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I fully understand how difficult it might be to develop these things I am about to suggest, however I feel like I should suggest them regardless, as I believe they would be a good addition to the server.

We've all thought of having a "Twitter" app on our phone, where people can tweet, say their thoughts, whatever. However people's argument to this is that it would render Weazel ads useless. This is partly true, as people could simply advertise through tweets, however, if you were to make this a follower-type of social media rather than a server wide twitter home page with maybe a 10 minute cooldown on tweets, it would greatly limit the amount of people your tweets would reach, causing weazel ads to still be the most efficient way of advertising business and sales. 

  • Imagine, all your close friends follow you, you're able to share your thoughts, daily activities in your feed.
  • Able to tweet something like "Birthday party! All invited!" Where only your friends would see, rather than the entire server showing up.
  • Being able to keep up with what your friends are up to (like in real life) without having to constantly text or talk to them, as they make some of their activities public.

Now here's the difficult suggestion. From my limited knowledge of coding, I feel like it would be incredibly difficult to do this:

A live streaming service. Another app on your phone, where you can go onto and you will be able to see all current live streams, coming from your first person POV, on your ./record phone, where if someone were to access this app, they'd be greeted with a menu maybe as large as the F4 menu, where they'd be able to see my POV as a live stream.

  • Imagine, DOC Guards allowing prisoners to view live streams for a certain amount of time during their sentences.
  • People who are busy with other RP scenarios could possibly tune into events and parties through live streams.
  • If possible to develop this feature, video calls won't be too far away...

This would be very entertaining, but as I said, hard to develop. These are just my basic thoughts about these. Feel free to leave any criticism. Thanks for reading 🙂

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Can we all make Twitter's for our characters and anything with a certain hashtag can count as IC? Like I could tweet shit at my friends and gang members and cops could scan my tweets and use them as evidence. Please? I'm so hyped for it

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