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  1. We opened our club once again! A lot of friends showed up and we had a good time. We had a lot of new faces turn up. Big thank you to everyone who stopped by and enjoyed our RP! Sheriffs made sure we were safe. Teaching our new dancers some moves. The LSMC keeps expanding! We've got a lot of new prospects. Let's see how they hold their alcohol. After every event Mr Moody always needs his lapdance at the end for his hard work.
  2. TRANSFER REQUEST Character to Transfer From: Dominic Abasi Character to Transfer To: John Wylde Requested Transfer: 2X 1G that I bought for 22K when they got added Drag (bought for 300K back in the day) Elegy retro 240K, some vato 30K car and a stanier 11K Reason for Transfer: OOC reason: I'll be changing the characters name to Jose Diaz to fit the Azteca RP. I can't get mod alex to stop metagaming and respect NLR and it looks like this report is going to take a long time before It's going to get resolved. I really miss the crimRP with my friends the aztecas so I'd like to transfer everything. IC reason: Dominic Abasi used to be in WCA but left. He later joined ballas and caused Deandre King to end up at pillbox but yet somehow he was magically able to not forget his memory. and magically figure out he was in the ballas. Mr King now wants Dominic dead for unknown reasons.He's unable to join any gang because of Deandre. Dominic changed his name and went through a life altering surgery leaving no marks of his past life. I will however RP it as a new character, remembering nothing from Dominic. How would you transfer the asset(s) if approved? With a friend
  3. Elizabeth looking like a Snacc
  4. Depends, how good are you in bed?
  5. I bought that one for 750K then alot of houses got on sale and bougt one for 450K
  6. I get it you want a cheap 2G close to grove, thats not gonna happen, a single 1G is worth 250K the house in grove street sold for 900K btw.
  7. another house close to it sold for 650K and it doesn't even have extra parking space. Its not going to be sold for less then 700K
  8. I Bought it for 750, some time ago. This house is close to it and sold for 800K recently. minimum price 700K
  9. sorry but the minimum price is 700K , a property close to it has been sold for 900K recently
  10. +1 but depending on your gta story completion, the humane labs gate wont open for some people
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