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La Familia

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La Familia was created by Thyrone Johnson, June 26th 1988.

La Familia is a violent street gang in Los Santos.







La Familia was founded back in June 1988 on the streets of Los Santos. The gang was formed by three young men to protect themselves from other gangs.

The name, "La Familia" came into place because the owner of the gang didn’t have much of a family growing up, he had to fend for himself. So he decided to create a true family.

La Familia consists of people who were rejected from the normal society. For example people who are very violent.

The heads, also called the ‘Higher Ups’ have the authority to recruit and violate members when brought forth on charges to the heads (Board of Founders).

The Board of Founders always have the last word until the boss is informed. The boss has the ultimate authority when handing down sanctions and taking action against members.

Gang Color: White Top and black bottoms.

Criminal Activity: Murder, drug sales, weapon trafficking, assault.

Propensity for Violence: Members of La Familia are known for their involvement in murder, assaults and firearm possession.

We are often involved in retaliatory attacks against the LSPD and rival gang members.

Finances: The main source of income for La Familia are the profits we make from selling our weapons and narcotics.

Leadership: La Familia is governed by a Board of Founders(3), a Boss, and two Lieutenants.

Identification: Members of La Familia can usually be identified by the color of white which they usually display in their clothing.

- La Familia is a Street gang that operate within the middle-class areas of the city, especially in the Del Perro area.

- La Familia started as a small group of friends who wanted to create something bigger and better than what was already on the streets of Los Santos.

- Thyrone had a goal, and it was to create a loyal street gang where everyone was like one big family, he felt like that is the best way to operate, and make the best soldiers on the streets.

- La Familia has slowly worked there way up the ladder and is now seen as one of the biggest and well operated gangs on the streets of Los Santos.

- La Familia specialises in Weapon traffic, mugging, blackmailing, and drug making. They are often seen driving around in white vehicles and white clothes.

- La Familia has always been very proud of who they are, and what they stand for, they are not afraid to engage in any war.

- La Familia are willing to do everything for each other, including Murder, kidnapping, mugging, rescuing ect





Our plans for the future is to be operating some middle-class areas in Los Santos.

We want to be the leading weapon importer of the city, since we already have a big expertise in the trafficing business.

Building up great alliances with other well operated factions, who shares the same priorities as us on the streets.

We want to control one or some of the drug labs, and chopshops by charging taxes.

We want to make everyone feel comfortable with each other within the gang.


La Familia has a ranking system, but we still consider everyone even.
Everyone does the same things and everyone gets to vote when we will take big decisions.
We feel like everyone diserves the same amount of respect regardless of their rank.



La Familia has a dresscode for different ranks within the gang.

La Familia wear white tops with black pants.

Each rank has their own top that they should wear



Picture of the soldier dresscode

(( This dresscode might change over time ))




La Familia’s rule are the most important thing in the gang, if you break the rules it will result in temporary suspension or kick from La Familia..

(1 - Loyalty = Always be loyal to the other members even if they’re new, and even
if you have something against them personally, that must not effect on your working as a team, as a family!

(2 - Radio = Always carry radio on you, always you must be in contact with the other members,
and you must be on the same frequency with you gangmates.

(3 - Dress code = Dress code is a must, you must always wear the shirt that is assigned to your rank.

(4 - Respect = Always respect everyone, we consider our members a family and we’re always
helping each other.

(5 - Respect Our Allies = As a gang we might have allies, so you must respect them.



Everyone can join La Familia, as long as they are loyal.

You can join La Familia by approaching us on the street and request a interview with a high ranked member.

You will be interviewed by a high ranked member who will tell you about La Familia, and how we opperate.



((Below you will see some rp pictures))






La Familia socialising with allies



La Familia at a meeting with high ranked members from other factions



La Familia controlling a drug lab 



La Familia having a friendly poker game with allies



La Familia just finished a meeting regarding future plans 



La Familia at meeting with high ranked members from other factions #2



La Familia at a gang party with allies



La Familia making sure their alliances are stronger than ever



La Familia chilling at Tequila-La-La after a long day of work.



La Familia taking a rival gang member hostage




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Good work on faction thread! i just have some questions. What is unique about La Familia, because in description is basic criminal things. Also what gang La Familia represent, it sounds and i think it is spanish, but i met you a lot ICLy and you are most afro americans. Thank you and good luck!

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3 hours ago, Said Khan said:

Good work on faction thread! i just have some questions. What is unique about La Familia, because in description is basic criminal things. Also what gang La Familia represent, it sounds and i think it is spanish, but i met you a lot ICLy and you are most afro americans. Thank you and good luck!

La Familia represent the ones who was rejected from the normal society, and the ones who never really had a family that took care of them. La Familia does not represent any race.

the name "La Familia" is spanish, and means (The Family) It was picked up by Thyrone in his young years where he lived in a spanish neighbourhood.

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