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Bus Routes

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Instead of bus drivers doing a random routes, they could do a popular route, for example, a clockwise/anti route between PD, MD, Bank, Tequila, Mors, PD... This could encourage other people to get the bus instead of a taxi or citybee. They could be charged $5 Per ride, or $20 for multiple rides per day. There could be designated stops, and commands to check the bus info, and when the next one will come.

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I began making a map of all the routes, such that I could present to the ADMINS and DEV TEAM so they could implement physical bus stops at ALL stations, but I never got around to finishing it.

I feel that if all this was implemented they'd have to add managers and applications to the bus driver profession, which would take it out of the base jobs range.

This would mean they'd (DEV TEAM) have to find an alternative to the bus driver job as a starter jobs for ((New players)).


Big +1 tho. I used to be a bus driver for ages before I got a job at the DCC.



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