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  1. love to see the remoddeling of the dildo house... love to see it look different.. please put some pictures.. cause I don't think you can make it look different.. I know you can hide dildo's but its still the same interior. can't move walls layout forever the same!
  2. ok.. so I own each interior now... there are only a few available.. Id gladly buy another house if it had a different interior. or purchase a new interior for the current house you have... remodeling... oh snapp looks like that could be a idea for a businesss.. interior designer type of thing idk.
  3. Sandy seems to be more of a medical center rather then a clinic. just noticed they have a ER room
  4. Hell ya that sounds awesome.. a MEDEVAC using radio to communicate a pickup at the air strip.. then dropped off at sandy.. I would love to see MD with tons of active on duty medics so they could do things like that.. talk about immersive.. that would be amazing.
  5. ya I get your idea of what is real and what is not...
  6. this isn't entirely true. there are a lot of heli-pads in run down areas in the real world. Also if MD could drop off 10-15's at sandy it would help SD out and be a less of a distance for them to travel with said 10-15's to DOC also with PD. the biggest convenience is to the community itself.. it sucks when your far north and you get hurt.. MD tries to respond with a MEDEVAC for time reasons which will force the player to travel a long distance to recovery their vehicle.. I could list real life heli pads in worse places but that wont change anything. I think most people would agree that a heli-pad at sandy would make realistic sense considering there is a heli pad just across the street in the desert.
  7. I guess people dont want to pay 2m+ idk
  8. Super happy for you guys! congrats on being official
  9. I have a 2G Townhouse for sale. If interested this property can be purchased on the spot.
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