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The Warriors W.I.P

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The Warriors Backstory:


The Warriors was founded in the early 60s. by a couple of guys from Coney Island ((Del Perro Pier))
The first war-chief was called: Cleon. and Swan (his second in command) formed the first group of The Warriors.

The first group was small, and had only a few members:

These ware the first 10 members formed in Coney Island and ware expert fighters in hand to hand combat. but They soon took over the entire pier and started running protection rackets from the fairy and food stands at the pier. Those rackets are still being run today.
When the gang expended, We got invited to a meeting:

After the survivors made it back home, They started to rebuild they gang. The New War-Chief Swan, and his second in command: Clay, Fought a small gang war with the Baseball Furies:

To bad it could not last long, As the cops arrested almost all the members, Only Clay remained, and its up to him to rebuild the warriors once again:



Current situation.
After the arrest of most of the members. The warriors are trying to recruit and rebuild. They are very protective of their turf and will hurt any gang trespassing in their turf. The gang wants to remain small. The gang is not one that likes to use guns! We like it the old ways. One football field. gang vs gang, Only Knives, Bats, Fists or anything you can find. But no guns!

Fighting style:
Our main style is hand to hand combat. We train on this on a daily basis, We try to avoid using fire arms unless we absolutely have too:



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