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  1. You rped like a dick in that situation, do i think you should get perm for it? No. But either way giving this situation I would say you had a valid reason to try to evade at all costs even while a gun pointed at him. Listen here now all white knights who says oh it's in the ruleplay to fall under fear rp if someone points you a gun. This guy had a warrant for attempted murder of gov. employee IRL that's life sentence and I think trying to escape this would be reasonable enough keep in mind that police should be trained to put down these people yet officer doesn't even shoot him while he's fleeing on foot solely relying on ruleplay. (officer had full right to shoot his ass since he's danger and attempted murder is serious crime) So all I see bunch of non trained police officers relying on ruleplay and where's fun in that? (Not firing any shots towards these officers this is just example of how this server works and expects you to roleplay and police officers handled it correctly by server rules - server rules ain't my point tho) All in all the problem is that people don't rp for fun here, everyone rp to win therefore we have such strict rules that doesn't take anything in consideration. As my example two guys were trying to steal my bike once, I walked up to them (saw them pulling guns earlier) so obviously not gonna to talk with them to put myself into disadvantage telling them to hands up so I just shot them which fell under DM rule. Although is such situation is actually DM since they're stealing your property? By the law you shouldn't shoot them since you should seek for safety but should such situation be ruleplayed and not actioned IC by putting me into jail for missusing my gun?
  2. Look at gang videos, will you ever see something funny in there? Hell no since it's only trigger thirsty people in the gangs that don't want to do anything besides doing shootouts. I've had some experience with bigger gangs let say zetas: Pulling me in the middle of the road shouting lets talk, once I pull over: -do you wear a mask? -no I dont have one -Let me frisk you then -do you want to check my prostate as well? And I would drive off, after that whole gang would hunt me for 1 IC hour even while police was protecting me. Went behind bank to interact with zetas (not insulting them), got my car stolen, admin that was in zetas pulls out ak and shouts "hands op" (why i mention admin? Since if admin shows such piss poor rp what kind of example he's showing to others?) Zetas guy: You're pussy lets go 1v1. And I said yeah sure as long as its fair and no funny bussiness gonna happen. "Nah nah fam lets go 1v1 fists". Yeah he starts loosing and pulls out a gun and shaves my head in fist fight. (what kind of gang honour you're showing while you offer to 1v1 fistfight yet you pussy out and pull out a gun?) So why I gave such examples? Gangs tries to mop the floor with civilians so civs try to avoid any rp with them since they will get bullied, so you lose most of the civs that could bring fun while rping with you (not shooting, I mean rping, making jokes, fucking around) Other gangs and PD are your enemies so they wont rp besides trying to punish you. So all in all you're crying about no lack of RP because your own gang can't provide you fun rp since everyone else doesn't want to involve rp with you because it will end with them being bullied, do you see the problem here? You're creating your own problem for yourself, not saying there shouldn't be changes but you're litteraly 80% of your own fault you can't have fun since noone wants to get bullied. Also the main point all crims are making, "It's no fun, we can only make drugs, rob people" so do you want to have fun or to grind cash is my question? You know IC issue that police will get suspicious while representing your gang colour and will follow you (legitimate reason IRL as well for police if they see representing gang colour to follow them) yet you decide to cry about it ooc without trying to operate more secretly? (some IRL right to do such thing: if you saw five young men walking together wearing coordinated colors and exhibiting other gang paraphernalia (bandanas, chains, patches, and so on, depending on the gang in question), that would provide reasonable suspicion for a Terry stop.) I've played as criminal for 1 month with main account that was DOC H.R. Lieutenant (after i left DOC) and I would never represent colours of a gang if there's no point of it and to be honest I've never been arrested since I would quickly change clothes if needed to, you're just litteraly giving information to police that you're in a gang. And I had clean record and noone even suspected me to be in a gang since later on I left the gang and joined police and noone knew about it...
  3. I think creators don't really care about the server anymore and just are happy with constant cashflow since they put nothing to the server, lets be serious some bug fixes in few months is nothing. SD should not be a thing in the first place Unlimited prison times should've never been a thing in the first place, people don't get this is just a game And such tension between PD and Crims kills all fun since noone RP's for fun anymore but just to win since there's such a big stake for Crims if they get caught.
  4. +1 Drugs labs are really broken people are using ooc information to call in police. Just because you see someone in drug lab this doesn't mean that you have IC info to call in police, you know they're making drugs just because drug lab location is scripted.
  5. It's not only punishment for criminals, I was DOC sergeant a while back and most of the time you just get tilted since there's no rp in prison and if you try to do some rp people will just start punching you for no reason. But as I said this is a game Criminals = Police both work hand in hand to have fun in this game but somehow Police cant get that and punishes criminals way to harshly while police don't lose anything nor IC nor OOC.
  6. I never played a criminal and I don't do crime in general, been only few times there so I'm not speaking for my benefit since I don't play criminal. But if you ain't stupid pro-police who can't understand that criminals are having way to hard and that stops loads of good rp (since criminals wants to evade in any ways since any rp interaction will give them atleast 2 hours of jail time)... 1- robbing players which is being seen as scumbag and you basicly don't make money. 2- making drugs and getting snitched on by other criminals/gangs while they haven't even been inside of the house and no way knowing that you're making drugs just because script wise you can't change the location - so you're being punished by approved PG in this server. Criminals are losing guns, getting high fines, police impounded and on top of that easy 2 hours of jail time. Just because criminal tries to evade jail he will get atleast 2 hours of jail time, evading, reckless and public endagerment and if cop runs into your way that will be attempted murder as well just because you're doing what criminal is supposed to do - to evade police. I know no-one will listen because I know how corrupt is PD and how they don't give a shit about anyone else just taking everything to seriously cuz they want to boost their ego on server and pretend how awsome they're on the game. (talking from my experience and I know how toxic PD /f chats are on criminals and they just look reason to stack charges)
  7. The problem with prison is that you can't have fun rping for more than 2 hours cmon you can't rp for 6 hours straight in prison when there's nothing to do, there is no cast system there is no formed gangs and so on... This server should focus more on paying back victims for crimes and so on not just punish criminal and that's it end of rp there's still victims to give back their stuff/money and so on...
  8. Exactly I would like to see vehicles breaking even if you crash a pole at higher speeds. People ain't afraid to ram other people since what the worst case scenario will happen? you will stall the engine and you will turn it back on after a a minute? that's why we have high speed ramming and so on because there is no consequences for your car and if you get into the building and go out your car is brand new
  9. Thing is that if there's a bill of rights but noone to make sure that citizens rights are actually protected there will be no point of having them in the first place so there's still must be someona responsible for that.
  10. Can you read? I never quoted your suggestion, there was a discussion about DOJ stop being so narcissistic, everyone can read title and understand what your suggesion is about As far as I'm aware this is a suggesion which is based on people discussion as I said step down from your high horse and let the discussion flow maybe someone will come with better ideas in the future from bits and bobs while discussing...
  11. Was this new update recently? Since as far as I'm aware even if prison times were reduced by half in total you rack up way more jail time since there is no 2hour cap so I wouldn't agree with your statement. Also "huge cheque" is like 1000 dollars every hour when food and water costs more in that hour so once again I disagree with you. Thing is that I have worked in PD and I know that sometimes people get acussed for no reason and sometimes they get even punished due to PG. I say sometimes since we're all humans and sometimes we think we know better than we actually do happpens to everyone. I actually believe there should be some kind of DOJ system in this server, would be opprotunity for a new faction to create, juries and so on which would actually bring a loads of RP in this server. Thing is that if you're innocent or police can't prove you did the crime you lose your ooc time and get fined as well and lose your stuff. I'm not saying oh every case should be reviewed in mean time while person is being handled before jail, this can actually be done after the fact when person gets out of the jail to clean his record, get back the fines paid and even get bonus for his time loss. I know there would be loads of people try to abuse that but if evidence is really hard and there is just no way for a mistake (and i mean criminals knows when they actually commited a crime) they could be fined or imprisoned even more since it's a crime to lie in the court. Or maybe even to rply sign a paper where criminal admits for his crimes and sentence gets lowered but there's no way to appeal after then since irl if you admit to your crimes you most likely will get lower sentence as well. Thing is that civilian roleplay is really dead we need something new, we need more RP for criminals, civilians and PD since they're saying they already have shortage in crime, so if there's a way to implament DOJ it would benefit all 3 roles in one go. I'm not saying this would be easy to implament but it's possible to do so.
  12. I think that certain situations should be viewed diffrently, not all situations are the same and not all rules being breached on purpouse, but this server is based on play = punish. What do I mean by that? Police just looks to punish criminals but not to RP for fun, it's aint fun for criminals when if they lose rp battle they get jailed for atleast 2 hours and lose loads of cash so there is already a focus for criminals to try win every rp situations since their stakes are high and police lose nothing and most of the time police gets salty when they get shot at. Admins looks to punish people who didn't mean to break the rules but did in in a heated situation without trying to abuse someone. Just because you made a mistake in a heated situation that doesn't mean you deserve to be banned just because something happened rather they should focus on people who actually try to abuse rules and do that on purpouse. And last but not least people are trigger friendly here just because someone talks shit doesnt mean you should pull a gun out and rob him instantly. But as I said this server is not working for fun but rather people are having fun by trying to punish everyone else. As an example if you look at streamer server (not advertising it's just massive on twitch) they're there for fun, litteraly the most likable character now is news reporter there who snitches on people and everyone loves him even criminals that get snitched on, since they're there for fun, not to win situations not to ruin other people day, they're there for fun and sadly but this server is nothing like that. Imagine doing something like this in eclipse, how many reports or ooc insults you would get from both sides? They didn't even robbed that guy. I'm not trying to shit on Eclipse in no way, but rather to make people open their eyes that you don't to hate on people and try to punish them but rather to have fun. This is a game at the end of the day where everyone just wants to have fun... but people takes this game too seriously...
  13. I don't see how checking if someone is online is metagaming? Lets say IC reason would be to know when he's in town right? IRL people are always in town unless they decide not to answer the phone as they can do same thing here. If you want to know where he is you still need to call him so I don't even see why it should be considered as metagaming?
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