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Markers on Houses for Sale

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Finding a house for sale is a nightmare, most sellers dont post on the Real Estate forum which means that people looking for houses have to drive up to each door to see if it has a price tag on it. I think everyone would benefit from having some sort of marker which shows players that a house is for sale.

This could work by having a real estate building where players can go in and click on "display markers" (like for planting drugs) which shows either icons on the map of houses for sale, or even puts a marker in front of the doors (like for couriers when they are delivering parcels) as players should be able to see this without driving right up to the door. The markers could last around 10mins before they disappear.

Also this give more RP to buying/selling houses as players could pick up leaflets or notes about the house that the seller has written, kind of like a history to the house and its features.

Edit: add houses for sale in the newspaper? people could pay Weasel News to advertise their house

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