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  1. Home owner incentive

    clothing items in inventory doesnt work though, i swapped shirts and tried swapping back it says "This item doesnt fit you." or something
  2. Interiors 3 car houses

    hope this will get looked at
  3. number: 5377598 House is next door to a clothing store and atm and like 100m away from a gunstore, weazel, F&F general store/tank station house is also next to the canal, so you can park your boat. 215k non-negotiable OPEN for viewing.
  4. [Bought] Buying maxed out Schafter v12

    I bought one like a week ago, but thanks
  5. The Port Report Episode 1

    pretty nice
  6. now at high end market
  7. Interiors 3 car houses

    I agree with this. I its too small. there are no chairs for RP. Its very limiting RP wise.
  8. Weaponary

    IRL its incredibly cheap to buy a ak 47. Most gangs have ak47/uzi's etc. it certainly dont cost 20k. I think the current system is fine, if someone wants to spent 20k for a ak 47 let them. Its by no means cheap.
  9. Criminal Factions

    I dont think there should be "official" factions and "unofficial" factions. It should be organic as to who is a established faction and who aren't. Current system is pretty good.
  10. 103k is pretty much the lowest price, but you are free to make a offer though.
  11. come buy your maxxed XLS for stock price (103k) performance maxxed
  12. As the title says, i think there would be more RP if people can hold these jobs while in a gang. The recruitment process would still be the same with applications and background checks and criminal history but it would make sense if for example racers would be a mechanic as a dayjob and in a street racing gang at night. Technically you could just copy the code from factions and rename it invite only jobs.
  13. vray1 - John Wu (Deathmatch KOS)

    I tried to give quick rundown of the story ingame. About snitching on Kaku, but failed to mention the altercation that happened before that.