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Unit Response Department Prefix

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There's a lot of confusion with emergency unit call signs. We're having to teach our employees about other units in other departments.We need a prefix added in some form to the MDC's unit indicators in both chat and in panel.

  • Response look by @MrSilky
    • [Police Unit] 21-S-2 has responded to call X
    • [Medical Unit] A-1 has responded to call X
    • [Sheriff Unit] 11-R-12 has responded to call X
  • MDC Panel Variations
    • PD: [21-S-2]
    • [MD: A-1]
    • SD: 11-R-12
  • Plates would still show
    • 21S2
    • A1
    • 11R12

Could even be adapted to Mechanics responses with "Shop Name" <Mechanic Name> responded.

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