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Scammed by Jay Cartier, John Wu or Victor Silva?

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So i've been aware of this guy who goes under 3 different names goes around asking multiple people for loans and investments in him to triple people money. So therefor 
i've decided to make a discussion thread to all those who have been tricked into this guys scam number and speak out loud about it here.

The last attempts i've heard about is him running around the city, mostly inside the bank and gambling money via /dice. If he wins he will take your money, but if he loses he will just run if
possible and try to get away with a scam attempt. 

If you have been targeted by this person you will notice that if you confront him with his scams he will try to make him self look like the target and make you look like the bad guy.

Tell us about your scenario with this guy, i'm sure the community would like to hear and discuss this.

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Had John Wu run away from a 500k dice loss at the bank yesterday actually, fairly sure he would have gotten away with it as well. Just pure luck that an available administrator logged in to handle the report.

I know Jay Cartier has been doing similar shady shit, didn't know Wu was his alt at the time. 
Previously called John Wu afaik, ck'ed and renamed to Victor Silva.

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Its not really clear if running away from a dice game is or isnt scamming. I personally have never done it,besides 1 time yesterday to proof a point, and ive played alot of dice games.

Always diced fair,

Always paid my loans.

If you accusing me of breaking rules you should make a report.

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