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that is called armed robbery. you can perform it but there are restrictions. 

The first thing in robbery is to give the victim orders while aiming a gun at them. this gives you the advantage of having control over the situation as you have the person's life in your hands and you can kill them. But killing them requires a valid reason, and the most common one is disobeying the orders. say you approach me with a gun aimed at me and tell me to get out of my car and put my hands up, if i start driving away then you are allowed to shoot me.

you can't just kill people because that's not something you usually do in real life and it's death matching. you rob them and if they do anything that is against your orders then you are allowed to kill the person.

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If you wish to steal someones possessions then perform an armed robbering. Provide the player with demands such as "Get out of the car, get on your knees with your hands above your head". If they dont comply then give them around 10 seconds before KOSing them. Once they are on their knees use /frisk id to check their inventory, take their items and RPly take their keys using /me and /do. 

Make sure to RP the /frisk and allow them the chance to respond to your RP with a /do success?. 

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