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Make the area bigger when searching bags/animal corpses etc

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Hey, so I've noticed when trying to search a bag or animal corpse unless you're right ontop of it you won't be allowed to. You have to walk around pressing 'i' until you hit the sweet spot. 


My Suggestion would be to increase the area of this "hitbox" (not sure what the proper term is) by a few inches so we're able to search by standing next to them and not directly on top.

realistically i should be able to search the bag from here but i cannot


Thank you for reading 🙂

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Would also have some downsides, if you’ve ever tried mining with a truck then you would know that putting your bag 3 meters away from the trailer so that you can properly open the right inventories is quite strange. Now if they we’re to change the trigger area to lets say another 1.5 meter from how it is now then you would be looking at putting your bag 5 meters away from the truck now.

Also if you’re paranoid like me then you would be having your heart race every time someone passes by you and your bag is far away.

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@kenichis same or when I have to do the trick of dropping all my ore on the ground before I can unlock and put it in my truck whilst hoping no one comes to rob haha because I am paranoid like you XD

I also would want to specific that I am +1 for this ONLY if it applies to hunting animals. I know that pain of having to wander all over spamming I till it works. Buuuut I don't want the search radius for everything to be expanded. Already I think we can be too far from a person for example and search them I don't want that expanded even further. But for hunting animals It wouldn't be problematic.

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