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Remove certain commands/notifications while your phone is off

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The whole idea of the script as far as I know, you get a notification on your phone from your security app/system that your vehicle or property is being broken in to. If you choose to have your phone off you should lose that perk.

How it currently works: If you phone is on or off, you get notifications if your things are being broken in to.

How it should work: If your phone is off, you don't get any notifications about things being broken in to.

Reason: You have no method of getting notifications if your phone is off, therefore, it makes sense you wouldn't get any.

This should also include the following features (Title changed as well)

  • Weazel ads showing
  • /showvehicles
  • /newsagency
  • /mechanic
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On 7/9/2022 at 5:47 PM, Jett_J said:

Aren't some of these commands dependent on having a GPS? Like /showvehicles only works when you have a GPS

Yeah but it won't work if the phone is off even if you have a gps.

and these annoying powerball notifications that I wish had different sound than vehicle break-ins


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