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The Red Yard Bloodz

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June 2016 was the first spark, it was a hot month for some and the coldest for others, it started with four youth men, the names were Mark, Draymond, Trippe and Jackson...
A small plan became huge, some dreams became nightmares, rules were broken, sacrifices were made, but sadly those sacrifices were FRIENDS...
In the area where they live, there are rules, the most important rule was written in red colour on a huge board "Never leave your brother behind you", by "brother" they mean any of the people who are part of this closed group...
In the third of June 2016, a red car was occupied by four masked people moved to a small store located in a very far location to get some money to achieve a small goal of their goals in having a better life, everything was perfect as the plan said, but suddenly everything went mad, the alert got activated, red lights were seen accompanying the sound of the alarm, the four men reloaded their pistols and without speaking they began to escape in silence, three of them went out of the store but the fourth was held by the shop keeper, he couldn't escape like the others, his pistol was on the ground and he had nothing to do, his mates went to the vehicle to store the money bags into it, when they noted that they are missing the fourth, they heard a siren sound rasing around them, they had nothing to do, either they help their brother and stay with him to be chased later or to run with the money, the seconds went as hours for them, the looks between them were painful and confused at last they decided to run.
The fourth man was held by the shop keeper, he was fighting and calling for help, but his mask made the voice low so his friends couldn't hear and didn't respond, he was fighting to save himself, but his weak body didn't help him to do so, so it was easy for the shop keeper to control him, some minutes later, the police arrived, while they were doing their investigations, he could reach his pistol and do some shoots while standing up, fast a man was down...
Three days later, the news arrived in the group, Jackson was killed by the police while he was trying to rob a store, it was like hearing thunder for Mark, Trippe and Draymond, they felt guilty because they left him there and couldn't even help him, they were the only men in the group who know exactly what happened that night and they were the reason for his death, everything changed after that night, with regard to the three men, the group, the way they make money and everything else, it was like a newborn for them and it was the official born for The Red Yard Bloodz.



The history of this group is not far off, it had been founded in 2016 so it is still growing day by day, but the most important part if we mentioned the history of the group is when and how did it start...
The beginning started with Mark, Trippe and Draymond, after hearing what happened to Jackson, they went to the board of the group where all the brothers are there and announced that they will reach with this group to the light will end the life of poverty and sleep in the high neighbourhoods, they were very angry so they gave a hell of promises that they realized later that it is hard to be done without getting a steady place among the illegal traders, most of the group were skilful in making drugs such as ecstasy and meth, so it was the best way to take and the easier too, they suffered from bad luck and scams so they decided to stop trading with the untrusted traders and it is enough to deal with the old ones and getting back to the traditional way, but they didn't take so long since they took the dangerous way again, one day, Trippe said that he knows a trader who can take a big amount of what they cook in a good price, it was hard for the group to get the ingredients of what they were making, but with some tricks they could prepare the ordered amount, a few weeks later they got another order but in a bigger amount, Trippe looks at Mark's and Draymond's eyes to read them and he found what he was searching for, that's what the group needed, the poor distrect started to collect money and the life started to smile for the first time since a long time ago.
A day by a day and a week by a week they became known for the people and known for the low enforcement departments too, some of the group's men were pushed into the prison, others got killed during the gunfights with the officers that happened during delivering the orders,
On a cold rainy night, everyone was surprised by an attack by the police forces in the neighbourhood
where they lived. None of them was as prepared as the few, a quick gunfight between the two sides ended with the fall of many members of the group at the hands of the police, the colour of the grass became mixed with the blood of the loyal members and since that night they named themselves the red yard bloodz
what they built in a long time started to be removed in a short time, what happened gave Mark and the others an only one solution and the solution is to break one of the rules again which is to get new faces to help, they had to trust new people and to let them live between the group, and a new history started to be written.



A few years ago two rules were broken, the problems rolled over the group, many of them dragged between death and imprisonment and the situation became catastrophic, it was necessary to rebuild many and many things, it was necessary to restore reunion again, some have gone out of prison after three years and fortunately, those, who came out, were required to be between the group at the time of its weakness, the current situation in the group isn't clear, both of the people of the near neighbourhoods and the law enforcement departments are considering them as criminal group or to be clear they consider them as a criminal GANG...
Tyler, Trevor and Cruzio were the top names that got out the prison, the three of them were needed so much since they know well where to sell the drugs at the best price and got heavy contacts that can help whenever the group need for help, their life in the prison and the new people they met gave them other ways to make money and a fast way to get luxury life, that's what happens when you mix with all kinds of criminals day and night, the money became rain over their heads, money has become invaluable to them and has been replaced by their will to gain respect and dominance among people in the city or among other rival gangs, it was Tyler's and Trevor's duty to deal with the other gangs while Mark and Draymond deal with the traders, so finally everything went as the plan said, but not for a long time, more rivals are attacking, more allies are leaving and the traders are untrusted, so unexpected actions have been done in a fast time...
The group started to grow, started to make things organized, the roles have been distributed, they left the luxury life and went back to the poor residential neighbourhoods and o one knows what the days are hiding for them.




The future goals of the RYB changes from time to time, at first they searched for the money then they wanted to gain the respect, after that they found that the number fo the member they own is low so that the recruiting was active, no one knows what they are aiming to get or when, but there are some main goals that they want to achieve and these goals are summed up in the following points:
1- Respect: The respect is so important for the group, you may not deal with them without having proper respect that you present to them, so they are looking to gain the respect and ready to do anything to gain it.
2- Control of the trade: One of the most important goals that they are aiming to achieve is to control whether in the trade of drugs or in the trade of weapons and the second is the most difficult since they rarely traded in weapons and this is why this goal became their priority as it is a quick way to change the standard of living in which you live.
3- Organize the roles: It is necessary to organize the roles in order to keep everything in order, so it is on the goals list.
4- Dominance: In order to get the requested respect, the plan is to impose control over some parts of the city, and the selected parts are the areas and the neighbourhoods around the hood.
5- Having allies: Since the city is full of gangs and the danger is near so it is important to have someone to save your back.



The rules were created before the group being founded or even before naming it with its current name and the system had been set, the rules are the system and the system can't be broken, they were written on a board, and the board was visible for everyone in the group, two or even three rules where broken in the past but that doesn't mean they could be broken once again, the key of this group is to follow the instructions...
The main rule and the most important one is "Never leave your brother behind you"
The second rule on the list was broken some years ago and it is not applicable now, but since we mentioned the system it should be here, it was talking about not letting the others mix up with the group, but since the group lost a high number of men they had to give chances and opportunities to the strangers to be a part of the group.
One of the most important rules is full obedience and the implementation of orders without discussion or argument.
Some other rules are made but it is restricted for the group members.



  • All the members need to follow the server rules without having any problem with doing that.
  • If a member was jailed/warned by a staff member he needs to give his part of the story to the leaders of the group otherwise he is out.
  • All the members or the players who wanna be a part of the group need to know how to roleplay in our theme.
  • The activity is one of the most important requirements that the group searches for, so being inactive without informing the leader will lead the members to be out of the group.






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Interesting, will definitely be keeping an eye on this. You guys are gonna have The Rebels as neighbors and they rock black and red. Hopefully you guys get along!. Best of luck!. 👍

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5 hours ago, James_McNulty said:

Interesting, will definitely be keeping an eye on this. You guys are gonna have The Rebels as neighbors and they rock black and red. Hopefully you guys get along!. Best of luck!. 👍

Hopefully they dont get along, we need gangs and factions that have some beefs.

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3 hours ago, trillloc said:

i think its the time to bring crips back


Sadly it seems the Bloods have encountered some issues and are not going to be continuing. It seems if the Crips came about now they would have no Blood rivals to fight anymore. I know it's hard to get a faction off the ground and recruit/expand and stay out of trouble, wish this could have continued and expanded!.

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