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Phone number for HE and LE

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This is a really quick and simple suggestion:

What i think would be good is to add a phone number to your car when you put it up for sale at HE or LE. For example if someone wanted to buy your car, but negotiate the price they could see your number by getting in to the car, this would be shown next to where it says the car model and etc.

I think this is a really simple suggestion, let me know what you think by +1 or -1. (I hope i explained this well enough)

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I'd love to even get a list of information without having to go there.

  1. Call a Phone Number
  2. say "HE"
  3. hang up.
  4. You receive a text (or wall of information like /fveh) that shows
    • #) <Vehicle Name> $123456 | B-4/4 E-4/5 S-1/5 G-4/4 T-2/2 | <Contact Number>
    • 1) Blista Compact $10000 | B-2/4 E-3/5 S-1/5 G-2/4 T-0/2 | 4875462
    • 2) Dominator $58000 | B-3/4 E-4/5 S-3/5 G-3/4 T-1/2 | 4531278

Maybe this information can also/instead be added to the http://panel.eclipse-rp.net/

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