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  1. They all would get towed anyway. the bike people are just abusing the system that mechanics cant tow bikes without the flat bed. And I wana bet most of the vehicles that are left there dont have 24 hour tickets to be parked there so no one steals them.
  2. This^ all of this^. As a civilian we are stuck working our time away, drinking in a bar, or hosting random parties as our only available activities outside of working. We drive around and are pretty much pinatas waiting to be broken by criminals for our hard earned food and loot which they have almost no use for. Civilians need actual activities to do like golfing, darts, pool.
  3. Give Civilians some stuff to do besides work our whole day away and wait to be robbed!
  4. Ok that is your problem it’s not the right thing. Unless the mechanic job was fixed in my absence that is the broken form. There are three mech offers to send and number 1 is the engine. We were not supposed to use it because it is broken
  5. Date and time (provide timezone): 5:29 am Central. 10-3-2018 Character name: Harry Johnstone Issue/bug you are reporting: Talking with a customer who had a primo custom and he pointed out that the hydraulics are not included in the components tab of the modview. So any new ones bought cannot be modded to have the hydraulics. Since stock lowriders do not come with hydraulics installed. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: picture of the modview attached
  6. +1 since most of not every house for sale irl has signs or some sort of indication that the house is for sale
  7. Oh god no Harvey. You will be missed Scarfey T_T
  8. Hey the name is Lenny. I am looking to settle down in the Sandy Shores or Grapeseed area. Looking for a 1 or 2 car garage home/trailer. Give me a shout at 3063974.
  9. More like the people hijacking them and crashing them on purpose.
  10. Don’t know if you tried yet but you can go to the dealership websites and order a specific car.
  11. Sorry sold as soon as i put the sign up/
  12. Did you take the house off the market or finally sold?
  13. With the latest wave of PD and MD applications expect more officers around
  14. Right in my feels. Be the wizard you were always meant to be friendo.
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