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  1. Honestly i'm probably not the first to say this, but they should allow AFK in prison. The reason I say this is because the time that I will sometimes get in prison is crazy. For example, 4.5 hours. I have to role play in prison where there is usually no one for 4.5 hours. Now this can be fun for about an hour, but after you've had that fun, it's over with. You have to sit and wait for something to happen. I get it, it's RP and you can just sit and wander off in real life, but maybe there could be a max sentence of 2-3 hours or bring back AFKing. I honestly think that it's bad enough not being able to play for a little bit when you were having fun with the people you met in the city. BUT FINALLY AFKING SHOULD NOT BE A PERMANENT BAN. Honestly.
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