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  1. Im just saying, when we looked, we did not see you. you even say in /b and in your footage edit that '' i knew'' '' i waited'' stuff like that, making it look like your baiting
  2. We did return to the area, after looking around for 2 minutes to see if you guys were gone. we did not see the killers there, we waited to see if you were going to come back picklock it, but didnt. Clearly you were waiting hidden somewhere to bait us. the rule says if the killers isnt there you may return, we did infact wait good time to see if you guys wanted to picklock it or not, and you guys didnt, the store was right next to my bike. i would apologise if you actually doing something in the area, but you were clearly baiting us. you even write '' i knew you guys would break nlr'' You even say it yourself, knowing they break nlr more times, i went there. but you misspelled ''i hid and waited''
  3. Titan95

    ID 97

    Still damaging my property. period
  4. Exactly, i may attack an officer to help my friend, i attacked attempting to help/break out my friends, but did not work.
  5. The rule says '' reason to attack: if someone is being arrested by police'' meaning i had a valid reason to attack him, even if i was not attempting to break him out. since they are friends i was allowed to shoot the cop, attempt or not, but in my case the attempt was made, but did not work, since cop thought OOC'ly i dm'ed him.
  6. As i stated on the original report, the reason why it did not work was due to lack of communication between me and the cop, he thought the reason i shot was due to him saying ''leave area'' and having a ''bad'' character, you can see in his footage him talking in /f. therefor it did not work, but the attempt to break my friends out was still made, even tho it didnt work out. it does not say anywhere that the attempt must be successfull to avoid getting punished ?? this just doesnt seem right to me for attempting, and failing i get a 1 week ban, i spend a lot of time in this server and enjoy it more then any other games, i feel like i was punished harshly. Thank you again Grape for the explanation, hopefully this can be sorted out, and the rule can be worked on, since failing to break a friend out Ic'ly punishes you OOC'ly, does not seem right to me. the attempt was made by me, to distract the cops, but because the cops did not react(OOC REASON), and IC'ly we were not able to break them out, I GET PUNISHED. please look at this from a different perspective, does it look right ? you say there was no actual attempt, but that was the first actual attempt to break them out.
  7. I dont think your reading or understanding what im writing, all of the above that was written was through your videos POV 🤭
  8. This man, does not know the rules, does not understand the difference between IC insult and OOC
  9. If you want to play this '' windows are up game'' i can give it to you. When my friend first yells hands up, the door is opened by me, meaning you would have no problems hearing my friend, meaning you had plenty of time to react and you also heard us loud and clear as you show us in your footage. that set apart, i come out the car, and yell hands up twice, you reaction was pull gun out jump and roll. Now you will keep talking about time and windows. but you know infact that you had time and rp but you refused it by fearing rp and insulting OOC. both on my FOV and yours, it can be seen you breaking fearp rule, since you heared us as the door was open when me getting out. I suggest you re-read the rules, and maybe admin force you to retake the quiz, because you clearly dont know the difference between IC and OOC insult, you PM'ed me saying i insulted you too, that i broke same ooc insult rule, when clearly i insulted you IC'ly. pics will be posted under
  10. Titan95

    ID 97

    I dont think you know what Damaging means do you ? https://gyazo.com/2f811d6af6075b9359f83a6d289cff16
  11. Titan95

    ID 97

    no matter how many facts i throw at you, you dodge them, are you even involved in this ? i know u got ooc hate towards me from the report i made on your friend, but come on, dont go this far go back on archive theres a full library of this exact situation. and out of all of them, you choose to target me. Picklocking is damaging my property.
  12. Titan95

    ID 97

    Just going to post this again, before i get banned out of nowhere and have to appeal it. You are seen picklocking my car, which is damaging my property realistically and Rp'ly, therefor giving me a valid reason to attack you. Your literally stealing my bike, damaging it. if you were standing next to it, that would be a different story, or if i did not see you picklock it. 7.2.2 Examples of valid reasons to attack another player: • If they attempt to harm, hurt you or damage your property (or if they attempt to do the same to your friends or allies), this also includes an attempt by the police to arrest someone;
  13. I had also asked a moderator ingame, he also said if its within reason, he does not see why, and the reasons were simple and clear and valid according to the rule book.
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