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Construction, and construction sites

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Over the last few months, I've seen a couple people suggest the introduction of a new legal faction for construction workers. One common idea between the multiple times it's been suggested has been letting people change the interior of their house. While I personally like this idea, I'm gonna go the opposite direction and instead suggest building OUTSIDE. 

(Disclaimer: I don't know much about how the server runs/would run when it comes to map mods, but considering it tends to do fine with the rise in people building outside with individual pieces, I think it'd do fine. I don't know near enough about the mechanics of the game/modding it to know if any of this would really work, I'm just kinda spitballing here.)

Similar to how weazel has a team that works together to create content in the form of videos and news articles, the construction workers could potentially decide where new projects could begin, and where (if need be) some could be demolished. Contracts could be government issued or paid for by individual citizens, this could lead to the need for someone to apply to obtain a building permit in a certain area, potentially leading to someone being denied if they have a bad record with the law, thus creating the need for fronts and the RP that comes with that. It could also lead to either RP between city officials determining whether or not building there passes regulations (could follow a modified version of the current rules for players building on their property), or as simple as a discussion between admins about what areas can be developed or not.

In between these major developments of buildings, players could pay for renovations to be done to their houses, creating a somewhat consistent salary flow, providing a use and need that's at least somewhat similar to mechanics/weazel.


As an alternative to building in random places, there's a number of construction sites all throughout the map, but to keep it simple, I'm going to use Mirror Park and Paleto Bay as my examples.
To start, lets look at a decently popular place in the server, Mirror Park. In this small section of the city alone, there's at least 2 empty lots situated between other, regular houses.



I don't know whether or not it's possible engine-wise to just copy and paste a building to these spots, but I also doubt finding a modded model of a house to put here would be difficult.
Next let's look at the under construction cul-de-sac.


Like I said above, clearing out the already in-construction stuff might be a problem, or it might not be. But I think it's safe to say that a lot of people want to live in MP, and a good number of people want to live in a cul-de-sac.


Next, let's look north. With the recent addition of the sheriffs department as well as a number of commodities, it's clear that growth of Paleto Bay is being pushed, and I'm personally all for it. I love the concept of RP centered around there (as well as other the other small towns), and I think it can be helped with further development. Take this area for example:


Either new homes or a shopping center, or hell maybe even that Paleto parking lot that's also been getting suggested a lot. 

This is nowhere near fully thought out, but after seeing other people want construction in some way, I thought I'd try looking at it from a different angle. Thoughts?

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I think that there is no need to have an official faction for this, if the dev team would choose to put in houses (also have no idea if they can, but most likely can) then they would just do it and there would be no need for people to "work" to get them set up.

For the renovating/building part, you can start a construction business, have something built on your property, have the interior changed. Again, no need for an actual official faction, and i think since we dont really have people advertising such jobs at the moment, there is no real need for such an official faction.

Not everything has to come from the devs, a big part of your suggestion, can come from people willing to take this on.

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