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  1. Boos & Brews Halloween Party! Event Starts at 7pm ((UTC)) Entry Fee: $2,000! Look for the FLAME on your GPS! **COSTUME CONTEST** Prize for Singles and Couples Costumes!
  2. +1/-1 I don't really think it needs to be reverted, but maybe just modified. I believe it would be cool to see a Day/Night robbery change, where during the day robberies would need to be limited to "In the middle of nowhere places", while at night, the rules are a bit more lenient on where robberies can happen. IRL, people commit more robberies and petty crimes during the night time. Maybe making a rule where "From XX:XX-XX:XX you can commit crimes in the open on sidewalks (As it would be dark and not to many people would realistically be outside to witness crimes), and from XX:XX-XX:XX y
  3. Boonga

    The Firm

    Looks epic guys! Had alot of good interactions with you all ICly (even though Hugo harasses me for parmos whenever I see him). Keep it up guys!
  4. Interesting concept, i look forward to interacting with you guys!
  5. Written by: @Boonga Don woke up one day, and saw the date was October 1st. He realized what month it was, and instantly jumped out of bed. He went to his Schlagen GT, and drove to Bayview and painted it pink. Then he went to parking, and pulled out 2 other cars of his, and painted those pink as well. He told some members of burnout, and they all decided to do the same. After a few of the members followed the trend, Don spoke to Maccy and some of the other members of Burnout Nation, and they all decided Burnout Nation was going to switch things up, and went from their normal color of
  6. +1 I think this would be an interesting thing to implement into the server. What @IAmTurtle said may be true, but there are instances where this isn't the case, and after all, this is an RP server, and I think this would open up good RP scenarios for the Legal players, and the Crim players.
  7. @CaesarSeizure Do you mean the Itali GTB? I don't think I've heard of Itali GTO's being on the server at all.
  8. New Vehicles Suggestion Well, it’s been about 4 months since we have gotten new vehicles, and GTA had a recent Summer Special update, adding a few new cars. A couple cars have been in GTA for awhile, but it would be nice to have some more variety. All the information for the cars is linked in the name of the vehicle. A couple cars were suggested in a previous thread a few months ago, just wanted to bump them up. If you have any other suggestions, feel free to add them in the comments, and use the same format (Website used is linked here).
  9. -1 My reasoning for the -1, is that after spending roughly 3-4 months working in one of the factions, and spending a lot of time building IC relationships and friendships with other people in the other faction, I don't think the current system really needs a buff/rework. It is very rare that there are 0 mechanics at both shops (If that's the case, then there's no point of reworking the current system because that is what it's built for), and if there aren't any mechanics at Bayview, but there are at LSC, or vice versa, then that would be an IC issue for you to decide to either drive up/do
  10. -1 It makes perfect sense as a passenger to be able to shoot out of a vehicle, it does blow with the desync, but that's a Rage issue so not much can happen till Rage 1.1.
  11. Boonga


    looks sick! Look forward to seeing you ingame again for some town foolery
  12. Written by: @Boonga The Burnouts had recently gotten more serious since the licensing for Club Insignia was approved, and decided to start hosting events. Don brought up the idea of a car show at a meeting, and the rest of the Burnouts seemed to get very excited to see where this will go. Don let everyone know that he can handle emailing someone higher up in the LSPD, and could speak to a government official about setting it up, luckily his boss at Bayview, Tyrone Cox works at city hall as well as Bayview... The burnouts in the past have scouted an ideal new
  13. Massive +1 I hated showing up to a call with a tow truck that says "need a repair" and it ended up being a stalled bike, then have to go back to the shop to grab a flatbed (rest in pepperoni) and go all the way back. I wish there was more of a guideline on what is expected to be described per situation. Or even make a system like the taxi app, where someone requests a vehicle based on what they need.
  14. Thank you to everyone for the support and kind words on our thread! Much Love from us to you all! We wouldn't be here right now if it wasn't for all the support you guys have given us, IC or OOC.
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