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A soft white layer of frosty snow lay over the city, giving it a peaceful and safe feel. But all is far from peaceful and safe on the streets of Los Santos. On the heels of snow have arrived some very odd events.
A strange group appears, causing citizens to take a double look. Their blue clothing and goblin masks are almost illuminated by the moon cast on the snow.

But… Who are they?

Without any reason why, the city’s crime has climbed steadily. Blood is being spilled on the streets, leaving red streaks on the fresh fallen snow. Could these blue goblins be responsible for the robberies, killings, drugs and weapon trafficking… and other crimes running rampant in the city?

The story begins with four cousins traveling to a new city to change their lives.

Abilio Fresh, Ricky Soares, Jonh Sierra and Marco Sierra arrive in Los Santos together, a vast different place from the Portugal they left behind.

Their intentions are good ones. They want to live a peaceful legal life in this new city. They worked very hard as legal citizens, holding down several jobs each, grinding day in and day out to save all the money they could.

After a couple months more families arrived in Los Santos and these four cousins would lead the way to teach these others the way of the things.

Soon their Family would grow and start to create success for themselves. They started up a motorclub named Lusitan Riders with the intention that it would be a legal business, but that is not how things turned out.

Through chance, the cousins ended up meeting two of the most important people in the city, Jay Gamble and Kelly Gamble. They would meet during one of the Lusitan Riders roll around Los Santos.

Kelly Gamble, who likes to give her special touch in everything, gave Lusitan Riders a different name, Potato Gang! The Lusitan Riders didn’t know who the Gamble’s were, but they would form a great relationship with them soon after meeting.

Months would pass and then, by pure accident, one of the members Ricky Soares would fall on the illegal life and start cooking drugs and using illegal weapons.

In short, this would be the time all the group would start their illegal life in town!

A lot of things would happen in the weeks and months to come. Some members of the family would die, others would get arrested and some would disappear…

The Lusitan Riders even got dismantled by the police!

Some members would work in the shadows of the city towards their goals, without anyone knowing, where the big eyes of the city could not steal their ideas from them. During this time they would catch the attention of the most powerful groups in town. It would be during this time that they would be discovered by Jay Gamble who was head of the Los Zetas. But..

They would not take that change yet. Another opportunity would arrive in the from of an orange group called “The Wanted”. They would join the orange boys to get inside and learn all they could about illegal racing, which would make them fall in love with cars and a need for speed!

One day for an unknown reason, a war would start. The Wanted would go up against the most powerful gang in town, The Lost Zetas!

The portuguese boys (Potato Gang) would refuse to fight against their good friends. It was at this time that they would drop the orange colors and help their friends ( Los Zetas ) against The Wanted!

After the war finished they were given the change to join The Los Zetas, something they had been wanting for a long time! The cousins also got the opportunity and pleasure to meet Carlos “Naruto” the header recruiter!

Carlos taught the boys everything they should know about Los Zetas and after a loyal moment, Carlos give the green light for them to join! It was the happiest moment in their lives! They were officially Los Zetas!

But like always something bad would happen. Unfortunate events went down in Portugal, making some of them leave Los Santos. Only one of the Portuguse boys would remain in Los Santos, Abilio Fresh! There he would stay with them to continue to fight the law and the police wearing their blue clothing. They fought against everyone in their path who didn’t respect the blue colors! He kept fighting with them for all the brothers had left before! Having a lot of trouble with the police, Abilio was forced to start wearing a goblin mask. He did not realise at the time how much power there would be in wearing this mask. He would be recognized around every corner in town!

Luckily, months before, the Portugal situation stabilized and some of the Portuguse brothers decided to come back to Los Santos.

This was Abilio’s chance, and he showed everyone what he created and learned while the boys were out of town. It was after that that everyone decided to use the goblin mask!

After that, more and more people are joining the goblins and they start growing day after day!

When everything is going good something bad happens, the high command of Los Zetas disappear and the gang starts going deep that means something for goblins.
New chapter starts!




Lord Goblin

Lord Goblin, is responsible for all the maintenance and stability of the gang. Also has the most important word in this family, deciding military alliances and operations.

Confident Goblin

Confident Goblin is responsible for securing information, resolving disputes, creating doubt amongst enemies, and helping the Lord Goblin take some decisions about all the situations.

Commander Goblin

Commander Goblin is the underboss, who takes the control of the gang when the Lord Goblin is not in town. That means quick and thoughtful action, proven leadership and heading meetings in the name of Lord Goblin.

Captain Goblin

Captain Goblin are members of the organization that have proven themselves to be competent leaders and are deeply invested in the organization. When other high commands  aren't around they should take control of the situations.

Old Goblin

Old Goblin (OG) have the responsibility of teaching the Mini Goblins (New boys in the family).
That members have proven themselves through blood and dedication to the high command, and have been recognized for everything they did.

Soldier Goblin

Soldier Goblin, all the organizations need soldiers to survive. They have proven their loyalty and have been honored with recognition as a true Goblin.

Mini Goblin

Mini Goblin are the potential Goblin, These members have a lot to show and improve to be recognized. They got enough respect for receive that opportunity.



- Maintain our relations with the allies and the neutral Business Partners

- Have Respect for the Hierarchy and Chain of Command

- Must be a reliable and honourable member of the family.

- No Snitching. Don't cooperate with the law or enemies  under any circumstances.

- Respect your brothers. We will not tolerate you down-rating anyone putting forth effort in this organization.

- Respect the Goblin Mask.



- Be one of the most respected Gangs in Town

- Became an Official Faction

- Buy new properties and business to increase the financial status of the gang

- Maintain good relations with allied Gangs and council

- Recruit experienced people, we want quality over quantity



- Global knowledge about the crime life in  Los Santos

- Gain trust and respect from the Goblins

- Must be experienced in the city

- Must be knowledgeable of server rules. (Admin logs may fall under this)

- Must be a reliable and honourable member of the family.

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The Goblins have many contacts and a lot of respect on the streets of Los Santos, they know very well who controls guns, drugs and all kinds of other illegal contraband.
Goblin's high command met and decided to make an import order from one of the biggest gangs in town, the order was easy, several fresh shotguns!
The mission was easy, they knew exactly what they needed to do! They gained that knowledge from the years they passed on Los Zetas! Abilio Fresh knows very well all the spots where the shipments can arrive and passed that knowledge to the Goblin’s high command before the order.

Jackie Sierra is the goblin who controls that import and that was decided for the high command so he needs to plan.



Goblins stored the shipment on their safes and everything will be secure, now they need to meet with the big boys Aztecas to make a deserved payment for the service they offer.


Goblins and Aztecas improve their relationship day after day!

Goblin’s on that way show the Aztecas they are a truth people and the things who move those guys is respect.
“That is just a start”

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After Goblin’s asset all the terms with almost the gangs around the city now is the time for the recruitment starts!





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