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  1. no pay get towed? Despawning by admin is not counted as towing. My God you're giving me a seizure. Don't bother quoting me if you ain't reading.
  2. Buying Maxed Hakochou Drag Contact me #2059028
  3. hmmm the topic here is to get free retrieval car if gets despawn, not to stop the despawning at NCZ locations. My God kids.
  4. How I wish the parking lot is beside central bank... Like I said i'm not against on despawning vehicles at NCZ. paying insurance for super cars is just 💔 ahaha
  5. Yeah but my point is. Despawning vehicles at NCZ locations is fine because the cars are stacking up. I feel you guys, but getting fined by admins at mors insurance just because of despawn is Non-RP. Towing vehicles by the power of admins is just laziness non-Rp behavior and in fact this job is not for admin that's why we have "FACTIONS". Want to know why I'm suggesting this? Because I experienced awhile ago, I forgot the admin name he gave a notify for 5minutes to remove the cars but when I arrived at the bank before 5minutes my vehicle is already despawned. One more the vehicles at sandy shore medical they just despawn all vehicles w/o notify. Anyway I don't want to argue anymore about this. Maybe a better Suggestion for TRANSPORTATION will do. Because it is really hard to run all over the map when you Dc'ed or some emergency events occured.
  6. I suggest if admins gonna despawn all the vehicles on NCZ locations it should be free at insurance company! This is so pointless our server doesn't even have free vehicles to use around the city that's why they are parking it at NCZ locations. Who will park at parking lot, then go to central bank by just running or running to get city bee to get other vehicles to park at parking lot? I know there is an taxi job but no one is doing the job and if someone will apply after a few hours they will also quit. There is also buying "PARKING TICKET" what is it for if admins just gonna despawn the vehicles? I hope you understand what I mean.
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