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  1. John99

    The Lost MC - (Non RP war)

    well see what a admin has to say
  2. without some photos i doubt anyone is gonna spend 200k on a 2 car garage house, for 15k more you can buy a 3 car house
  3. John99

    Reasons for war

    +1 preferably with a text field for proof (optional)
  4. John99

    The Lost MC - (Non RP war)

    I am thinking you just want to sidestep the whole forum report with evidence i cant even see. Thereby giving only your side of the story. show me your reason on discord then @katt3888
  5. John99

    The Lost MC - (Non RP war)

    Post it here, i wonder why you are so mysterious for the reason. I asked you multiple times for the reason.
  6. John99

    The Lost MC - (Non RP war)

    proof of them capturing turf
  7. John99

    The Lost MC - (Non RP war)

    Player(s) being reported: The Lost MC Date of rule breach: 7/28/2018 Time of rule breach: 1:37 PM Your characters name: John Wu Other players involved: Specific rule broken: 6.7.4. A criminal faction may not declare war on another criminal faction without a valid roleplay reason. The reason given must involve actual members of the faction with which you are going to war with. A faction must be able to identify the character name, mask ID, or stranger ID of the individual(s) of the faction they have interacted with so that it can be verified and discussed. How did the player break the rule?: The Lost MC declared war and immediately started capping MoneyMen turf. Without any roleplay reason. I am the leader of MoneyMen and have never met anyone from lost MC or had any fallout with them. Evidence of rule breach:
  8. John99

    [Buying] Elegy Retro Maxxed

    see title my phone is 5377598
  9. John99

    [SELLING] 3 car garage house, canals. 215k

    Yes Werent you the one who sold me this house for 215k 215k is final price
  10. John99

    vray1 - John Wu (Macroing Appeal)

    I was trying to fish, not trying to get robbed. This was a huge mistake. I can promise you this wont happen ever again. all i ask for is a second chance.
  11. John99

    Prison Jump suit

    its in the game to make jumpsuit so +1
  12. John99

    vray1 - John Wu (Macroing Appeal)

    No i ignored the person 30 minutes earlier, when admin was talking to me i was AFK because i left when somebody said r u there (which i didnt know it was against me), it reminded me to take a break. if you leave your character fishing without catching anything you wont get kicked for AFK. please look at the evidence. edit: wtf it says im permanently banned. how can you ban me twice a day after i make punishment appeal.
  13. John99

    vray1 - John Wu (Macroing Appeal)

    this was before you contacted me
  14. Account name: vray1 Character name(s): John Wu Admin who issued punishment:xeater Date of punishment:6/23/2018 Reason given for punishment: Macroing with financial benefit Your explanation of what happened: I was fishing, there came a robber trying to rob me and i ignored him. 20 minutes later someone says "Hey", "ID 73 are you there?" i didnt know he was talking to me but i decided then to take a break. I come back and it says i am banned for macroing Why should your appeal be accepted?: I did not macro, this is insane. If you look at the screenshots it shows i did not catch any fish after admin talked to me. I was AFK Post any evidence or further details: