is. but since I only saw him "trashtalk" our own members and he has done this multiple times before on Dutch not only to create some fun RP but also to test the members we recruit to 67 I let him continue his RP but ID 253 tries to further de-escalate by saying "wait chill" and "chill one second". Even ID 187 says wait multiple times but BSB members totally ignore what is going on or being said and proceed punching him anyway. When he runs away letting all 67 members on radio know it was him, he returns on his bike to inform them what actually happened he gets 0 chance to RP before getting attacked again. During all these attacks he never fought back but ran away which in my opinion shows he had no intention of this situation escalating the way it did. He lets everyone know on radio he is going to handle the situation by saying "I will kill this guy stay out of it". He does injure the player and most 67 members leave. which can be seen in the first POV. ID 69 even mentioned "all of these guys are being so cool but Jonas is just being a fucking retard" so they know by our behaviour and RP we werent there to escalate. I'm suprised this report was made since after this whole situation mentioned in the report, the reporting party decided to a set up a ambush and taking out heavies escalating the situation even further and resulting in them loosing the fight. I want to thank the admins taking this report and having to read through all this for their time to do so.
  2. Bando Lab Pt.1 Emma confronted Hayden, who was chilling on the roof of the Onizuka House. Emma inquired if Hayden has ever had her own drug lab in the past. Hayden nodded, indicating she has one and knows what it takes to run it. “Perfect, I could use your assistance,” Emma replied. “What have you been up to, Ems?” Emma smiles at Hayden and tells her about her plans to open her own lab. Emma, on the other hand, had never built one before and was asking if Hayden could assist her. Hayden agreed to assist her in setting things up, seeing what it would do with the relationships between 67 and the other hood sets. They drove to the location, walking into the apartment, looking around. Hayden smiles at Emma and says, "We can work with this place." The girls begin to prepare. Emma had already purchased her equipment, so it is a simple set-up... they begin shifting furniture around to make room for all the tables. Hayden glances over at Emma with her dry lips after about an hour and wonders if she has something to drink. Emma nods and heads over to the fridge, where she grabs two sodas and gives one to Hayden. Both girls sip their sodas as they reflect on their progress so far. They returned to work setting up the tables after a brief smoke break outside. "Hayden?" Hayden glances over her shoulder at Emma, who is staring down at some screws. “How come I have spare parts?” “Girl...” Hayden begins to chuckle as she stands up and walks over to Emma. “They still send you extra, so if you want me to double-check, let me know.” Hayden examines the tables Emma has set up to see if she has done so right. “They seem to be in good condition to me, Ems; I told you they still send you some extra”. They finally finish after a long day at work. Emma thanks Hayden for the help as they head back to the elevator. “No worries girl, just get this thing going,” Hayden says as they walk to the garage, where Hayden takes her car out and drives back to Dutch. As soon as Hayden gets home, she changes into some comfortable clothing, switching on the television, and places her feet on the coffee table, wondering where her brother is at.
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