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  1. ZVER


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    Got some decent offers already, still collecting more phone #5514319, email ZVER#9539
  3. ZVER

    Still banned?

    Different time zone
  4. ZVER


    SOLD Selling 2 garage house inside the mansion, nice view, pool, tennis court, parking lot Contact with offers: phone #5514319, email ZVER#9539
  5. ZVER


    2 guys are collecting money right now, third guy is out of town for a bit. Be the first to get it
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  7. ZVER


    Selling 1 garage house 300 meters away from high end car market. 49k only, contact #5514319 SOLD
  8. As I can see you can't understand "asap" term. It wasn't possible to rejoin faster with the internet situation I had. And you should stop arguing because you can't change fact I am getting no punishment with the arguments I have. You are just wasting my time with your pointless posts, just wait for admin to answer and don't trashtalk.
  9. In my video you can see that my cursor was moving all the time, so how can I reach my cable? And it took me like 10-12 minutes after all that's why I mentioned as soon as possible because with internet problems it's not up for you to decide how fast can you join.
  10. Mask 4021_2180 guy here. So from your pov looks like we planned that "log off" thingy together, but problem is that I don't even know the other guy, he just asked me if he can join the shop robbery and I allowed him to. My "partner" clearly logged off intentionally, but talking about me I've been having lots of router problems lately, not the first and not the second time I lose my internet connection this week. I restarted my router couple of times to make it work and then rejoined server asap, but you weren't here to continue the rp.
  11. ZVER

    Add some new cars to server.

    +1, we need super cars back just because why not?
  12. ZVER

    Character Name

    Wtf? It's RP, use your brain before posting this kind of stuff.
  13. ZVER


    And what's the point of that except for more clothes?
  14. Наверно на русском пишешь как и здесь, уебан.
  15. Player(s) being reported: Stranger 7491_9120 Date of rule breach: 08/02/2018 Time of rule breach: 6PM UTC Your characters name: Anton Zver Other players involved: none Specific rule broken: "5.6.1 No crime zones (NCZ’s) are areas of the city which are against the rules to commit crimes involving a victim or disobey a police order even when you may have an in character reason. A player whom is wanted from the police may run if confronted in a no crime zone but may not continuously return without it being considered cop baiting for a chase. You may also drive through a crime zone during a pursuit if needed to escape, and if being chased by a criminal, they may not attack you once you are within the crime zone and watch and wait for a more realistic time to strike. NCZ’s are in place to simulate a heavily guarded area which would be unreasonable to commit crimes in realistically." How did the player break the rule?: Bobby pinning cars at PD parking. Evidence of rule breach: