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  1. Pc specs ?

    GTA V is very well optimized, but the server isnt using its full potential yet. Source: My friends run gta v on potato computers.
  2. 24/7 emergency room

    I don't think that is true.
  3. Your player name: Wayne Breezy Player you are reporting: Stranger 9512_4826 / Stranger 2867_7290 Rule broken: Fear RP, Possible metagaming Explanation of events/why you are reporting: We were trying to rob this man at the fishing pier, we waited for his friends to leave and then held him at gunpoint, he then proceeds to just jump down into the water and from what it seems like get his friend to pick him up by possible metagaming. Time and date: 17.09.2017 00:03 Evidence:
  4. [SUGGESTION] Clothing UI's

    Just getting a better preview system will do.
  5. Hajir_Alizade Poofing without timing out

    I was already in jail when you guys started pursuing crazy frog.
  6. [REMOVE] Auto fines.

    Paying for cars with the long time saved money most have from farming/trucking/fishing etc which you have to actually work hard to get.
  7. +1 This is some good stuff man.
  8. Your player name: Suli Johnson Player you are reporting: Stranger 4105_4529 Rule broken: Fail RP, Avoid Arrest, Bug Exploiting. Explanation of events/why you are reporting: This man was in custody by the police, but the game glitched out and he somehow died and respawned without cuffs or being inside the ambulance, he then took the oppurtunity to exploit this bug and avoid arrest. Time and date: 25.08.2017 22:50 CEST Evidence:
  9. FailRP Stranger 8377_1110

    Yeah but they cant revive you... lol, I've been injured and supposed to be arrested by cops before, but they had to let me die and forget RP because medics weren't online. This was admin Sane btw who was the cop.
  10. FailRP Stranger 8377_1110

    I wasn't even aware that the cops were arriving, And no that's not what I'm saying, lol, What I said Is that It wouldn't be possible for me to get arrested cause no one could revive me, so it's not avoiding arrest.