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  1. Hey the name is Lenny. I am looking to settle down in the Sandy Shores or Grapeseed area. Looking for a 1 or 2 car garage home/trailer. Give me a shout at 3063974.
  2. Redharry


    More like the people hijacking them and crashing them on purpose.
  3. Redharry

    WTB Cheap Vehicle

    Don’t know if you tried yet but you can go to the dealership websites and order a specific car.
  4. Redharry

    Goodbye Bayview

    Not my Buffalo Buddy \0/
  5. Redharry

    [BUYING] House up to 240,000

    Sorry sold as soon as i put the sign up/
  6. Redharry

    Cheap Mansion in Richman For Sale!

    Did you take the house off the market or finally sold?
  7. Redharry

    Street Racing

    With the latest wave of PD and MD applications expect more officers around
  8. Redharry

    Make crouch a toggle

    You know you can crouch with "C"?
  9. Redharry

    A final goodbye to all of Bayview

    Right in my feels. Be the wizard you were always meant to be friendo.
  10. Redharry

    Adding a bit of detail to the game

    +1 to everything. People probably down voting number 2 because it would take away some business from criminals if they allowed those types of weapons. But they could try and say like some states and say you can buy whatever just no full auto.
  11. Redharry

    Clear list of working car mods.

    turbos from what I am hearing are not giving what they should. And as for paints every mechanic should know only the custom colors work all others will stick for a bit but then disappear for everyone around you
  12. Redharry

    Cars for credits.

    F6 in game
  13. Redharry

    [Buying] Any House sub 100K

    I have a house in Paleto Bay for sale. 2 car 75k you can drive around to find it or text me at 4786067.
  14. Redharry

    Add some new houses to buy.

    Or an idea for when they can implement this kind of thing, apartments that you pay rent on and when you move out, don’t use it, or fall behind in rent, they open up again
  15. Redharry

    Add some new houses to buy.

    +1 maybe start putting some trailers in sandy shores up for sale as cheap housing since paleto has homes already benign bought and sold or maybe shorten the time for inactive people’s property to come into the market?