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  1. John99

    [SELLING] 3 car garage house, canals. 215k

    This house still for sale
  2. without some photos i doubt anyone is gonna spend 200k on a 2 car garage house, for 15k more you can buy a 3 car house
  3. John99

    Reasons for war

    +1 preferably with a text field for proof (optional)
  4. John99

    [Buying] Elegy Retro Maxxed

    see title my phone is 5377598
  5. John99

    [SELLING] 3 car garage house, canals. 215k

    Yes Werent you the one who sold me this house for 215k 215k is final price
  6. John99

    Prison Jump suit

    its in the game to make jumpsuit so +1
  7. John99

    Home owner incentive

    clothing items in inventory doesnt work though, i swapped shirts and tried swapping back it says "This item doesnt fit you." or something
  8. John99

    Interiors 3 car houses

    hope this will get looked at
  9. number: 5377598 House is next door to a clothing store and atm and like 100m away from a gunstore, weazel, F&F general store/tank station house is also next to the canal, so you can park your boat. 215k non-negotiable OPEN for viewing.
  10. John99

    [Bought] Buying maxed out Schafter v12

    I bought one like a week ago, but thanks
  11. John99

    The Port Report Episode 1

    pretty nice
  12. now at high end market
  13. John99

    Interiors 3 car houses

    I agree with this. I its too small. there are no chairs for RP. Its very limiting RP wise.