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Call, Backup, Alarm Tracker

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This applies more to MD/PD and some other faction jobs where you have a call log to keep track of. 

It would be nice to have something that we could track what call we're on dependant on what it is (911 call, backup, alarm etc.)
Sometimes so much happens, it's hard to track.


Ignore my amazing paint skills, but something like this?

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8 minutes ago, Stanical said:

For me, it’s a bit confusing and i may not notice some calls when I’m driving or doing something, maybe they could link it to our phone or make a notification sound like Text Messages 

I believe there is a sound; at least for PD? I hope I'm not imagining things...

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Would love to see the last responded or initiated call numbers on the hud (especially instead of the radio number as I think radio numbers should be tied to the radio item, or something, different subject). I also like the sound indicator idea. There are PD single player mods that have some great ideas that would be really cool to impliment. Even a separate Emergency services chat line separate from regular chat or tracker would be good when on duty sorted by oldest first.


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