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  1. Totally agree with these points!. Something needs to be done as there is a huge lack of crim rp
  2. Hello This is ID#9 Dom Rogers and i'd like to thank Timmaayy for informing me of the report. First is it not a requirement for evidence to include audio? To clear things up i will provide my own POV to prove the point i was trying to make at the scene. You failed to include the section in this report, where you vmd'd one of our ally gang members, where I then watched you leave the scene and within 5-10 minutes i then found you again and started to chase and get clarification that I was indeed on the correct guy, as to which you stopped expecting nothing to happen when I clearly saw you were the guy who killed him, this is clear ruleplay as you had just killed an ally member minutes prior. As for the public robbery, we could have gunned you down on site, but chose to attempt to engage in RP, urgently trying to move you off of the open area, and into an alleyway, which you failed to comply with. For the "I'm going to kill you as I seen you run X over" this was merely providing to you via /b that we in fact had DM rights. I would like this cleared up please as i know you need to tell them icly in which I did and i had my ooc evidence. I guess i should have phrased it that i had the evidence? or do i not inform them oocly at all? You can see from the footage that i was telling him icly that I was going to kill him because of what he had done prior. I then pmed him in an attempt to tell him why i killed him as i thought that was a requirement and not once did he mention a report as i was also trying to tell him what he did wrong in the first place as he thinks running people over mid shootout is okay. The part about not helping him oocly was in no way on purpose as during that moment i was quite immersed and was to busy worrying about myself in the moment. I do apologize but he has 32k xp and im sure that he has ran into this issue before but, if not i apologize and would love to help you press ctrl 5 + ctrl 0 next time. Also personally i never had any intentions to rob him as i was planning to kill him for what he has done and i had an appropriate reason icly to kill him. The first thing i say to him is that he is going to die. Vdm clip: https://streamable.com/a3vtkh Clip from when i found them again to that scene: https://streamable.com/x1rkwz
  3. Dildeck


    a little above your budget but still throwing it out there
  4. Hello Today I am going to be putting my 1G on the market! Las Lagunas Blvd. 2 This 1G is in a perfect location as it is secluded a bit and has a pool on the back side. It is also just down the street from the bank and the courier job. It also has a safe that can hold up to 500 lbs! Im looking for 300k but have the door price at 350k and am in no rush to sell. Also open to renting the place out for 20k a month (1 week) If interested give me a text at #2796812 or leave a reply.
  5. If this is 350 for both I want them. My number is 2796812
  6. Dildeck


    Text me 2796812 I'm interested
  7. +1 this would be a great addition
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