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  1. Lmao, what? I gave you 10 seconds in the voip to stop fishing and kneel down for me, you decided to take your gun out and shoot me, so I simply out-aimed you. And I don't need any chat RP to rob(loot) you, when you ate my 10bullets and you can't resist. And next time add clear video instead of useless screenshot and a fake situation. Didn't even understand why @Dingus0 want me to answer this uncomplete and proofless report. -Zachary Fury
  2. ZVER


    Probably, if no one bought it as price was set. Go and check it out
  3. ZVER


    That's the stock price of the house pretty much(it's 227k). Thanks for the offer, but no.
  4. ZVER

    Less rain

    I actually enjoy the rain and it rarely rains from my experience, so it's a no from me.
  5. ZVER


    bump, hit my phone with your offers
  6. ZVER


    Already SOLD
  7. In GTA there are only two sultans, Karin Sultan and Karin Sultan RS, I own the rs one it's a "super" car.
  8. Sultan RS is already in the server, I own it
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