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  1. XypintGaming

    Stranger 4269_2983(6.6.1,5.3.1)

    @AntonyJThanks. @MusketDeezNuts I'm free for the next few mins.
  2. XypintGaming

    Stranger 4269_2983(6.6.1,5.3.1)

    If this is about poor quality role play, I would appreciate it to be voided and I can return the items to the player as I still possess them. If this is about death matching I was informed by @Tobias van Dam that there is no role play required in order to loot a dead body as the player cannot resist. I then finish him off because in the event that he was a friendly gang member I did not want him to go to war with me or my gang. If he taledk to anyone about me killing him, then I would be in danger. Dead men dont speak. (Edit: Also @AntonyJ I appreciate it if you could accept my apology and not take this personally OOC, as I had no idea this was your character.)
  3. XypintGaming

    Femo Jonsson (Carbine Rifle)

    How come swat uses it?
  4. XypintGaming

    Femo Jonsson (Carbine Rifle)

    Wdym you cant use carbine? Lmao why is it available then? Lol
  5. XypintGaming


    Credits can be used for custom licenseplates, exta parking spots, extra car slots, buying vehicles for IRL currency, or name change.
  6. XypintGaming

    Stranger 1772_7348 and Mask 7609_7587 - VDM and RDM

    The reason he immedately showed up after I logged in is because I crashed so I had to rejoin. I was calling him to tell him I blacked out.
  7. XypintGaming

    Delete thread

    Shit you are right, I forgot. Please close this thread.
  8. XypintGaming

    Delete thread

  9. XypintGaming

    Good Macro Programs

    Thanks. I find it hard to use but I will try to learn again!
  10. XypintGaming

    Good Macro Programs

    No, will not be used to circumvent AFK script, strictly for RP commands.
  11. XypintGaming

    Good Macro Programs

    Hey I'm looking for some macro programs to type out /do and /me actions on a press of a button. Ex. F7 or Shift + 1 = press T key, /me Grabs powerwasher, Press T key, /me pressure sprays body of vehicle removing sediment I prefer recordable macros, not ones you have to script like AHK.
  12. XypintGaming

    Mercia fearrp

    Must have been sweating bullets editing this. Took lots of effort.
  13. XypintGaming

    Idea for new government faction