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The Blackbird



A mysterious driver who calls him/her-self as the Blackbird has arrived in Los Santos. His debut appearance speeding through the Olympic Freeway at blazing speeds. That speed is not enough though, as fast as the stock car can get him is never fast enough. Never enough for a speed demon like it. His intentions are unclear for now, who he is affiliated with is also unclear. One thing is for certain, he is here in the State of San Andreas and will not let police scare him off easily. So far Blackbird hasn't made any relations with the racers of the city, he only appears on the highway speeding maybe to break his record speed and not long after disappears. He hopes to catch the attention of the racing crews of the city, better parts and a place to share about the unique man and machine bond racers share. For the Blackbird is not only the machine, it is inseparable from the man who controls it as well.

gSZK87q.gif 2sjCudc.gif

The story will continue...

(( This thread will be updated regularly, this is just the introduction ))

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Making Connections

Chapter 1

After his first run using the Blackbird in Los Santos. Blackbird visits Los Santos Customs to install some upgrades into the machine. He first started with the external parts, a new and lighter hood with vents; a carbon roof to reduce weight; side skirts as well as front and rear bumpers. All new to fit the demanding performance he desires. After all that, he swapped the engine out with a new imported one from Japan via his connections abroad as well as a locally manufactured turbo charger that will increase horsepower higher than the stock one. He opted for paddle shifters in his new 7 gear transmission system and last but not least a new stiffer suspension to fit performance needs and not comfort. All that was done under the name of Blackbird to avoid his true identity being spoiled, the mechanic who works there is an acquaintance of him and as such was told to stay quiet about the true identity of the owner.


With the new upgrades Blackbird introduced to the machine, the newfound performance was astonishing. Accomplishing a record speed of 220 km/h inside city roads. Wanting to test out the limits of the Blackbird in a competitive race, Blackbird heads to Bayview to meet Jabar Williams. Jabar was confused at first as to who the Blackbird is and how he knows Jabar's name, suspicious at first - Jabar decided to accept the Blackbirds challenge of a race, in exchange for victory - he would take off his mask. They headed off to the hills just north of Los Santos, decided upon a start and finish aswell as a route. Without hesitation they began the race. Jabar's Jester received quite the good start, blowing off the Blackbird while the wheels spin-out upon start, still not used to the new power. Although the rocky start, mid way through the route the Blackbird overtakes the Jester and stays ahead until the last turn. It looked like the Blackbird was sure to win, however at the very last turn he takes a turn wrong and ends up flying. A deal was a deal, and Blackbird reveals his true identity to Jabar.


Defeat was not a big deal for him, the thrill of the race was what he sought after. Taking a break at the Bank, he overhears a conversation from a room on the 2nd floor. He comes closer and realizes that its the Russian mafia and with familiar faces as well. He knocks on the door and the bunch notices him outside before asking what he wants being there. He soon surprises them by saying their names even though they do not recognize him as the Blackbird. They immediately become on their guard and sensed a trap. He told them that he would introduce himself if let inside and after surprising them by knowing their names they let him in. Inside he tells them that he is the Blackbird and explains what he wants there. Earlier the day, a cop; a mechanic; and a Russian mobster was killed in a gunfight with an unknown party. Also victim to this gunfight, was Jerzy McEden a taxi driver- caught in the crossfire. He explains that he buried the Russian mobster after seeing his body on the street and the crew thanks him. Unfortunately, the crew has no further information they can give to the Blackbird since they did not see this in person. However, thanks were given and they set on their separate ways.


Enjoying his night as usual in the highway testing out the Blackbird's limits, he saw a crashed BF Raptor on the road. There was someone besides it, they start a conversation and its revealed that this other person is part of the Wanted. Perfect - he thought, they start talking about who the Blackbird is and why he is looking for the Wanted. A few days ago, Blackbird acquired the number of a recruiter within the Wanted. When referring to that he was given the number of a Wanted recruiter named Dre, the other person soon asked how he received the number. After explaining how he did, it turns out that the other person was Dre himself. In exchange for being given information, Blackbird removes his mask. After agreeing to talk further about this, they part ways. Not long after this, Blackbird sees the Wanted having a social night at the Yellow Jack Inn. Feeling its not much of his style, he watches from the outside.


While filling up his gas at the Wanted Reup, Blackbird meets with some Rooks and not long after the Russians again. Blackbird agrees to come to Mount Chilliad with the Russians and become a look out. Just before dawn, he enjoys the wonderful view up from the mountains not long before calling it a day and leaving the gear. Returning to his mundane day life after an exciting night run using the Blackbird.


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Dead Men Don't Talk

Chapter 2

Following as day turns to night Blackbird heads to his car to suit up. He changes into his proper gear and drives away. Not long after, he sees Cozo Green, a low life who once was found snooping around a property by a member of the Wanted and was promptly held up. He was given a warning to not snoop around and was let go with all his belongings intact, only condition was to not call the cops. Of course not long after he brought the heat and 5-0 appeared. The people in question hide inside the apartment hoping to fool the police. Luckily, they weren't caught with AK's in their bags and resumed activities after they were sure the police was gone. Blackbird follows Cozo around unknown to Mr. Greens himself and finds him refueling at the Wanted Reup. Blackbird lures Mr. Green to chat at the Chumash Plaza and he falls for the bait.


At the Plaza, they talk about Mr. Greens and how the Blackbird knows him. He explains to Mr. Greens that he knows him from an acquaintance who Mr. Green called the cops on. Cozo brushes it off and thinks nothing about it. Blackbird lures Cozo even more by saying that he has access to heavy weaponry inside a "warehouse" storage facility that he owns. Cozo was at first skeptical about this as he barely knows who Blackbird is, but even though he asked around confirming his suspicion he still fell for the bait. They soon head out to this supposed "warehouse."


After a quick detour on the highway following a crash, they resume their trip using the Blackbird and leave Mr. Green's Prairie behind. Not long after without the Prairie slowing them down they arrive at the supposed "warehouse," its simply a workshop that has been abandoned and rarely used by people. Even though it was clearly not a warehouse, Mr. Green followed along to the second floor. Not wasting any time, as soon as they arrive to the office space above Blackbird pulls out his USP and aims at Mr. Green; "On the ground Mr. Green" quickly echoed after arming himself. Mr. Green complies and gets down on the ground raising his hands.


Blackbird explained his actions because he isn't one known to be holding people at gunpoint, this is even the first time Blackbird has done it to someone with ill intent. Blackbird tells Mr. Green that he is doing his actions because Cozo ratted on the Wanted member and potentially tried to get him arrested. Blackbird considers this payback for what hes done and kicks Cozo in the face. Cozo falls on the ground following the blow delivered, Blackbird stomps on him before flipping him over and immobilizing him. Blackbird begins searching him and finds a lump of loose cash, he doesn't hesitate to take it and burn it to ashes in front of Cozo. Blackbird takes Cozo's 50. Caliber Pistol and stores it in his jacket pocket. He then kicks Cozo again to knock him unconscious and drives away from the workshop.


Laying low in a multistory parking lot, Blackbird reviews the weapon he received. He feels a sense of guilt from what he had done. Although he considered Cozo to be scum, he did not think what he done was entirely right. He was looking at the 50. Caliber and while looking at the serials he thought to himself, "this is probably someone else's, someone out there got their weapon stolen from." He drops the gun on the ground and steps on it with all his strength, he then kicks it off the building and down to the street shattering it on impact. He breathes a sigh of relief and sits down on the rooftop admiring the view, he lays low for a few hours before leaving the building.





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