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  1. Tjml_

    New Police System Ideas

    @Aldari_Tagril @nateX I thought the rule says that cadets/pos can use pistols only? "Cadet + Police Officer I = Taser + Pistol." I've also heard that cops are not allowed to walk around with guns in public? How would you explain this to me? http://prntscr.com/l8pqn8
  2. Tjml_

    Bounty Hunters | "Komondor"

    I’m really devastated that komondors never reached the sunlight of los santos
  3. Tjml_

    Criminals and PD change suggestion

    I would love to disagree with you as well. Are we talking about roleplay server or real life mechanics? As Levi mentioned above, you will not be able to see non senses like: 5 weapons on swats, cops pulling guns out of the bikes, you cant get snipers or other stuff of cops, some other bullshit you would never see IRL. I understand that you're an officer and changes would damage pd's rp extremely. However, abusing system and comparing it to real life just doesn't add up.
  4. Tjml_

    Criminals and PD change suggestion

    +++ shotty always sums up community ideas
  5. Tjml_

    Admin and PD corruption

    I would also love to add the point, that PD should pay for weapons. Prices can be low as fuck, but spawning a rifle out of your car is just fuckin non-rp. Since theres no other way to destroy labs without guns, pd gets to abuse withdrawing guns and destroying everything, when they shouldn't.
  6. Tjml_

    Admin and PD corruption

    They do not even rp turning into other freqs on their radios. What is the idea of the whole rp server then
  7. Tjml_

    Admin and PD corruption

    Forgot to mention stupid metagaming teamspeak bullshit, why is that allowed? Cops don't say anything in game, but they are still in contact with each other. Any criminal gang member would get reports for metagaming, wouldn't we? Maybe we are on gang patrol, chasing others? Is that still not allowed, since we're not officers? Would love to hear an opinion from higher ups.
  8. Tjml_

    Admin and PD corruption

    Oh, i have been waiting so long for this thread. 1. Going to start with admins. There are only few admins that i like and enjoy chatting with, mainly because they're the only ones who respond and lend their time to me. That makes my conclusion very clear - only few admins actually DO their JOB by showing support towards your questions/actions, helping on forum reports, /reports in game. The bad side of admins is just shocking, awful, pathetic as they're only abusing admin powers when they need to, favouring themselves and definitely not involving themselves into any other admin activity (from what i've seen). 2. Following onto pd scene. God, I have been suffering from officers since i joined the server. I have been asking everyone, including owners, why the fuck are cops abusing their powers (example-being jailed for no reason/standing in a crime scene spectating/having a bad look at the officer) awarding you with full time sentence. They do not want to roleplay arrestments whatsoever, "you did something bad, you know it yourself", rp follows onto "I'm cuffing you"; if you been shot down, "I will cpr you", because it definitely (100%) works in every situation, now we will be waiting for phrase "pd to md how copy", you drive for a while and basically you're jailed. I get very triggered when officers specifically ignores my question asked multiple times: if death rp is allowed, to just constantly, repeatedly asking me to follow the roleplay, when i cant roleplay without knowing if im allowed to die. After nonsense happening, I was glad PolarBunk shown up, I thought to myself, there we go, admin is here, he is going to solve the problem. He literally told: "that it is up for officers to decide if i can die", i thought cool. Then again every officer is just ignoring the fact that I want to roleplay as well. After not achieving my goal, which is to get an answer, if i was allowed to die, Polar forcibly asked me to continue rp, without solving any problems. I had to say sorry to innocent medics who were not a part of failrp that was happening. I found one of the situations when this massacre was happening: Although the after scene (me getting jailed) was pretty cool and enjoyable. One of the officers pm'd thanking for rp: http://prntscr.com/l5ltq0. However do not get me wrong, there are officers who i just love to rp with and i can definitely tell that the smoothest of them all is Mr. Hamilton. He, unlike Bacon, wouldn't start shooting at kidnappers without valuing victims life (happened twice from what I've experienced, saw in forums), while Hamilton is trying to save his colleague's life and settle everything down. 3. Officers behaviour on the streets. It is just terrible, whenever i tell officer that he should have approached the situation differently, he would go after me, for inserting my opinion into his head. Following with: "if you don't like what we are doing, if you have any problems with us breaking rules - fill up the report on our site". Hell nah dog, why would someone waste their time on you, if you're not following most simple officer's duty, knowing that you'll delete that report yourself anyways. Oh and guessed what, it is not included in the clip, but after that Marco tried to detain me (I was wanted tho). I have just perfect evidence for his specific rule break: (sorry for background noise, cx in the chat) or the simple video which was already posted: 4. Ah. It was already mentioned, but still. I believe as an admin you have to follow the rules, know them by heart, right? This video can show, that you do not understand rules, neither how to rp? (Hope that's not too harsh, we adore you Marco). Following with other admins/players (who spent a lot of time in this server, still commenting onto reports they have no impact on) negative reactions to the report thread, trying to acquit officer for his actions, basically just staying bias towards them and trust me i hate that the most. To sum up my opinion I'm saying that I enjoy 90% of my time playing here, but there are definitely some places to get better at, and with proofs in this comment or the whole post, I hope every single one of us will try to avoid particular and other misunderstanding mistakes that are shown above in the videos. I would also love to see Spook/Nate trying to silence every rioter in here, because it's our own fault for making server not work the way we expect it to be. 🙂 Tjml_
  9. Tjml_


    Pending @BallinByNature
  10. Tjml_

    Mercia fearrp

    Haha @HiVe_Zoloft funny accusations, i understand why you would accuse us of that. I did cut my voice and in fact we were metagaming. Busted. Especially I love being accused of editing, when it got uploaded straight from nvidias shadowplay (recording app). Don’t forget to check my other videos where I edit and cut my voice out. And now since you’re not included in the report, I will ask you not to post anything anymore. Thanks Thanks man, do you need anything cut?
  11. Tjml_

    Mercia fearrp

    @HiVe_Zoloft There were 5 people of mercia, why would i change it, if this video represent particular gang
  12. Tjml_

    Mercia fearrp

    Player(s) being reported: mask 2338_9403, mask 9821_6543 Date of rule breach:2018-10-09 Time of rule breach:~15UTC Your characters name:Darryl_Lembe Other players involved:Phil_Mcgee Specific rule broken: 7.1 Fear roleplay 7.1.1 Fear roleplay is the concept of roleplaying fear for your character’s life in situations where your safety is in immediate danger when the attacker is in a position to quickly end your life at will. This can come in a form of having a weapon aimed at your character’s head at close range, where reaching for your own weapon would result in you being killed instantly, or where your life is in direct danger and any attempt to resist would result in your immediate death. How did the player break the rule?: Me and Phil were on a beautiful ride, cruising around the city. When we did spot the person, we came up with idea to mug him and possibly get in to his house. Everything was fine, until he refused to get us into the house: he lied under the gunpoint that "Ive shot his keys" when he didnt make any /do commands, which lead to fail rp and informed him OOC'ly, (we suppose it was on purpose, basically just stalling for his gang members to show up), we gave him warnings as well, but we never did get into the house. Our second rule breaker will be santa mask guy, who did not follow the orders under the gunpoint and decided to hop back into his crib. Irl I would be able to get him before he would lock the doors, or force myself into the house without him allowing me to do so. P.S. The guy was gunned down, because his gang members in contender didnt follow my commands. I told them to not fire their guns, otherwise they would see their mate laying down. Evidence of rule breach:
  13. Tjml_

    Jamal_Debose DM

    Hey @Charlie Mangione Not that i agree to being kos'd, it just happen so i just moved on, however the point I'm trying to make here is: "You can't invite the whole city to kill people who you didn't roleplay with". There are ~170 people around evenings, what if there will be another guy wearing the same outfit, or what if i've swapped clothes with someone without them knowing about this whole situation and in a meantime he just gets killed? The action JamalBratan chose is not acceptable, i would consider it non-rp, since he didn't know that it was me. Thanks to responding to this thread