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The Monroes story begins with Narcos. Narcos was one of the biggest gangs in Los Santos.  Weazel News even made a documentary about Narcos and their leader, Samo. Soon after Narcos split will call apart the leaders and elites created the Monroes. They learned that the real money is in the heavy gun sales, high class robberies, and extortion. They learned petty crimes are hard for such a small reward. They don’t believe in bloodshed for no reason. They believe that business is power and money brings power. The Monroes are a small but well experienced members. They don’t need numbers to win wars, they use money,businesses, extortion, and most importantly their experience to win. The members are wealthy living in mansions, driving high end cars, wearing nice and professional clothes.

The Monroes are taking what the success they learned from Narcos and building on top of that to make an empire. They are tired of doing petty and unorganised crimes. They are still parties at heart though. Narcos had some of the largest parties ever seen in the city. The Monroes plan to keep this spirit and tradition into there bigger and lucrative business ventures.



Currently the Monroes are looking for new business partners to further control the city. They use businesses to affect not only government officials personally, but to control other criminal organisations too. They are also looking to add a few well experienced and high class individuals to the family. Though they remain small we pack a powerful punch, and we can disrupt everything. Due to the lack of ability to import heavy weapon and tools, they have been buying and selling personal caches. They always find a way to get what their clients need.




Power, we want absolute power over Los Santos. All of our future plans rely on power. 

There's a saying mo money mo power. We believe that's true, we want even more money and more power. We want to own all of the businesses so we can control pricing, and mobility in the town. If you’re stuck paying $100 per gallon you won’t be driving for very long.




Gain control through any means of 50% of the civilian owned businesses.

Be the biggest importer of illegal and heavy weapons.

Extortion in the areas necessary

Control the real estate and car markets




The boss, is head of the organisation, the boss is a director and has the power to order anything. The Boss makes all the important decisions, much like a CEO of a company would. Although each mob boss may run his outfit in a different way, they have one thing in common: they are greatly respected and widely feared by their subordinates. All of the men in his outfit pay him a tribute and universally feared.


The consigliere, or chief advisor, is the Boss' right-hand man. He plays one of the most important roles in a crime family. He is the close trusted friend and confidant of the family boss for strategic information and sound advice. The consigliere is meant to offer unbiased information based on what he sees as best for the family. He’s not supposed to factor emotional concerns, such as retaliation and blood feuds, into his decisions. Unlike the underboss the consigliere is not required to be a direct relative of the boss. Instead, he is chosen solely for his abilities and the amount of knowledge he possesses. Generally, only the boss and underboss have more authority than the consigliere in an organized crime family.


The underboss, is second-in-command in the hierarchy of the Outfit. His level of authority varies from zip code to zip code, but he is ready to stand in for the boss at any given moment. A family may have six underbosses.


The captain of a crew. He heads a large crew of soldiers and can order them to do anything, such as murder, assault, bombing, witness intimidation, bribery, picking up cash, making deliveries and other criminal and organized crime activities. The captains report directly to a boss or underboss or overboss, who hands down the instructions. He ranks much higher in the hierarchy of the highest Mafia. He is also in charge of handling most money.


The lowest-ranking members of the hierarchy, the grunts of the organization who do the majority of the work, making deliveries, picking up cash, committing murder, assault, battery, witness intimidation, killing jurors, bribing Law Enforcement, Politicians, Government Officials, and Federal Agents, and generally sticking out their neck in the hope of making a name for themselves by demonstrating their loyalty to the organization, and protecting the organization at all costs.


Associates are not directly in the family. They consist of petrol station owners, gun store owners, and wealthy individuals. They help us control the town through means of goods and necessities. They are also people wanting to seek power and be free to do what they wish legal or illegal.







Follow and respect the hierarchy.

No unnecessary bloodshed.

No petty robberies or activities unless directed.

Be Professional- Members are to be professional in all aspects. Not just in the way that they look but also in

the way they carry themselves.

Loyalty to the family - Family comes first no matter what, radio on ready if family needs help.


We will not be disrespected. If one of the family members is disrespected we all are.

War is a last resort for us, it costs money and time. Useless bloodshed will not be tolerated.

We are businessmen and women first, we make deals and negotiate.

We supply to gangs, organizations, and the very wealthy.

We are very classy and well organized family.




We have a very specific uniform that must be worn at all times. Male members must wear a black suit with a red tie, black shoes and black skull masks. Female members must wear a black pants suit, accompanied by black heels with red undersoles.





You must stick to all EclipseRP rules at all times or you will be removed without question.

Everyone must use Discord to stay informed and receive the latest announcements.

Knowing how to properly RP is a requirement to be in the family. Our goal is to bring quality RP to the criminal world through different means. This doesn’t mean you have to be the best RPer but having a good understanding is necessary.

We want a win-win environment in our family. This means working towards compromises that are a win for everyone.

We don’t tolerate bullying. This doesn’t mean that you can be thin skinned. You will need to  be able to take a joke or two.

Most importantly we want everyone to have fun, and enjoy their time interacting and being a Monroe

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7 hours ago, PELEDA19 said:

couldn't copy bratva more?

Bratva was a extortion organisation? I just knew they were very low end street dealers as far as I was aware and we havn't seen any of them in over a week in the city doing anything.

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12 minutes ago, HaminLord said:

Tbh this looks great, a group of rich and powerful business owners working behind the scenes as criminal masterminds just sounds amazing. But ICly u dont put too much of a show, looks great but would advise you to do more actions ICly.

Good luck with this and see you on the streets.


We are in the city in a group for over 15 hours a day for the past week 😄 doing tons of jobs, meetings with business owners PD meetings, and more. Some of the time we are even the only ones about doing work if you're not a business owner you wouldn't necessarily see it as much.

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16 minutes ago, punched said:

Either this is a dead faction and this thread needs to be archived or they merged into Narcos. Either way, I have not seen any cars or people matching these descriptions in the server recently

Monroes still hang around, get into altercations with narcos and you will see them a bit more. As per samo, im not sure the purpose of leading Monroes and Narcos, as he associates primarily with narcos. And Monroes being business, I dont see him much with them.

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@samo what do you consider low class? I  would think that im atleast middle almost high class with around 900k assets. Ive got into many altercations with narcos and still never saw a single monroe interfere... A week ago I saw samo and meg around the city quite alot, along with others wearing the monroe outfit but I have only seen a monroe once in the past week rather than 3+ times a day last week. Last I saw samo he was wearing all red as per the narcos outfit. So if the leaders arent wearing their own highclass gang outfit what does that tell me and everyone else about your gang?

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