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San Andreas Department of Corrections

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San Andreas Department of Corrections



This faction thread is entirely Out of Character and is only meant to give you an insight into how the faction runs. We ask that no information provided in here is used as metagame'd information, and that you visit the Government Website find any In Character information.







High Command Staff

  • opzH3yi.png Warden: Ren Sanchez
  • iZ7KaVE.pngiZ7KaVE.pngiZ7KaVE.png Deputy Warden: Dustin Withrow
  • iZ7KaVE.pngiZ7KaVE.png Assistant Warden: Solomon Cobb
  • iZ7KaVE.png Special Divisions Commander:  VACANT
  • iZ7KaVE.png G.F.O. Commander: Wes Mcloughlin
  • iZ7KaVE.png C.O.B. Commander: VACANT
  • iZ7KaVE.png  Human Resources Commander: VACANT


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San Andreas Department of Corrections



  • Warden: Responsible for all aspects of the prison, including finances and partnerships
  • Deputy Warden: In charge of operations within the prison. Free reign over divisional structures and leaders.
  • Assistant Warden: In charge of overseeing any and all divisional progress ensuring each division is working to its required standard.
  • Commanders: Are in charge of overseeing all divisional captains in order to make sure they are capable of leading their divisions properly.


  • Captain: Leader of a division, ensures the success and functionality of their respective divisions.
  • 1st Lieutenant: Assistant to their respective captain, oversees day to day operations.
  • 2nd Lieutenant: Main point of contact for the divisional command, manages members and delegates workload handed down by the lieutenant.


  • Sergeant: Shift supervisors in the department and responsible for organizing transports, taking department radio and processing suspects. This position is being directly looked at for Low Command. 
  • Corporal:  Perform general and divisional duties as well as oversee all lower ranking officers training needs (i.e. answer questions, provide any and all assistance where needed). They also need to show leadership and initiative towards their training for promotion. 


  • Senior Correctional Officer II: Perform general and divisional duties, as well as assist in training CT’s, COI, and COII’s & COIII's.
  • Senior Correctional Officer: Perform general divisional duties. Individuals are promoted to SCO before they're offered a supervisory position. If you are an SCO and wish to be a supervisor you then contact your direct supervisor and will be supplied with the appropriate materials. If you do not wish to be a supervisor you stay as an SCO and progress to SCO II. 
  • Correctional Officer III: Perform general and divisional duties, as well as assist in training CT’s, COI, and COII’s.
  • Correctional Officer II: Perform general and divisional duties, as well as assist in training Correctional Trainees, Correctional Officer I’s as needed. 
  • Correctional Officer I: Perform general and divisional duties.
  • Correctional Trainee:  New hire and responsible for learning their way through the department. On a 7 day training period



General Field OPS (GFO)
GFO is responsible for the daily tasks within the prison such as processing and transports. They furthermore assist with training the new hires and helps make sure that everyone knows what they are doing.

Human Resources (HR)
HR is responsible for all the paperwork within the department. They manage the personnel files, applications, reports, hires, as well as the academy sessions each recruitment drive. It is also HR that issue warnings and supervise all other divisions and officers to ensure that everyone is following protocol and maintaining a high standard. If you wish to access or edit your personnel file, it is also HR you will need to reach out to.



Internal Affairs (IA)
IA is responsible for all reports, complaints, and investigations against Correctional Officers. This department is completely handled by High Command. They are responsible for making sure everyone is following department rules, maintaining interdepartmental integrity, and making sure everything runs smoothly at DOC. 

Correctional Medical Team (CMT)

CMT is SADOC's response team to all injuries for both employees and inmates alike. The CMT has two branches, medical and psychological. The medical branch specializes in treatment and care for all sorts of injuries. Although the psychological branch has its own responsibilities it is still required to have basic medical training and the ability to perform most medical branch responsibilities if required. The psychological branch focuses mainly on therapy and the understanding of our inmates, as well as mental illnesses and treatments. The CMT division may often work with LSEMS to ensure a proper treatment with their patients is carried out if an inmate's sentence ends but they still require treatment.

Grounds Keeping (GK)

Grounds-keeping division is responsible for the day to day maintenance of the prison and its assets. We strive to keep everything in peak condition so everyone can work in a safe and well maintained environment.

Public Relations (PR)

Public Relations handle the communication and public image of the San Andreas Department of Corrections. They deal with the social media management on the LifeInvader social network, managing the SADOC page as well as keeping an eye on employees public pages to ensure they display the department in good light. Community outreach and press releases to get the public more involved and updated on the happenings of the department as well as media relations and production to ensure photography and recording of DOC activities is within guidelines, especially if it's made public. Crisis management is also something the PR team handle which is damage control of anything that shines a bad light on the DOC if it becomes public knowledge, either on or off duty. Lastly, inter-personnel communication would fall under this division to ensure everybody is communicated the right information the appropriate way.

Correctional Intervention Corps (CIC)

CIC is responsible for ensuring the safety of the prison and everyone in and around it. They are our personal line of defense and tasked with responding to incidents, riots, cell extractions, mass searches, or disturbances within the prison. They may also be required to aid when dealing with uncooperative or violent inmates. Moreover, it is COC’s job to ensure the success and safety of high risk prison transports.

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San Andreas Department of Corrections


Much like all careers, you must start somewhere. The DOC is no different.

First, you must go to our government website and look for the recruitment desk to see if applications are currently being accepted.

If they are, great! If not, then learn to be patient.

After you have put an application in, you will hear back from a member of HR. They will inform you if you have made it through to the interview stage.

We assume that you know nothing about the DOC so none of the questions are to do with it, we just want to learn about you and if you’ll fit in.

If you pass, then you’ll be sent an initial quiz to understand how well you know the city and its rules.

After that, you are on to the first stage of the academy: The Physical Test.

You will be taken from Bolingbroke to our physical training grounds and put through your paces. It’s important to follow the instructor’s rules given at the start and make sure you don’t exert yourself. You are not covered under our insurance plan until you’re handed a badge.

If you show great physical prowess, you are invited back to Bolingbroke to learn how to be a member of GFO, General Field Operations, and go through their daily tasks such as processing and transport. You will also learn radio codes, the fundamentals of the DOC and most importantly be given a tour.

After this, you will be handed an exam and if you pass, you will be successfully become a Correctional Trainee.

However, the fun does not stop there. We will take you through everything else you’ll need to know, from how to deal with hostages, how to shoot a gun and how to do all the fun paperwork!

When we feel you’re ready, we will hand you the final exam. Once you pass, you’ll become a Correctional Officer I and be well on your way to becoming a great member of the DOC family.



The CDRILS are our core values and dictate how you should act as an employee at SADOC. They are as follows:

  • Courage: Officers must know what the right thing to do is and be brave enough to do it.
  • Discipline: The DOC has to be a disciplined unit, so every officer needs to follow the rules and be responsible for themselves and their actions.
  • Respect: No matter what the situation, you must show respect and tolerance not only to your fellow officers and the public but to inmates alike.
  • Integrity: Officers must always be honest, sincere, reliable, and selfless. You must be loyal to the department and be ready to do as it asks.
  • Loyalty: Loyalty is about supporting your team, looking after and helping it even when the going gets tough.
  • Selfless Commitment: The needs of the team always come before your own needs



I want to join PD and SD later on down the line, will you guys still welcome me? Of course! We understand that the DOC is usually a steppingstone to those joining law enforcement and we’re more than happy helping those wishing to start out. We provide references if you do apply to SD or PD in the future so be sure to try your hardest!
What’s the starting salary at the DOC? $6,000 an hour.
Will I have access to heavy weapons? Heavy Weapons at the DOC are strictly used by Supervisors and above as well as those in our CIC program. The CIC program requires you to be a CO2 or above before applying unless you have outstanding recommendations by Command members. Getting access to these weapons is supposed to be seen as a prestige accomplishment. 
What are the requirements for joining? 5k XP across all characters.
A nice smile.
No previous OOC tension infractions.
No extensive criminal history.
No admin logs in the past 30 days.
Between 18 and 55.
Be able to work at least 5 hours minimum a week

I got denied! What do I do now?


Just wait, really. If recruitment is still open a week after being denied, then you are more than welcome to reapply. Just make sure you don’t get denied for the same reason again.

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After the Warden had sent in a request to the State Government, the San Andreas Department of Corrections were finally gifted with the Caddys. A golf kart that will be used for interior patrols within the prison as well as chasing down any runners who try it.





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We received a transport request from PD to collect 10 10-15s from the bank next to the Pink Cage, upon arriving we was greeted by multiple Deputies and Officers along with MD Personnel. We eventually moved down to Central to receive the 10-15s once they were dropped off, this is where the fun began.

After loading the 10-15s into the bus, getting their feet shackled to the floor of the bus we left Central and headed back to Bolingbroke Penitentiary. We received a rather large escort from PD and SD, to ensure our transport wouldn't be intercepted at all and of course we made it back safely to D.O.C grounds.





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(Remember, information in these posts is strictly OOC and using the knowledge IC is Metagaming)
Solomon did not think his babies would be born at the prison that day, by 2 of his bosses nonetheless.



Sometimes it's good to have a command meeting away from the offices with a nice birds-eye view of the prison from one of the towers. 

Clockwise from bottom-middle:

Solomon Cobb - Captain of HR & Head of PR,

Seth Cincaid - Captain of CERT,

Wes McLoughlin - Captain of GFO & head of groundskeeping,

Nick McAlister - Commander of HR,

Moriarty McCann - Commander of CERT,

Dustin Withrow - Deputy Warden,

Ren Sanchez - Warden,

Reina Moraine - Commander of special divisions


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(Remember, information in these posts is strictly OOC and using the knowledge IC is Metagaming)

Solomon Cobb: From No Command to High Command

It all started with an interview, jobless and not a penny to his name at Christmas, Solomon applied for a job at the S.A.D.O.C after seeing a bunch of officers on a recruitment drive in the city in a prison bus. He put in an application on the off-chance and made it through to the academy stage after worrying his vandalism misdemeanor from his first days in the city would hold him back.

Little did he know this would be the beginning of an almost 3 year (8 Months) journey...



The physical side of his academy went pretty poorly but the rest went smoothly, getting him recruited as a Correctional Trainee (None of the other new recruits lasted more than a few weeks). The academy was held by the (at the time) Commander #04 Herbert Butler and #355 Nick McAlister from the Human Resources department. When asked in his inteview "where do you see yourself in the future?" Solomon said how he has his eyes on the High Command positions with no idea how realistic that goal was.


From his first shift, Solomon found a liking to the paperwork side of the SADOC, ensuring all his duty reports got completed after each shift and all the correct 10-15 processing paperwork was completed.


Solomon got his sidearm certification during his first week at the DOC, in his current 3 years here he has only been required to discharge his firearm to injure someone once to defend (at the time) #04 Commander Moraine when a deranged maximum security inmate (MSI) took out a heavy weapon to shoot her in our front parking lot. Solomon is pretty opposed to using weaponry unnecessarily and has amazing restraint, only using the correct force required for the situation.


On the first Friday since being hired, there was the weekly personnel meeting where he experienced his first promotion from Correctional Trainee to Correctional Officer I. This was a great feeling and pushed his ambition to climb the ranks further
(Spoiler alert: only 3 people in the below image now remain at the DOC; #366 Solomon Cobb, #242 Reina Moraine, and #01 Ren Sanchez)


In his first couple of months working at Bolingbroke Penitentiary Solomon made many friends who came and went, much time socializing at house parties held at the Warden Sanchez's mansion of a house.


Solomon eventually joined the Human Resources department after deeming the Correctional Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T) too violent for his liking. This was an interesting experience for him as he was now on the other side of the table and interviewing a new potential recruit. Overseen once again by #355 Nick McAlister, he began to get the hang of this new role.


Forming relationships at the SADOC was always an easy task for Solomon as he prides himself on being an approachable and friendly person, this includes with the inmates. Through earning the trust and loyalty from those he works with, the long lasting bonds that have been formed in the many months have served him well and given him people to rely on. Eventually he also found love with his colleague #431 Yuki Nakamura, a fellow Human Resources officer (Thought that caused issues since he was technically her superior, but there's nothing a bit of paperwork won't fix so he created the Employee Social/Romantic Relationship Disclosure to set guidelines for officers in relationships).




Eventually through months of hard work, Solomon was promoted into Divisional Command as the 2nd Lieutenant of the Human Resources division.


This leadership role allowed Solomon to take a step back from being directly involved in recruitment and allowed him to watch those he had trained up to his previous position grow and take over.


Solomon and Yuki's relationship was going well and eventually they found out that they were going to be the proud parents to a pair of surprise twins. This initially was a shock to him (which resulted in him passing out at Central MD after hearing there'll be 2).


The happiness was short-lived when an extremely dangerous MSI Lucy Donovan started making threats to the couple which meant they had to go into hiding when off-duty and wear masks around the city. Solomon used his Computer knowledge to set up a thorough CCTV monitoring system for both of their houses on a secure server with the ability to let specific trusted people know when motion detectors were triggered.


Sometimes even over-killing security just isn't enough, a single slip-up from us allowed Yuki to be kidnapped by the MSI Lucy Donovan. She managed to get a single radio call out which Solomon and Reina heard. Reina immediately informed the LSPD, whilst Solomon instantly drove into the city on a one-man mission to find Lucy and do something. Yuki's radio call said "I'm down by the..." and then cut off, followed by Lucy taunting Solomon and Reina on the radio. Solomon interpreted that as "down by the docks" and drove straight there (without informing Reina or PD), where he passed Lucy's car he'd seen at the prison many times previously. It was heading to Central MD, by the time Solomon got there Yuki was on the floor in the process of giving birth. Shortly after, medical help, LSPD, Reina and Ren appeared on the scene...
Solomon saw only red from this incident and immediately darted off to find Lucy and do something he probably would regret later. A loud "
SOLOMON GET BACK HERE OR YOU'RE FIRED" came over the radio from both Ren and Reina. For a split second, he debated his choices, upon realizing he'd be risking his livelihood for a slim chance of vengeance for the torment he chose to return to the scene. Yuki got the medical attention she required and she gave birth to the twins who they affectionately named "Ren" and "Reina" in respect to the Warden and Commander who had helped them significantly. (After passing out of course, Solomon is terrible with blood)


Solomon knew his actions that night were going to be talked about at some point, however he thought it would be a reprimanding as they were extremely out of line. He knows the rules of the SADOC at this point and expected a severe punishment.
Instead he was met with a small meeting where
#04 Commander Reina Moraine explained the story of how she gave birth to her child which was an extremely similar situation with a different MSI. The details of this discussion will forever remain a secret but Solomon left it with a new outlook on how he should deal with and think about situations like the one of Yuki being kidnapped by MSI Lucy Donovan. Reina had always been seen as the aggressive and intimidating command member of the SADOC, but from this point on a bond had formed allowing a new outlook on her with a deeper level of respect and being able to call her a friend.


Things slowly returned back to normal for him, returning to normal duties with the new personal responsibilities of being a father of 2. After starting his own division focusing on Public Relations and Internal Communications, a new goal was in mind: To get into High Command as the Commander of Special Divisions when Reina eventually gets promoted.


The money he'd saved up to this point was pumped into his new business, a classic styled bar him and his business partners #408 Ben Snow and #433 Nathaniel Nakamura had named Peckerwood Lounge. The first of which events was a birthday party for Reina full of SADOC employees. This was a nice contrast to when Solomon had first started work where parties were held by the Warden. With a new style, Solomon was ready to make his rise once again.




The Ex Deputy Warden-turned criminal-turned legal again Herbert Butler had worked his way up to Head of Public Relations of DCC, and Solomon used his previous relationships with the ex-felon to negotiate a deal as the Head of PR himself mutually beneficial to both of them.


The hard work and knowledge Solomon had gained by being in every Special Division was eventually noticed by High Command, which brings us to the current day where he was promoted into High Command and is now known as:

 #04 Solomon Cobb, Commander of Special Divisions



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(Remember, information in these posts is strictly OOC and using the knowledge IC is Metagaming)


This is a patient file pulled from the Correctional Medical Team records from when Solomon Cobb was attacked by 2 maximum security inmates when responding with other officers to a situation in the yard. Sometimes not all cellblock operations go well, but there's always staff on hand that are capable of dealing with severe injuries like this.


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(Remember, information in these posts is strictly OOC and using the knowledge IC is Metagaming)


The Correctional Medical Team Division of the DOC has 2 branches, the medical team and the psychology team. Below is a confidential file of a psychology review of one of our frequent inmates. He does not prove much of a threat when inside the prison but he requested an evaluation himself so he seems aware of his psychological issues and here at Bolingbroke Penitentiary we are committed to giving the best care to the inmates, especially those wanting to help themselves. This confidential file has been lifted from the CMT records with names redacted.


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