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  1. +1, good idea, but like everyone else said no Mechanic needs access to a police MDC. Maybe just a vehicle registry for the players of some sort that can be utilized by LSC/Bayview
  2. Coming up with every excuse in the book to combat this great suggestion smh. This would be useful for PD and Crims. Huge +1.
  3. What’s abusable about leaving the body there? Please enlighten me
  4. Thanks for posting that questionable Roleplay from your end. "Placing" a bag on top of a jetski would not secure it on the vehicle. Especially not if youre driving it so close to Tony_Kwang's boat, as seen in his POV provided. It's evident that you can look past your own poor quality roleplay to slander others for their roleplay. Hence this report. You also show a member saying "We were swimming for a bit". That statement means very little in terms of the seriousness of the punishments you're looking to get on these players. You are reporting players for things you have not proven in your evidence, and for things that you yourself did, i.e. Powergaming the bag on your jetski. This is my final reply. I hope you realize your own mistakes and strive to be a better player for the ECRP community after this.
  5. First, Triads have known ICly where your island is for a long time. We have our own means of knowing that information. Sharing with you would be metagaming. Second, you’re driving a boat with a bag in your hands, did you intend to/did you Roleplay attaching it with some cables to secure it? Seems unrealistic to drive a jet ski one handed. Third, you claim our members ruined your RP experience, yet you show no footage of any of them swimming for an unrealistic amount of time without a destination. They had a destination, which was your island. You claim your roleplay was ruined but the footage only shows you abusing script to hold a bag while driving a jet ski. I would like to request a longer POV with actual rule breaks, and that the staff handling it take into account the pettiness of this report.
  6. I’m in the market for a Rapid GT convertible. Preferably Maxed. Using Highend or trusted middle man only. I’m hip to you scammers so don’t even try that shit. Edit: BOUGHT
  7. Really excited to see where this goes
  8. Now this seems like a better fit, shame it was removed,
  9. That’s a breach of NLR then, and is punishable. I understand why you say death isn’t feared, but I can guarantee you every criminal on the server does not want to die and lose their stuff.
  10. For starters, Criminals already lose a lot upon death with the lack of guns on the server, and their street value. Police paying 50k every time they die on duty would most likely result in an increase in salary or an overall ruling that makes their deaths cheaper per your idea. I can go on, but I think there’s too many variables to suit this idea properly. Death is and should always be feared. I understand why you say jail is more concerning, but I don’t think both options need fiscal penalties.
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